Traditional Food: 12 Best Dishes of the Transcarpathia Region

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Transcarpathia, also called Zakarpattia is a region in western Ukraine. It is famous not only for its picturesque landscapes and panoramas, unique natural and historical monuments but also for its authentic folk art, healing thermal waters, and original dishes of national cuisine. There is eclectic architecture, eclectic painting – and in Transcarpathia, there is eclectic cuisine. The historical destiny of the region has led to the emergence of a unique international gastronomic cauldron, to which Ukrainians, Hungarians, Czechs, Romanians, Roma, Germans, Jews have added their own…
Zhovkva – a royal city in the Lviv region

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If you are traveling to Lviv, you are probably also wondering what you can visit near the city. To see one more destination, learn more about Ukraine and get new experience, we offer you a one-day trip to Zhovkva. Zhovkva castle Zhovkva – a perfect destination for a 1-day trip Zhovkva is one of the most popular destinations for 1-day tours from Lviv. This small city (about 13,000 population) impresses with its Medieval atmosphere. You can see Zhovkva on our tours in the Lviv region.…
Malanka in Krasnoilsk: the most flamboyant holiday of Ukraine

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You are doing the right thing being interested in Malanka. It is an extraordinary Ukrainian holiday that will show you a whole new side of Ukraine. Visit the Malanka festival in the village of Krasnoilsk to discover Carpathian mountains, ancient rituals, and long-standing Ukrainian traditions. You can experience Malanka in Krasnoilsk on tours: Malanka Festival in Krasnoilsk, Chernivtsi and SPA (2 days); 5 Malankas of Halychyna and Bukovyna (2 days).
5 Places to Celebrate Malanka in Ukraine: Beleluia, Horoshova, Ustia, Chahor, Vashkivtsi

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What is Malanka? Malanka is an ancient Ukrainian folk holiday combining Christian and pagan traditions. This quirky carnival marks the beginning of the new year and will surprise you with its stunning costumes, the creativity of locals, and joyfulness. Malanka is celebrated once a year, but you can see several Malankas in Ukraine in January. Some villages begin celebrating Malanka in the morning on January, 13. In others, celebrations begin in the evening of the same day, or on January, 14. On the other hand,…
TOP 14 Places in Western Ukraine to Celebrate the New Year 2023

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New Year is a holiday that everyone is looking forward to with joy hoping for miracles, meeting new people and having great memories. All this you will find in Western Ukraine. In this article, we will show you the best places to visit in our country during New Year’s time. You can choose from our variety of New Year in Ukraine tours. We organize private as well as group tours to help our guests get to know Ukrainian culture and have fun celebrating this holiday. Where…
Top 20 Places to Visit in Western Ukraine for Foreign Tourists: Cities, Nature, Activities, and off the Beaten Path Destinations

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In Western Ukraine, foreign tourists usually only know Lviv and the Carpathian mountains. However, there are many more great places worth a visit in the area. In this article, we offer you a glimpse into nature, unique architecture, indigenous communities, and the mix of cultures of Western Ukraine. Let’s pick a few locations that you can explore here! Best cities to visit in Western Ukraine Lviv When travelers plan their trip to Ukraine, Lviv is one of the first destinations they consider. The city’s great…
8 Best Ski Resorts in Ukraine. Travel to the Carpathian Mountains

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Going to the Carpathians is always a good idea, regardless of the season. And in winter – this is the best thing you can think of for the weekend. Snow-capped mountains are not only a pleasure to contemplate but also an opportunity to do outdoor activities, sliding down the slopes on skis, snowboards, snow tubes, or sleds. Vidviday Tour Operator offers you a variety of ski tours. Your vacation in Ukraine will be complete and full of impressions if you travel to the Carpathian mountains…