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Skole Beskids hiking: Mount Parashka

Skole Beskids hiking: Mount Parashka

We invite you to conquer the highest peak of the Skole Beskids National Park and admire the picturesque panoramas of the Carpathians

Tour plan: departure from Lviv (08:00) - Skole (preparation for the ascent, ascent to Parashka, having snacks on top, dinner) - Lviv (return at 22:30).

Contacts: [email protected]+38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber)

1 day
Price - 445 uah

Note! This trip takes place at the same time as the "Carpathians mountains one day tour", so in case of adverse weather conditions or other reasons, you can change to that tour on the day of travel.

Technical information:
1. The length of the trail to the top of Mount Parashka is about 19 km in both directions, the height difference is 815 meters.
2. Ascend to the mountain lasts approximately 4-5 hours, descent about 3-4 hours.
3. Mount Parashka route is designed for the average group of physically healthy people;
4. Participation in the hike to Mount Parashka does not require prior training or experience;
5. Hiking to Mount Parashka is of medium difficulty and does not require prior training or experience, but for those who doubt their own strength, we recommend starting with easier routes (for example, climbing the mountains Pikui, Borzhava, Kamula, Makivka, Putyshche, Lviv Mountains)
6. During the ascent and descent is strictly prohibited the use of alcohol.

What to take with you on a tour of Mount Parashka:
- identity document (passport);
- comfortable waterproof shoes (preferably mountain trekking boots with high lacing);
- windproof jacket with a hood, preferably waterproof, comfortable windproof pants, warm sweater or jacket, hat or scarf, raincoat;
- spare set of clothes (can be left on the bus);
- backpack;
- water (1-1.5 liters per person);
- snacks for the climb (sandwiches, chocolate, thermos with hot tea or coffee);
- necessary medicines (individual first aid kit) which you use, adhesive plasters.

The price INCLUDES:
- bus travel;
- mountain guide;
- travel guide;
- excursions at tourist attractions;
- travel insurance.

- tickets to tourist attractions;
- meals.

The cost of entrance tickets to tourist facilities: 0 UAH.

Breakfast - you can have breakfast at home or take food with you to have a snack during bus stops.
Lunch - takes place on Mount Parashka, everyone eats snacks they brought by themselves.
Dinner - you can have dinner near the OKKO gas station in Skole.Tour language: Ukrainian. Contact us if you would like to hire a guide who speaks English or another foreign language.