Autumn in Ukraine: Best Places to Visit in Autumn

Ukraine amazes travelers with its beauty, history, and culture. In our country, you can find numerous natural sites, from majestic mountains and lakes to impetuous waterfalls and virgin forests. You can also visit places where nature meets human civilization such as city parks and mountain villages.

To help you choose places that are suitable for autumn visits, find autumn tours and decide where to go in autumn, we have prepared this article. Let’s see what are the 12 best places in Ukraine for autumn travel.

Transcarpathia region

Let’s start with this most Western region of Ukraine. Here you will find incredibly interesting places that will impress you with their natural beauty. To visit this region, you can take one-day tours as well as tours that last a whole week. Here you will see Medieval castles and bath in vats.

Shypit waterfall

This is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine. The stream on which the waterfall was formed originates from a spring on Mount Velykyi Verkh in the Borzhava mountain range. Autumn is the best time to visit Shipit Waterfall to appreciate its natural beauty. At this time of year, the waterfall becomes impetuous again due to warm autumn rains, and beech forests are colored in different shades of yellow, orange, and red. The waterfall is one of the 7 natural wonders of Ukraine, and its height is 14 meters.

Shypit Waterfall

You can visit Shipit waterfall on the following trips:

Synevyr Lake

The largest lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians, the pearl of the mountains. This alpine lake is located at an altitude of about 1000 m above sea level. It is surrounded on all sides by an ancient coniferous forest.

According to local legend, the lake got its name from the sad and dramatic love story. When the noble girl Syn fell in love with a common young man named Vyr. It was because of his low social status that Vyr was killed in these places. A 13-meter wooden sculpture was erected by the lake in honor of Ukrainian Romeo and Juliet. Therefore, romantic, melancholic autumn is the best time to see the lake.

By the way, the lake attracts the film industry. Here was shot Cold Blood with Jean Reno and such Ukrainian films as Zahar Berkut and Synevyr”.

Synevyr Lake

You can visit Synevyr Lake on tours:

Synevyr Pass

A picturesque pass with a stunning view of the Ukrainian mountain ranges. In sunny weather from a height of 793 meters, you can observe the most beautiful Ukrainian massifs. Gorgany is located in the eastern direction – this mountain range is easy to notice thanks to its distinctive stone-covered peaks. In the west, there is the Borzhava mountain meadow, where the Shypit waterfall is located. A large number of excursions and various tours include the Synevyr pass. During the trip to Lake Synevyr, you will definitely pass by it, stop, inhale the fresh mountain air and feel these open and powerful spaces.

Synevyr Pass

You can visit it on the following tours:

Ivano-Frankivsk Region

Definitely, one of the best regions in Ukraine to visit in autumn. Here you can take excursions to get to know unique ethnic groups who carefully preserve their traditions: Hutsuls, Lemkos, and Boykos.


Bukovel is the largest and best ski resort in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Foreigners find the quality of services here similar to that of the ski resorts of the Alps. Here you can find many entertainment options: skiing, biking on the Carpathian trails, jeep tours on mountain roads, paintball, trolleys, the lake of youth and many other interesting places for recreation. It is a great idea to visit Bukovel in autumn.

Bukovel resort treetop view

Visit Bukovel with us on tours:


The city impresses with its traditions and originality. Here you will see incredibly interesting places of the Carpathians. The city is located between the mountains in the basin of the Prut River. It is on these mountains that local shepherds graze sheep and cows making incredibly tasty cheese from their milk. On the local market, you can find unique Hutsul souvenirs, authentic embroidered shirts, sheep’s wool products, various herbs, canned food, honey, and of course cheese.


You can visit Yaremche on tours:

Dovbush Rocks (Bubnyshche)

Initially, it was a pagan temple where sacrifices were made to the god of the sky and the land Perun. Over time, more and more people settled there, dug passages in caves, and left various marks, solar signs, and holes.

The rocks are named after Oleksa Dovbush, the leader of the Opryshky rebel movement, who was hiding here. From the tops of the rocks, there is a wonderful view of the surrounding colorful forests. In addition to the main cliffs, there are several separate rock towers about 40 meters high. You can visit it with us during the weekend.

Dovbush Rocks from above

You can visit Dovbush Rocks on these trips:

Rivne region

Rivne region is one of the off-the-beaten-path destinations. It is not inundated with tourists, however, there are plenty of interesting things to see here.


During military campaigns, fortifications, fortresses, and forts are needed to confront the enemy. This was the main task of Tarakan Fort, which it successfully performed, as it has survived the civil unrest, two world wars, and many more clashes. But in peacetime, the fort does not have the necessary supervision and is currently in demise. So now is the time to visit it on a tour or excursion while it still stands.

Tarakaniv fort.

Let’s visit the fort together on trips:

Tunnel of Love

Everyone who saw photos of coupes in the Tunnel of Love dreams about coming here with their significant other. This natural wonder is a 4-km long corridor formed by arching trees located on the railway track near the town of Klevan. The best time for an excursion to the tunnel is autumn, as at this time of year the trees have a lot of colorful leaves, and the photos will definitely be bright and unforgettable. By the way, Fujifilm shot a video ad here in 2014.

Tunnel of Love. Photo by Pavlo Bereziuk.

The magical Tunnel awaits you on tours:


The city has a long history, its first mention dates back to 1100. But it reached its peak during the reign of the Ostozkyis family. It was then that Dubno Castle, which was never captured by anyone, was built in the city.

The castle has a large number of attractions, there are exhibitions, and theatrical and night tours. In addition to the castle itself, the complex includes the palace of the Ostrozkyi princes and the palace of the Lubomyrskyi princes. Not far from the Lubomyrsky Palace there is an observation deck with the Beatka Tower. This tower offers a magnificent view of the island, which is separated on one side by a canal, and on the other – by the river Ikva.

Dubno castle

A visit to Dubno is included in tours:

Lviv region

One of the most popular regions for autumn vacations.

Parks of Lviv:

Ivan Franko Park

In the central part of the city, opposite the main building of Lviv National University, Ivan Franko park is a cozy and historic spot and the oldest city park in Ukraine. Centuries-old majestic oaks, hornbeam, elm, beech, and rare for our lands sycamore, coffeetree, and English yew grow here. The whole composition of the park is made in the English style, attempting to mimic the natural look of the forest.

Ivan Franko park in autumn

Stryi park

Stryi Park is considered one of the best parks in Europe. Here visitors will find an extremely beautiful and powerful plane tree alley. The plane tree changes its leaves in autumn and brightens up the park with the colors of sunset. The bark of the trees constantly renews itself and also looks special.

In total, the park has more than 200 species of trees, a large number of shrubs, and other grasses. Walking along the paths of the park you will meet various unusual plants that are not typical for our area: catalpas, magnolia, ginkgo, tulip tree, cypressus, also in the greenhouse you will see palm trees, ficus, orchids, hibiscus, coffee, pomegranate, and even small bananas. In addition, the park has a large number of monuments, greenhouses, fountains, ponds, and lakes where you can feed swans. In order not to get lost in the parks, you should take sightseeing tours.

Stryi park


Many cities have defense complexes, but there is a unique archeological monument of nature in Western Ukraine – the rock fortress Tustan. It was built in the ninth century as a strategic, administrative, and military point for the salt road. Of course, there were no wooden parts of the building left, but with the help of scientists, it was possible to recreate a part of the fortress as close to the original as possible.

The unusual construction at a height of 30-80 meters creates a spectacular view for any traveler. The rocks on which the fortress is located also attract with their appearance. There are pedestrian paths around them, where you can walk at a calm and slow pace, observing the interesting shape of the rocks. On the other side of the cliffs, you will see an autumn forest with solitary conifer trees.

Tustan fortress in early autumn

Visit the fortress on our tours:

Zakhar Berkut Mountain (Vysokyi Verkh)

Zakhar Berkut mountain can be accessed by one of the longest cable cars in Ukraine, its length is 2800 m. And the ascent lasts about 50 minutes in one way. During the ride, you will have plenty of time to enjoy and see beautiful places: picturesque Carpathian forests, mountains, and meadows. The cable car will take you to the unforested peak of Vysokyi Verkh mountain (sometimes called Zakhar Berkut). From the top of the mountain, you can observe the mountain massif Skolivski Beskydy. At this time, beech forests on the slopes of mountain peaks are covered with brown autumn colors. Also at the top, you can taste traditional local dishes and warm up with hot Carpathian tea or wine.

Panoramic view of Vysokyi Verkh

You can observe breathtaking panoramas of the Carpathian mountains from Vysokyi Verkh on our Carpathian mountains 1-day tour.

You know where to go in autumn now, so make sure to go to our main page not to miss other interesting tours.

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