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Yaremche, Bukovel + Hoverla

Climb up to the highest point in Ukraine, see the fantastic mountain panoramas and enjoy beautiful waterfalls.

The tour plan:

Day 1: depart Lviv (08:00) - Rohatyn (church viewing) - Yaremche (waterfall viewing, Hutsulshchyna restaurant, souvenir shopping and lunch) - Bukovel (Ride the lift to the mountain Bukovel and view the Carpathian panorama) - Polianytsia (hotel check-in at 19:30, Hutsul fun).

Day 2: Breakfast and departure (08:00) – the sports camp "Zarosliak" (preparation and hiking up Hoverla, snack on the top, lunch and dinner) - Lviv (return at 23:30).

Manager: Vasylyna (032)-255-36-55, (097)-845-06-51, (063)-506-43-49

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2 days / 1 night
Price - 995 uah
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Special notice!

In case of adverse weather conditions or other reasons, instead of climbing Hoverla, you can participate in one of the following: visit the Verkhovyna-Kryvorivna museum as a part of the tour "Hutsulka Ksenia" or arrange for rafting on the Chornyi Cheremosh (cost 300 UAH / person).      

Price includes: comfortable European class bus travel, accommodation, guide support, excursions to touristic sites, travel insurance.

Not included in the payment and paid extra: tickets to touristic sites, food, participating in the Hutsul fun, services for organization of the Hoverla climb.

The price of entry ticket and organization of the Hoverla climb:
- the Church of St. Spirit in Rohatyn: adults - 50 UAH; students - 15 UAH; children - 10 UAH;
- the upward trip by the ropeway to the top of the mountain Bukovel: total - 105 UAH in both directions, pensioners and children under 11 years - 75 UAH in both directions;
- the ecological and educational trail "On the mountain Hoverla": general, student, pensioner - 25 UAH, children - 10 UAH;

What to take with you when ascending the Hoverla:
- A document certifying your identity (passport);
- Comfortable waterproof shoes (preferably mountain hiking boots with high lacing and waterproof gortex-like protection);
- Windproof jacket with a hood, preferably waterproof, windproof pants, those that do not hinder movement, warm sweater or jacket of the "Polar" type, hat (hat, bandana), raincoat;
- Spare set of clothes (you can leave it in the bus);
- Knapsack (backpack);
- Water (1-1.5 liters per person);
- Food for snacking during the ascent (sandwiches, chocolate, a thermos of hot tea or coffee);
- Necessary medicines (individual first aid kit), which you use, (eg. Plasters).


To fully understand the Hutsuls, their manners, customs, cuisine, we invite you to visit the Hutsul fun. During the fun you will find:
- Hutsul cuisine dishes: soup with mushrooms, banush (maize-meal porridge) with brynza (a product of a sheep milkcheese), tea with fragrant medicinal Carpathian herbs...
- The singing and dancing of the Hutsul band "Dovbushova taistra";
- Workshops of Hutsul dances: hutsulka, resheto, holubka;
- Hutsul spivanochky, kolomyiky songs of the Carpathians;
- the Hutsul initiation ceremony;
- And dance, dance, dance with the fiery Hutsul music.
The cost of a Hutsul dinner and participation in the fun - 165 UAH.
The cost of participation in the fun without dinner - 75 UAH.
Note: The Hutsul fun takes place in case of a group of 35 people wishing to take part in it.

Accommodation: Hotel in the village. Polianytsia (the resort "Bukovel"), comfortable 2, 3 and 4 bed room suites, with amenities in the room.

Breakfast on the first day – Bring your own - you can have breakfast at home or take food with you to snack in the bus or at stops.
Lunch on the first day is in the restaurant "Karpatski zori" in Yaremche and consists of dishes: cabbage salad, borshch, mashed potatoes with a chicken cutlet, bread, uzvar (a kompot prepared from several kinds of dried fruits). The cost is 90 UAH.
Dinner on the first day is at the hotel during the holiday "Hutsul fun". The offered Hutsul cuisine dishes: soup with mushrooms, cabbage rolls with sour cream, sweet dessert, bread, uzvar (a kompot prepared from several kinds of dried fruits). The cost is 90 UAH.
Breakfast on the second day is at the hotel, the suggested menu: scrambled eggs, homemade croissant (2), cheese, butter, bread, tea. The cost is 70 UAH.
Lunch on the second day is at the tourist center "Zarosliak" after the descent of Hoverla. The planned menu: vegetable salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, beetroot) soup, sichenyky (a meat cutlet) with rice, bread, juice. The cost is 100 UAH / Person.  

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