10 of the best Thermal Pools in Transcarpathia

Hot springs have long been utilised in the world for treatment, pleasure and relaxation. In  Ukraine, thermal pools have just started their triumph, especially in the Transcarpathian region. This is due to the tectonic structure of Transcarpathia; here, the earth’s crust has many faults of different depths, through which, surface water penetrates the bowels, gets heated and saturated with minerals and pushed to the surface.

You may be interested in tours to the thermal waters of Transcarpathia.

We offer you to discover ten thermal complexes of Transcarpathia and choose the best rest for your body and soul.

Please note that the prices for the thermal pools are as of November 2022

Health complex Zhaivoronok (Berehovo)

Lark, bathing in the thermal

This is a modern and comfortable thermal complex built in 2011 and located at the foot of the volcanic low mountains. It consists of a main indoor swimming pool (water temperature 31-33°C), with a hydro-massage, a geyser and two waterfalls, as well as a Jacuzzi (42-45°C).

Berehovo - baseyn Zhayvoronok - 02 (Zh.)
Lark, outdoor pool

In 2013 they opened an outdoor beach with 2 more thermal pools (for children and adults) and one of the largest pools in the complex with fresh silicon water of natural temperature.

Berehovo - baseyn Zhayvoronok - 04 (Hubi)
Wellness complex “Lark”

The complex also provides additional services such as a hotel, restaurant, sauna, salt room, fish peeling, massage rooms, beauty salon and wine tasting room.


  • adults – 220-230 UAH. / 2 hours, 250-260 UAH. / 3 hours, all day –  400-410 UAH;
  • children with a height of 120 to 150 cm – 110 UAH. / 2 hours,  125-130 UAH. / 3 hours, all day – 200-205 UAH;
  • children up to 120 cm tall – free of charge;
  • persons with disabilities of the 1st group (on presentation of a certificate) – 110-115 UAH. / 2 hours; 125-130 UAH. / 3 hours, all day – 400-410 UAH;
  • children with disabilities under the age of 18 (upon presentation of a certificate ) – free of charge;
    Locker or safe rental – UAH 30.
    Children under 150 cm are allowed in the pool only in swimming armbands.

Opening hours: Every day from 08:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. 

Address: Zakarpatska obl., Berehovo, Shevchenka str., 112, tel. +38-(066)-151-27-87. 

GPS coordinates: 48.212886, 22.657950. 

Official site: www.zhayvoronok.net

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Complex Thermal Waters of Kosino (the village of Koson)

Kosyno - baseyn - 04 (Kos.)
Kosino, swimming in the emerald pool

Kosyno is a modern recreational and leisure complex for the whole family, nestled among a 200-year-old oak grove in scenic Berehovo. You can feel the effect of the healing properties of groundwater in seven different pools with thermal and freshwater.

The “twin pools” are the most popular, and the highlight of the complex is the world’s largest thermal pool, Golden Health Faucet, with Jacuzzi fountains in the form of traditional Transcarpathian drinks, including beer, wine, coffee and palenka (Hungarian fruit vodka).

Kosyno - baseyn - 14 (andy-pix)
Health and recreation complex “Kosiono”
Kosyno - baseyn - 05 (Hubi)
Kosino Golden Health Crane

Besides, in one place you can visit seven unique saunas: Eucalyptus, Herb, Hungarian, Hamam, Roman bath, Salt Fox Hole and Ice Cave.

Water slide “MULTISLIDE”

All pools are surrounded by comfortable paths, sun loungers, swings, equipped with numerous fountains, underwater geysers and currents.

Kosyno - sauny - 02 (K)
Roman sauna
Kosyno - sauny - 01 (K)
Salt fox hole
Kosyno - sauny - 03 (K)
Hungarian sauna


  • Adults – 500 UAH / 3 hours, the whole day – 100 UAH (for groups of 15 or more people  – 1 ticket are free of charge); 
  • Children up to 150 cm – free of charge; 
  • Locker rental is included in price (one locker for 2-3 people).
  • Subscription for 20 hours – UAH 2,800.
  • Subscription for 40 hours – UAH 5,600.Free 30-minute visit to the sauna is included.
    Children up to 130 cm are allowed in the pools only in SWIMMING ARMS.

Tel. (0312) 44-04-04, (067)-907-55-00 

Address: Zakarpatska obl., Berehovo district, the village of Koson, Tract 1, tel. +38-(0312)-44-00-44. 

GPS coordinates: 48.259428, 22.492103. 

Official site: www.kosino.ua

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Thermal vats (the village of Lumshory)

Lumshory - chany - 01 (Hubi)
Chani village Lumshori

A small village of Lumshory in a narrow gorge near the largest valley of the Ukrainian Carpathians Runa has become very famous for its so-called “vats”

Lumshory - chany - 10 (Hubi)
Bathing in vats Lumshory village.

“Vats”are very popular with tourists. These are large metal containers-cauldrons with mineral water, where 2-10 people can sit depending.

Lumshory - chany - 03 (Hubi)
Lumshory swimming in the river

The highlight of the vat is that the health treatments take place in the open air, regardless of the time of year. Vats are at the mountain river, and bathing in them should be alternated with immersion in cold running water (they recommend to do so 5-7 times per session).

Lumshory - chany - 09 (Int)
Relax rest in tubs

The temperature difference invigorates the human body and rejuvenates the skin. This is a must-try! Furthermore, such exotic baths have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, bone and joint system, strengthen the overall tone, rejuvenate the skin and saturate us with necessary minerals.
You can take a bath in a variety of vats: from ancient antique to modern ones. There is a wide choice because the hosts in Lumshory now have about 20 different vats.

Lumshory - chany - 11 (Int)
Lumshory village, photo by Irina

Price: 600-800 UAH / 1 hour (depending on the vat size).

Address: Zakarpatska obl., Perechyn district, the village of Lumshory, tel. +38-(095)-840-41-84. 

GPS coordinates: 48.806278, 22.727528. 

Official site: www.chanucimbora.com 

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Hotel and Restaurant Complex Zolota Hora (the village of Barvinok)

Barvinok - Zolota hora - 01 (Int)
Hotel and restaurant complex “Golden Mountain”

The complex Zolota Hora is in the village of Barvinok, two kilometres from the city of Uzhhorod. This is a very picturesque place, which offers a magnificent panorama of Uzhgorod and the middle Danube lowland.

Barvinok - Zolota hora - 03 (Int)
Swimming in the pool with a fountain “Golden Mountain”

There are five modern thermal pools, two indoors and three outdoors, which have water temperatures of 29-39C. The chemical composition and temperature of the water of the borehole refer to the hot silicon sodium bicarbonate waters of average mineralization. Its composition is similar to the thermal waters of the best resorts in France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Barvinok - Zolota hora - 10 (Int)
Swimming pool “Golden Mountain”

Bathing in this water is beneficial for people with anaemia, diabetes, gout, etc. This modern complex can serve a large number of customers because it has a lot of changing rooms and showers.

Additional services include horse riding, a pizzeria, sauna, tennis courts, a billiards room and a mini zoo.


  • Adults – 300 UAH. / 2 hours (+ 120UAH every next hour); full day – 600 UAH;
  • children with a height of 110-150 cm – 150 UAH. / 2 hours; (+60 UAH every next hour); full day – 300 UAH;
  • children up to 110 cm tall – free of charge.
  • “Family” (parents + 1 child up to 150 cm) – 650 UAH. / 2 hours (+ 100/50 UAH every next hour); full day – 1,300 UAH;
  • “Family” (parents + 2 children up to 150 cm) – 700 UAH. / 2 hours (+ 100/50 UAH every next hour); full day – 1,400 UAH;

Opening hours:  Every day from 8:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. Tel. +38 050 432 03 53

Address: Zakarpatska obl., Uzhhorod district, the village of Barvinok, hotel-rancho Zolota Hora, tel.+38-(03-12)-72-85-80

GPS coordinates:  48.576840, 22.355927.

Official site: http://www.zolota-gora.com

Visit Zolota Hora with us on our tour:

Recreation Complex Tepli Vody (the village of Veliatyno)

Belyatyno - baseyn - 02 (Hubi)
Velyatino, outdoor pool

Among the picturesque volcanic mountains on the outskirts of the village of Veliatyno, there is a recreation complex Tepli Vody. There are two thermal pools and several barrels of mineral water, as well as two pools with natural freshwater.

Belyatyno - baseyn - 06 (Hubi)
Velyatino, swimming in the thermal pool

The local thermal water is bromine-chloride-sodium with a high content of iodine, has 33 times higher salinity than seawater and is famous for its healing properties. The water is also helpful for arthritis, osteochondrosis, osteomyelitis, scleroderma, osteoarthritis.

Belyatyno - baseyn - 10 (Hubi)
Velyatino, treatment in thermal baths

The advantages of the complex include a spacious area, cafes, swings, a large number of changing rooms and showers.


  • adults – 200 UAH / 1 hour; 250 UAH / 2 hours; full day – 450 UAH;
  • children up to 140 cm tall – 100 UAH. / 2 hours; full day – 200 UAH;
  • children with disabilities under the age of 18 (upon presentation of a certification) – 50 UAH. / 1 hour; 50 UAH / 2 hours; full day – 200 UAH;
  • children with cerebral palsy – free of charge
  • pensioners (by age 60), 200 UAH. / 1 hour; 200 UAH / 2 hours; full day – 450 UAH;
  • a participant in hostilities – 100 UAH. / 1 hour; 100 UAH / 2 hours; full day – 100 UAH; (not valid on Sundays and holidays)
  • children under 3 years old – free of charge.

Address: Zakarpatska obl., Khust district, the village of Veliatyno, 2 Sanatorna str., tel.+38-(050)-383-41-41. 

GPS coordinates: 48.122083, 23.301667. 

Official site: www.tepli-vody.com.ua

You may visit the recreation complex Tepli Vody with the tour:

10 Highlights of Transcarpathia

Health Resort Teplytsia (Vynohradiv)

Vynohradiv - Teplycya-baseyn - 01 (Int)
Bathing in mineral waters sanatorium “Greenhouse”

The resort is located at the foot of the Carpathian Botanical reserve Chorna Hora, on the outskirts of Vynogradiv. This area is considered one of the warmest and ecologically cleanest in Transcarpathia. Therapeutic water for the pool comes from a borehole of almost a kilometre depth, with a temperature of 39°C and has a wide range of indications for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and peripheral nervous system.

Vynohradiv - Teplycya-baseyn - 05 (Int)
Rehabilitation in the mineral pool, sanatorium “Greenhouse”

Only those who undergo recreation in the resort can visit the thermal pool.

The cost of the tour (which includes swimming in the pool): from 1750 UAH per person per day (if to be accommodated in double room).

Address: Zakarpatska obl., Vynohradiv, 265-А Kopanska str., tel. +38-(03-143)-2-55-91. 

GPS coordinates: 48.176944, 23.057306. 

Official site: www.teplyca.com.ua 

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Koson. Health and Recreation Complex Eco-Thermal

In 2016, in the village of Koson, near the border with Hungary, a Health and Recreation Complex “Eco-Termal”, was opened. It has thermal water with the most favourable for relaxation and recuperation temperature of 38-39 °C.

Hot water rises from a borehole 1200m deep, but before that, it runs through a variety of layers of the earth’s crust and absorbs a lot of nutrients and minerals. As the temperature of water increases, its mineralization and the concentration of sodium, fluorine, sulfate ion, chlorine ion and other nutrients increase, too.

The complex has two large outdoor thermal pools, and new indoor pools are under construction.

Medical and health complex “Eco-Thermal”

Basic treatments include thermal water baths or swimming in a pool, drinking of thermal water and the inhalation of thermal water vapour.


  • From 900 UAH adult + 200 UAH use of swimming pools all day;
  • сhildren 2-6 years old – 100 UAH/day;
  • children under 2 years old – free of charge

Opening hours: from 8:15 a.m till 7:30 p.m. 

Address:  Zakarpatska obl., Berehovo district, the village of Koson, Tract 2, +38 099 11 7777 9 (МТС), +38 097 11 7777 9 (Kyivstar) 

GPS coordinates: 48.261103, 22.482666 

Official site: http://www.eco-termal.com/


Health Resort Derenivska Kupil (the village of Nyzhnie Solotvyno)

N.Solotvyno - Derenivska kupil - 01 (Int)
Sanatorium complex “Derenivska Kupil”

In the picturesque foothills of the Carpathians, in the tract of Derenivka, 12km from Uzhhorod, is born special healing water. Four centuries ago a resort was made here and the area became famous in Europe.

N.Solotvyno - Derenivska kupil - 04 (Int)
Derenivska Kupil Thermal Pool

You can restore vital energy in the pool of the SPA complex Sribni Termy, the baths with mineral water are recommended for the treatment and prevention of diseases that require energetic heat.

Also, the complex has a Roman bath, a Finnish sauna, a Russian bath, an ice fountain and a mineral water factory, Derenivska Kupil, where you can experience the healing properties of mineral and drinking water.



  • adults – 500-600 UAH. all day;
  • children 120-150 cm – 200-250 UAH. all day;
  • children up to 120 cm – free.

Saturday – Sunday and holidays: 12:00 – 20:00

  • adults – 800 UAH. all day;
  • children 120-150 cm – 350 UAH. all day;
  • children up to 120 cm – free.

The price includes: swimming pool with thermal, medicinal, mineral water “Zakarpatska 2” (32-34˚С), ice fountain, tropical shower, contrasting foot bath, 1 towel.

Opening hours:  Every day, Mon from 11:00 a.m till 8:00 p.m., Tue-Sun from 9:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. 

Address:  Zakarpatska obl., Uzhhorod district, the village of Nyzhnie Solotvyno 150-К, (do not confuse with Solotvyno, where there are salt lakes, because between them there are 150 km!), tel.+38-(050)-338-16-06.

GPS coordinates:  48.566219, 22.444259.

Official site: http://derenivska-kupil.ua

Health Resort Termal Star (the village of Nyzhnie Solotvyno)

N.Solotvyno - Termal Star - 02 (Int)
Sanatorium “Thermal Star”

The Transcarpathian Health Resort Termal Star is  12km from the city of Uzhhorod, in the picturesque countryside of the Carpathians, on the banks of the lake. Surrounded by forests, shrouded in crystal clear air, the resort gives extraordinary opportunities for a fantastic holiday and treatment in Transcarpathia. The resort has an area of 12 hectares.

N.Solotvyno - Termal Star - 05 (Int)
Sanatorium “Thermal Star”, thermal pool

There are two outdoor thermal pools with water rich in silicon. The composition of water helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body, improves bone and cartilage tissues and skin and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

The resort facilities include balneological rooms with modern equipment, a diagnostic laboratory, 160 comfortable rooms, a pump room with mineral water, an entertainment centre, sports grounds, saunas and baths.


  • Swimming pools: For visitors from Monday to Friday – 200 UAH/day;
  • For visitors from Saturday to Sunday 250 UAH;
  • children 7-14 years old – 150 UAH /day;
  • children under 7 years old – free of chargeThe price of the visit includes a swimming pool, a bathhouse and a hammam according to the approved schedule, a playground, a pool with a slide (according to the approved schedule)By the way the resort provides an opportunity of using thermal vats with mineral water and herbs of Carpathian mountains. The cost is 1500 UAH for 2 hrs, (up to 6 people may be placed in the vat), every next hour + 100 UAH.

Address: Zakarpatska obl., Uzhhorod district, the village of Nyzhnie Solotvyno, 226, (do not confuse with Solotvyno, where there are salt lakes, because between them there are 150km!), tel. +38-(03-12)-72-29-00, (050)-410-70-70. 

GPS coordinates: 48.561022, 22.439710.

Official site: http://www.termal-star.com

Training Centre Zakarpattia (Berehovo)

Berehovo - sovok baseyn - 071 (Int)
Educational and sports base “Transcarpathia”

The pool with thermal water (30-45°C) was opened back in 1967. Healing water comes from a borehole 1,100M deep, and water gets in the pool from a 0.5km geyser. Thermal water contains iodine and bromine salts, as well as minerals of sodium chloride.

Berehovo - sovok baseyn - 01 (Int)
Swimming in the thermal pool

On the area of the centre, there is a large outdoor swimming pool (51 m x 22.2 m), the water temperature of which, even in winter, does not drop below +32°C. There are also two small swimming pools for children. Only thermal water found in New Zealand, Iceland and the Kuril Island has similar physical and chemical properties as the water found here.

Berehovo - sovok baseyn - 05 (Int)
Thermal pool of the educational and sports base “Zakarpattya”

Warning! As of July 30, 2021, the Zakarpattia Training and Sports Base is temporarily closed.

At the centre, there is also a hotel and a canteen.


  • adults: 1,5 hrs – 150 UAH;
  • сhildren from 120 to 150 cm tall – 50 UAH per day,
  • сhildren under 120 сm tall – free of charge.
  • disabled people of 1st category: free of charge;
  • disabled people on a wheelchair: free of charge;
  • ATO participants and widows (identity is required): free of charge.

Address: Zakarpatska obl., Berehovo, 1 Koriatovycha str., LCC Training centre Zakarpattia, tel. +38-(03-141)-2-31-81, (095)-492-20-21/

GPS coordinates: 48.210416, 22.649424.

Relax Paradise – 10 thermal pools of Transcarpathia at your service! Let’s go!

Релакас-тур “Термальне Закарпаття”

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