TOP-10 thermal pools of Transcarpathia

Thermal waters in the world have been known for a long time. They are successfully used at any time of the year: for treatment, pleasure and relaxation. On the territory of Ukraine, thermal baths have just begun their triumphal march, especially in the Transcarpathian region. This is related to the tectonic structure of Transcarpathia, because here there are many faults of different depths in the earth’s crust, and surface water penetrates through the faults into the subsoil, is heated and saturated with minerals, and then is forced to the surface under pressure.

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with ten thermal complexes of Transcarpathia in order to choose the best rest for your soul and body.

Please note that the prices for thermal pools are given as of January 2024.

Health resort “Zhaivoronok” (Beregovo)

This is a modern and comfortable thermal complex, built in 2011 and located at the foot of the Berehiv volcanic lowlands. It consists of a main indoor pool (water temperature 31-33°C), in which hydromassage, a geyser and two waterfalls, as well as a jacuzzi (42-45°C) function.

Berehovo - baseyn Zhayvoronok - 02 (Zh.)

In 2013, an open-air beach was opened on the territory of the complex, which includes 2 more thermal pools (for children and adults) and one of the largest pools of the complex with fresh silicon water of normal temperature.

Berehovo - baseyn Zhayvoronok - 04 (Hubi)
Wellness complex “Lark”

Among the additional services provided by the complex: hotel, restaurant, bistro, pizzeria, bee hut, bathhouse, salt room, fish peeling, massage rooms, beauty salon, wine tasting room, snail therapy, paraffin therapy.


  • adults — 250 hryvnias. /2 hours, whole day — 450 hryvnias;
  • children with a height of 120 to 150 cm — 125 hryvnias. /2 hours, whole day — 225 hryvnias;
  • children up to 120 cm tall — free of charge;
  • persons with disabilities of the 1st group (on presentation of a certificate) — UAH 125. /2 hours;
  • rent of a cabinet or safe — 30 hryvnias;
  • free bonus — 30 min. use of saunas, each subsequent minute — 2 hryvnias.

Working hours: 08:00 – 22:00, without days off. Tel. +38-(098)-240-00-07.

Address: Transcarpathian region, Berehovo, str. Shevchenko 112, tel. +38-(093)-240-00-07.

GPS coordinates: 48.212886, 22.657950.

Official website:

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Complex “Thermal waters of Kosyno” (Kosony village)

“Kosino” is a modern health and recreation complex for the whole family, located in the middle of a 200-year-old oak grove in the picturesque Beregiv region. You can experience the healing properties of underground water in seven different pools with thermal and fresh water.

The “twin pools” are the most popular, and the highlight of the complex is the world’s largest thermal pool “Golden Faucet of Health” with jacuzzi fountains made in the form of traditional Transcarpathian drinks (beer, wine, coffee and Palenka – Hungarian fruit vodka).

Also, the first water park in Transcarpathia with extreme slides, with a total length of three kilometers, began operating on the territory of the Kosyno health and recreation complex. Currently, there are 15 water slides in the water park. You can also try yourself on the highest of them, which have interesting names: “Monarch Butterfly”, “Kamikaze” and “Black Hole”.

In addition, seven unique saunas are gathered here in one place: eucalyptus, herbal, Hungarian, hammam, Roman bath, salt foxhole and ice cave. All pools are surrounded by comfortable paths, sunbeds, swings, equipped with numerous fountains, underwater geysers and currents.


  • adults – UAH 500 / 3 hours, full day – UAH 1000;
  • children up to 150 cm tall – free of charge;
  • locker rental is included in the price (one locker for 2-3 people).

Working hours: from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., without days off.

Tel. +38-(0312)44-04-04, +38-(067)-907-55-00

Address: Transcarpathian region, Berehiv district, village Koson, Tract 1.

GPS coordinates: 48.259428, 22.492103.

Official website:

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Thermal baths (Lumshory village)

The small village of Lumshory, which is located in a narrow gorge near the largest massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians, Runa, became very famous due to the fact that there are so-called “chans” popular among tourists.

These are large metal vessels-cauldrons, in which mineral water is collected and can accommodate from 2 to 10 people, depending on the size of the tank.

The highlight of the chan is that the wellness procedure takes place under the open sky, regardless of the season. The tanks are located near a mountain river, and bathing in them should be alternated with immersion in cold running water (it is recommended to do this 5-7 times per session).

The temperature difference has an invigorating effect on the human body and rejuvenates the skin. This is a must try! Also, such exotic baths have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, bone-joint system, strengthen the general tone, rejuvenate the skin and saturate the body with the necessary minerals.

And you can bathe in a wide variety of tanks: from old antique to modern ones, which can accommodate 2-4-6-8-10 people at the same time. There are plenty of vats to choose from, because now in Lumshory, different owners have about 20 vats.

Price: 900-1100 UAH for one hour (depending on the size of the tank).

Tel. +38-(095)-840-41-84.

Address: Transcarpathian region, Perechyn district, village Lumshors

GPS coordinates: 48.806278, 22.727528

Official website:

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Hotel and restaurant complex “Zolota Gora” (Barvinok village)

The “Zolota Gora” complex is located in the village of Barvinok, two kilometers from the city of Uzhhorod. This is a very picturesque place, from which a wonderful panorama of Uzhhorod and the middle Danube lowland opens.

Five modern thermal pools with water temperatures of 29 and 39 degrees await you, two indoors and three outdoors. According to the chemical composition and temperature, the water of the well belongs to the hot silicon hydrogen carbonate sodium of medium mineralization, the composition is similar to the thermal waters of the best resorts of France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Bathing in such water will benefit people with anemia, diabetes, gout, etc. This modern complex can serve a large number of customers, because it has many changing rooms and showers.

Additional services: horseback riding, pizzeria, sauna, tennis courts, billiard room, mini zoo.


  • adults – UAH 400 / 2 hours (+ UAH 160 every next hour); full day – UAH 800;
  • children with a height of 110-150 cm – UAH 200. / 2 hours; full day – UAH 400;
  • children up to 110 cm tall – free of charge.

Insurance is not included in the price.

Working hours: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., without days off.

Tel. +38-(050)-432-03-53.

Official website:

GPS coordinates: 48.574956, 22.349464.

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Recreation complex “Warm Waters” (Velyatino village)

Among the picturesque volcanic mountains in the vicinity of the village of Velyatino is the “Warm Waters” recreation complex. On the large grounds are two thermal pools and several barrels of healing water and two pools of fresh water at normal temperature.

The local thermal water is bromine-chloride-sodium with a high content of iodine, has 33 times higher mineralization than seawater and is famous for its healing properties. It helps those who have problems with bones, diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems, respiratory organs. Water is also useful for arthritis, osteochondrosis, osteomyelitis, scleroderma, osteoarthritis.

The advantages of the complex include a spacious area, a cafe, a swing, and the presence of a large number of changing rooms and showers.


  • adults – 250 hryvnias. / 2 hours; full day – UAH 450;
  • children up to 140 cm tall – UAH 100. / 2 hours; full day – UAH 200;
  • pensioners (by age 60) – UAH 200. / 2 hours; full day – UAH 450;
  • participants in hostilities – 100 hryvnias.
    children under 3 years old – free of charge.

Tel. +38-(067)-342-92-10

Address: Transcarpathian region, Khustsky district, village Velyatino, str. Sanatorium 2.

GPS coordinates: 48.122083, 23.301667.

Official website:

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Water park “Karpatiya” (Mukachevo)

One of the largest entertainment complexes in Ukraine, combining modern attractions and a fairy-tale atmosphere. Locations in the water park allow you to find entertainment for every taste and age category: two children’s zones will ensure a fun and safe vacation for your children, and cool attractions and locations with regular and thermal pools will allow you to relax and immerse yourself in the world of complete relaxation.

The water park has 11 pools (3 thermal), an outdoor wave pool, a river pool, a SPA area (hammam, salt room, infrared sauna, bath, jacuzzi), 4 types of water slides, 2 children’s pools, an outdoor health pool. That is why, upon opening the doors of this complex, you enter the magical world of the Ukrainian Carpathians, where every element reminds of the most interesting tourist spots of our country.


  • adults – 350 UAH. / 2 hours; full day – UAH 500;
  • children up to 13 years old – UAH 220. / 2 hours; full day – UAH 300;
  • children up to 130 cm tall – free of charge;
  • SPA area (salt room, baths, thermal pools) – included in the price
  • Free for the birthday boy on his birthday.

Tel. +38-(095)-599-68-76

Working hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., without days off.

Address: Transcarpathian region, Mukachevo, str. Dukhnovycha 89

GPS coordinates: 48.447072936739225, 22.73170121254084

Official website:

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“Eko-Termal” medical and wellness complex (Koson village)

In 2016, the “Eco-Thermal” medical and wellness complex was opened in the village of Kosoni on the border with Hungary, which has thermal water with a temperature of + 38-39 °C, the most favorable for rest and recovery.
Hot water rises from a well 1,200 meters deep, but before that it passes through various mineral layers of the earth’s crust, is saturated with many trace elements and minerals. As the temperature increases, mineralization increases, the concentration of sodium, fluoride, sulfate ion, chlorine ion and other useful substances increases.
The complex has 2 large outdoor thermal pools and is building new ones indoors.
Medical and health complex “Eco-Thermal”

How does thermal water treat? Basic thermal water treatments include baths (or staying in a pool), drinking thermal water, and inhaling thermal water vapors.


  • Full day – UAH 300. adult (lounger and mattress included in the price);
  • Child from 120-150 cm – UAH 150;
  • Children up to 120 cm – free of charge (without sunbed).

Working hours: from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., without days off.

Tel. +38-(099)-117-77-79, +38-(097)-117-77-79.

Address: Transcarpathian region, Berehiv district, Koson village, Urochyshche No. 2.

GPS coordinates: 48.261103, 22.482666.

Official website:

Sanatorium complex “Derenivska Kupil” (Nizhne Solotvino village)

In the picturesque foothills of the Carpathians, in the tract of Derenivka, 12 kilometers from Uzhgorod, among wonderful landscapes, a special healing water is born, which four centuries ago made the resort and this area famous throughout Europe.

N.Solotvyno - Derenivska kupil - 01 (Int)
Sanatorium complex “Derenivska Kupil”

You can renew your vital energy in the pool of the SPA complex “Sribni Terme”, a bath with mineral water is recommended for the treatment and prevention of diseases that require energetic heat.

In addition, there is a Roman steam room, a Finnish sauna, a Russian bath, an ice fountain and the Derenivska Kupil mineral water factory, where you can experience the healing properties of mineral and drinking water.


  • adults – 600-1000 hryvnias. in a day;
  • children 120-150 cm – UAH 300-500. in a day;
  • children up to 120 cm – free.

Hours of work:

  • Monday – Friday: 12:00-20:00.
  • Saturday – Sunday: 09:00-20:00.

Address: Transcarpathian region, Uzhgorod district, village Nizhne Solotvyno 150-K, (not to be confused with Solotvyno, where there are salt lakes, because there are 150 km between them!), tel. +38-(050)-407-77-64.

GPS coordinates: 48.566219, 22.444259.

Official website:

SPA-complex “Apartel Rikka Khust” (Khust)

This is a modern balneological resort with a powerful medical and rehabilitation center and incredible views of the local nature. On the territory of the complex there is: a pool with mineral water, thermal baths, a salt room, a pump room, a bathhouse, etc. And the hallmark of the complex is Rikka mineral water – moderately mineralized sodium chloride slightly alkaline water.

A multi-level outdoor leisure pool with an area of 1320 m2 and a volume of 1617m3 with a bar area and a separate sports pool, size 11x25m. The water temperature in the pool is 27°C. The advantage is the availability of the Injecta automatic dosing station, because thanks to it, the process of water disinfection is greatly simplified, while the water is safe for health, does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes, and does not have a sharp smell of chlorine. Thanks to the Behncke low-temperature heat exchanger, heating and maintaining the water temperature does not take much time.



  • adults – UAH 500/day; adults – UAH 350 for 2 hours;
  • children up to 140 cm – UAH 200/day;
  • children under 3 years old – free of charge.


  • adults – UAH 750/day; adults – UAH 450 for 2 hours;
  • children up to 140 cm – UAH 300/day;
  • children under 3 years old – free of charge.

The price includes: a towel, a deck chair, a locker for storing things, a bathhouse, thermal baths, a pool with mineral water, a children’s room, a salt room, a sensory shower, a pump room, a playground, a parking lot.

Working hours: 11:00-22:00, without days off.

Address: Zakarpattia Region, Khust, str. Augustyna Voloshyna 131a

Tel. +38-(067)-677-74-40

GPS coordinates: 48.18008791652684, 23.27538112885307

Official website:

You can visit the SPA complex “Apartel Rikka Khust” with us on the following tours:

Educational and sports base “Zakarpattia” (Beregovo)

The pool with thermal water (30-45°C) was opened back in 1967. Medicinal water is extracted from a well 1,100 meters deep, and water enters the pool from a one and a half kilometer geyser. Thermal water contains iodine and bromine salts, as well as chloride-sodium minerals.

Berehovo - sovok baseyn - 01 (Int)
Swimming in the thermal pool

On the territory of the base there is a large swimming pool (51 m x 22.2 m) under the open sky, the water temperature of which does not fall below +32°C even in winter frosts. There are also two small pools for children. According to its physical and chemical properties, there are only three analogues of this thermal water, namely in New Zealand, Iceland and the Kuril Islands.

Berehovo - sovok baseyn - 05 (Int)
Thermal pool of the educational and sports base “Zakarpattya”

There is a hotel and a canteen at the base. The disadvantages include the low level of service, and you can’t even dream about jacuzzis, fountains and other special effects.


  • adults: 1.5 hours – UAH 180/person; 2.5 hours – UAH 250/person, whole day – UAH 400/person.
  • children from 120 cm to 150 cm tall: UAH 50. (regardless of the length of stay);
  • children up to 120 cm: free of charge;
  • people with disabilities of the 1st group: free of charge;
  • people with disabilities in wheelchairs: free of charge;
  • ATO participants, widows of ATO participants (with ID): free of charge.

Working hours: 08:00-20:00, without days off.

Address: Transcarpathian region, Berehovo, str. Koryatovycha 1, LLC “Educational and Sports Base “Zakarpattia”.

Tel. +38-(03-141)-2-31-81, (095)-492-20-21, (097)-217-49-68.

GPS coordinates: 48.210416, 22.649424.

A relaxing paradise – 10 thermal pools of Transcarpathia at your service! Let’s go!

Релакас-тур “Термальне Закарпаття”

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