Vidviday Tour Operator: Why we are the best in Ukraine?

On December 29, 2020, we heard an expression that took us 12 years to reach: Vidviday is the best tour operator in Ukraine. We invested our long and fruitful work in this sentence, and those six words are the result of it. For us, Vidviday has been the best since the first day of work, and clear proof of that is the fair victory in the Ukraine Tourism Awards 2020, organized by Kyiv Tourism Association and VISIT Ukraine, with the support of the Ukrainian Hotel & Resort Association and the State Tourism Development Agency of Ukraine.

“Vidviday” is the best Tour operator of Ukraine according to Ukraine Tourism Awards 2020

Ukraine Tourism Awards is a Ukrainian competition where the best tour operator was chosen. Our competitors were strong travel companies of Ukraine, but Vidviday turned out to be stronger. According to the results of the public voting and the voting of the jury, we took first place.
We are very grateful to the organizers of the competition for the great opportunity to prove ourselves, and many thanks to the tourists who voted for us. Thanks to you, the largest tour operators in Ukraine, which participated in the competition, were left behind in the standings of the Ukraine Tourism Awards 2020.

You can watch the announcement of the winner on our YouTube channel:

Why we are the best?

Every result of Vidviday Tour Operator comes from deep moral values and stunning work invested in our company. At the start of the organization, we decided that our tours and excursions will cover only Ukraine because our country is so beautiful and rich in customs and traditions and we want to show its various sides to tourists. As of today, Vidviday has the largest number of tours and excursions in Ukraine among all tour operators, and this bespeaks our successful adherence to this goal.

Our achievements in 15 years

During the company’s operation, more than 200,000 Ukrainians and foreigners have become our clients. We organized almost 6,000 tours and excursions. In addition, we have last-minute travel offers. As a result, Vidviday account for 6,4% of the total domestic tourism market in Ukraine.

Company development

Travel agency Vidviday is versatile. Thanks to a large selection of unique tours and excursions, we are able to make even the most demanding tourists happy. Our company covers almost all tourist attractions and sites of Ukraine and often helps tourists discover something new, unknown, and original.
Our signature is weekend tours, and we always have a great selection of options for the days off work. Lviv excursions are very popular among tourists, so we have developed dozens of different products to choose from. And not the only excursions, tours in Ukraine are our distinctive feature. In the tourist market of Ukraine, we are the company that offers its customers the largest selection of various tours. They meet all possible desires of tourists, such as holidays in the Carpathians, thermal waters of Transcarpathia, excursions in Ukraine, tours to Bukovel, bus tours from Lviv, and more.

Let’s travel with Vidviday:


An important point – price range. We can positively say that tours and excursions of Vidviday are affordable for everyone because prices start from one UAH.

Other projects of Vidviday

Every year the company grew, and so did our activities. Travel specialists found more and more unique new sites, guides discovered interesting facts and information, and the transportation department grew to organize transfers and transportation rental.
Vidviday also contributed to the development of tourism in Ukraine. Every year our company organizes travel guide courses. Almost a hundred people graduated from the program.

“Vidviday” team

Vidviday Tour Operator is also involved in charity. In particular, in 2019, we spent more than 100,000 UAH on social projects. In addition, we offer a 30% discount on the full cost of the tour for veterans.

Plans for the future

The title of the best tour operator of Ukraine is our next step towards implementing new goals and ideas.

‘It’s an excellent achievement, a recognition to some extent. This is important to us because we plan to work more actively with foreign travel companies, to attract them to Ukraine. The status of the best tour operator will facilitate this cooperation,’ said the CEO of Vidviday Ihor Hubilit.

Our plans:

  • show Ukraine to more than 1 million tourists;
  • to create 1000 tours and excursions to Ukraine and Ukrainian places abroad;
  • to be the best tour operator in Ukraine in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Always
Travel with the best!

 Vidviday Tour Operator – fine tours in Ukraine!


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