Hiking in Ukraine – The Best Itineraries in the Carpathians

In Ukraine, the tourism sector is so diverse that even the most demanding tourists will find attractions to their taste. In this article, we will tell you about several locations for hiking in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

How to hike in Ukraine?

Mountain hiking requires thorough preparation, both physical and mental. Many people, when planning a hike, think that there is nothing complicated here. But in fact, you need to take into account all the factors that can affect the campaign, and be ready for anything. Therefore, even if you go on a one-day hike, you should take the most necessary things: a convenient backpack, appropriate clothes, a raincoat, some snacks and water, and a first aid kit. Keeping in mind the capricious weather of the Carpathians, you should also bring trekking boots, which, in case of a sudden downpour may come in handy.

The Most Popular Tourist Itineraries in the Carpathians

Hoverla – the highest peak in the Ukrainian Carpathians

That’s it! We got ready, took all necessary things and we’re going ahead with our hike to the mountain!

After all, most tourist itineraries start with Hoverla, the highest peak in Ukraine.

Is it easy to get on the top of Hoverla?

Having decided to go hiking, you should not expect that the ascent to Hoverla will be easy. In the middle of the road, you may feel that you have no strength to go on, but you won’t be able to take the bus or train back or forward to the mountain top. Thus, you need to have endurance and determination. 

A hike to Hoverla begins with  a half-hour walk through the forest. Then you will have to wade through juniper bushes for about 20-30 minutes. The third part of the itinerary goes through the open countryside, and when you look at mountain ranges around you, you understand the beauty and grandeur of the Ukrainian Carpathians. And the words that “only mountains can be better than mountains” become clear to you.

An organized tourist ascent to Hoverla is much better and easier because without the skills and knowledge of mountain hiking, climbing on your own is extremely difficult and dangerous. Moreover, a guide can tell a lot and develop a good route that will be as short as possible with the best views.

Big Hoverla and small Hoverla?

A hike to Hoverla is one of the most popular routes not only for Ukrainians but also for foreign tourists. And many of them often confuse the real Hoverla with the little Hoverla, because climbing to a height from which they can view the entire Chornohora mountain range they think there is nowhere to go higher. But in fact, they are only half-way to real Hoverla. And then, when completely exhausted, they get to the top, the last few meters seem the heaviest.

We all know from high school that Hoverla is 2,061m above sea level. For someone, this number can be very significant, because, perhaps, for the first time in their life, they could discover all the versatility and charm of the Ukrainian Carpathians at this height. And if you have never been to the mountains before, then after conquering this peak you will definitely want to feel this excitement again and again. Here, at an altitude of 2061 m, you forget about fatigue, about all the incredible efforts that were made to get here, and you understand – “Yes, it’s worth it.” And all the feelings that cover you at this moment can not be described or expressed in words.

From this height, you can marvel at fabulous scenery, where to the south there is the valley of Bila Tysa, and behind it, there is the Marmaros range with the peak of Pip Ivan Marmaroskyi (1,937 m above sea level). To the south-east of Hoverla, there are some mountain peaks: Breskul, Pozhyzhevska, Dantser, Bezimenna and Turkul. Behind them, you can see Rebra (2,001 m), Brebeneskul (2,035 m) and Hutyn Tomnatyk (2,018 m). And further, thee are the peaks of Munchel, Dzembronia and Pip-Ivan. Not far to the west, you can see the Petros peak (2,020 m) and behind it – the  Svydovets range. Therefore we can see all six mountain tops whose height is above 2,000 m.

By booking a tour to Hoverla, you will be able to discover the beauty and immensity of the mountains as well as visit Yaremche and Bukovel. The price of the tour Yaremche, Bukovel + Hoverla includes a visit to the waterfall, the restaurant Hutsulshchyna, souvenir market in Yaremche,  a cable-chairlift to the top of the mountain Bukovel and seeing the Carpathian views.

Climbing to Hoverla starts near the sports and tourist centre “Zarosliak”.

This route is not hard, and the campsite carries out some preparation before the ascent. It begins with a path that will first lead you up along the river, then into the forest, and finally to the meadow. The next 2 km you will have to climb steep slopes. And gradually, the road will lead to the first (Mala Hoverla), and then to the second shoulder of Hoverla.

Pip Ivan Chornohorskyi – a Mystery Combined with an Amazing Scenery

One more popular tourist destination is the mount Pip Ivan  Chornohorskyi. There are a few routes to get there, and each of them is interesting in its way. The shortest and most popular route is a hike from the village of Dzembronia. The start of ascent from here begins at the bus stop. From here, the road rises steeply up to the meadow under the mountain Smotrych in the southern direction. Going higher, it lies between the grounds and leads into the forest. At the upper part of the meadow, there is a summerhouse and sheds. During the warm season, here live shepherds, who sell homemade cheese (brynza).

You can easily get lost here, so it is also better to travel with a guide who knows the area well. Actually, Pip Ivan Chornohorskyi is the first mountain of Chornohora range where you can find  all the peaks in Ukraine which are more than 2,000 m high — Hoverla (2,061 m), Brebeneskul (2,035 m), Pip Ivan Chornohorskyi (2,028 m), Petros (2,020 m), Hutyn Tomnatyk (2,016 m) and Rebra (2,001 m).

Except for breathtaking scenery, this mountain also offers a  historic attraction — a 1936 Observatory at the height of 2,028 m.

 What is great about Pip Ivan?

The building used to have its own water supply and even a heating system. It consisted of a hotel, utility rooms and an astronomical tower. At that time, the Observatory was considered the second most important in Europe and the sixth in the world.

Pip Ivan is both a natural attraction and a scientific mystery, so anyone who plans to hike the Carpathians can not miss this route.

By booking the tour A hike to Pip Ivan Chornohorskyi, Smotrych and Vukhatyi Kamin, you will be able to climb the mountains Smotrych, see Vukhatyi Kamin and visit of the hut-pack in the Smotrych meadow.

Mountain Smotrych is another tourist attraction, located in the South-Eastern part of the Chornohora mountain range, in the Carpathian National Park. From its height of 1,898 meters, you can enjoy unique breathtaking views. At these places was filmed one of the clips of the Ukrainian singer Ruslana.

Vukhatyi Kamin – one of the most fascinating sites on mountain Smotrych

A climb to Vukhatyi Kamin is part of the route to the mountain Pip Ivan. Its rocks are popular with tourists as they create an incredibly unique atmosphere.

You will not see anything like that anywhere else! These rock outcrops offer a magnificent panoramic view of the entire ridge. And nobody knows where these rocks come from or who brought them here. It remains a mystery of nature.

Petros or mountain “stone”

The name of the peak comes from the Latin word “petros” and is translated as “stone”. Petros is in the Zakarpatska region, Rakhiv district. You cannot miss visiting it, as it is a popular tourist destination. Climbing Petros is not difficult, so if you have already conquered Hoverla and Pip Ivan,  you should also climb Petros.

The 2,020 m high mountain offers stunning views of the Chornohora range. It is the second highest mountain after Hoverla. You can climb this spectacular mountain at any time of the year. The easiest way to get to its top is from a train station Kvasy. The route is 15 km long. 

There is a legend that once they found a stone cross on the mountain, so they decided to build a chapel at that place and install a cross. But there is also a myth that Mount Petros belongs to Perun, so very often the wind twists metal crosses, and lightning partially destroys or completely burns the chapel.

The tour Mountain Petros, Maniava and much more includes excursions to Maniava waterfall and monastery, a visit to the local History Museum in Deliatyn, workshops on the meadow Pertsi and positive emotions and impressions that you will remember for a long time.

Pikui the Highest Peak in the Lviv Region

And you can finish your hiking adventure by climbing Pikuy – the highest peak in the Lviv region with a height of 1,408 m. Here, there is the National reserve Pikui and a recreation centre in the village of Belasovytsia at the foot of the mountain. The landscapes here are breathtaking. 

The ascent to the mountain starts from Belasovytsia, an ancient Boikiv village with rich traditions.

In 1935 they built a stone monument on the top to honour the first President of Czechoslovakia Tomash Masaryk, as before the war, the village was part of Czechoslovakia. And last year, they installed a statue of Jesus Christ for peace in Ukraine.

The tour A hike to Pikui begins in Lviv at seven o’clock in the morning. You go to the village of Bilasovytsia, and there you climb to the top of the mountain Pikui and have a snack there before you return to the city.

Today, we have made a short trip to the majestic Ukrainian Carpathians, which are exciting and impressive. They combine unique nature and colourful customs and traditions unknown to many people. So, let’s travel, study and enjoy our trip to Ukraine, which is extremely rich and precious in all aspects.

In particular, we welcome you to exciting hikes in the mountains, which will give you vivid impressions and leave behind pleasant memories for life!

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