Autumn in Ukraine: Best Places to Visit in Autumn

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Ukraine amazes travelers with its beauty, history, and culture. In our country, you can find numerous natural sites, from majestic mountains and lakes to impetuous waterfalls and virgin forests. You can also visit places where nature meets human civilization such as city parks and mountain villages. To help you choose places that are suitable for autumn visits, find autumn tours and decide where to go in autumn, we have prepared this article. Let’s see what are the 12 best places in Ukraine for autumn travel.
Ukraine COVID-19 Entry Requirements Update: How to Travel to Ukraine

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Who can travel to Ukraine right now? Currently, Ukraine is on the ‘green’ list, and Ukrainians and foreigners with residence permits in Ukraine can enter Ukraine freely without any additional insurance or documents. Foreigners and stateless persons from all countries are allowed to enter Ukraine. However, they need to have valid insurance against COVID-19 that was issued by an insurance company that has an office in Ukraine. According to the regulations becoming effective on September, 20, 2021, in addition to insurance, foreigners also need to have…
Travelling to Lviv: Sightseeing, Food, Transportation and Tours

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2.5 million tourists visited Lviv in 2019. It became the third most popular city for travelling in Ukraine after Kyiv and Odesa. Why tourists like Lviv so much? Lviv is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This city has more than 2,500 historic and architectural monuments. Lviv architecture and Lviv people are very diverse. Here you will find Ukrainian and foreign architecture of various styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern and Soviet. You will see buildings built by different nationalities: Ukrainian, Austrian, Polish, Armenian, Jewish. Lviv…
Tours and excursions to Chornobyl

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Is it safe to go to Chornobyl? Chernobyl is a unique and incredibly picturesque place that everyone should visit! It is worth noting that tours to Chornobyl and Prypiat are safe, and the radiation background here is about 30 µr/h, which does not exceed the permissible norms. Every year the Exclusion Zone is visited by a large number of tourists both from Ukraine and the world; someone comes here for new experiences and emotions, someone for rest and someone wants to get answers to questions…
Bakota – a Picturesque Destination

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Bakota once used to be the capital of the whole region, the location of one of the oldest monasteries in Ukraine, later – the tragedy of thousands of people, and now it is a place where travelers will feel peace. Bakota is located in the south of the Khmelnytsky region, 55 kilometers from the city of Kamyanets-Podilsky, which is a great travel destination itself. Until 1981, there used to be a village here, from which the name of this territory comes, but now the waters…
12 Best Tours to the Carpathian mountains from Lviv

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On this page, you can see the 12 best tours to the Carpathian mountains organized by Vidviday Tour Operator. Vidviday was recognized as the best tour operator of Ukraine at Ukraine Travel Awards 2020. 1. Yaremche waterfalls, Bukovel resort + the highest peak – mount Hoverla (2 days/ 1 night, departures every Saturday and every other Wednesday) You will remember these two days on the bus tour of the Carpathians forever. The rich program of the weekend tour to the Carpathians includes climbing the highest peak…
Tunnel of Love in Klevan – One of the Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

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Regions of Ukraine are abundant with charming romantic places that attract attention with their natural beauty and originality. But one of the most popular and amazing places is the Tunnel of Love near the town of Klevan in Rivne region. The 5-kilometre green corridor, created by trees lined up in an arch of perfect round shape, and the railway between became the main tourist attraction of Volyn, is the object of constant pilgrimage for couples in love and travellers. You can go for a walk…