The Most Popular Tours from Lviv of Visit Ukraine Tour Operator

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Travellers often ask us: Which of your tours in Ukraine is the best? We are sure that all of our excursions are great in their own way, and we love them all. And, depending on your tastes, you will definitely find a vacation that you will enjoy. To make this difficult choice easier for you, Visit Ukraine travel agency team presents you our most popular tours in Ukraine with departure from Lviv!
Legend of Synevyr Lake

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Synevyr Lake in Ukraine is one of the places where you can escape when you feel overwhelmed with daily worries and urban life problems. When you are tired of civilization and want to feel free, breathe fresh air, meditate and wander in the woods. This mysterious lake is perfect to recover spiritually and physically, so don’t hesitate and let’s go to this beautiful place together with Visit Ukraine!
Tunnel of Love in Klevan – One of the Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

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Regions of Ukraine are abundant with charming romantic places that attract attention with their natural beauty and originality. But one of the most popular and amazing places is the Tunnel of Love near the town of Klevan in Rivne region. The 5-kilometre green corridor, created by trees lined up in an arch of perfect round shape, and the railway between became the main tourist attraction of Volyn, is the object of constant pilgrimage for couples in love and travellers. You can go for a walk…
Day Trips from Lviv: 14 Great Places to Visit Outside The City

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   If you plan to travel to Ukraine and stay in Lviv for several days, you are probably wondering what interesting places you can visit additionally. In this article, we will tell you about a few destinations that you can visit taking a day tour from Lviv. These include castles near Lviv, Carpathian mountains, some of the must-visit places in Ukraine and a gastronomic destination.    Our Visit Ukraine agency has a varied selection of tours and excursions from Lviv for any taste and you…
Best of Ukrainian cheese: 12+1 cheese factories of the Lviv Land

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Among Ukrainian traditional food, Ukrainian craft cheese is gaining popularity. It is more expensive, but natural: free from fatty oils and chemicals. Demand for this cheese exceeds the supply, and that makes family cheese factories develop the production and offer a bigger and bigger assortment. Besides that, craft cheese factories are generally opened for visitors and they offer excursions and cheese tasting to their guests. If you are thinking what to buy in Ukraine to bring home – Ukrainian cheese is an excellent option. If you…
Kamianets-Podilskyi – the Pearl of Podillia

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Kamianets-Podilskyi is a town that has preserved the spirit of the Middle Ages, while rapidly developing its tourist potential. Kamianets is the largest town, which is not a regional centre in Western Ukraine; however, the number of architectural monuments is third in Ukraine after Lviv and Kyiv. All this makes this city one of the best places to visit in Ukraine.  What does the name of Kamianets-Podilskyi mean? The name of the town comes from the word “kamin” (stone) or “kamianyi” (stony). But in the…
Hutsul clothing – A mirror image of natural beauty

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The Hutsul Land is the symbol of abundant life in every way it can be abundant. The pristine beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, forests and lakes created the lifestyle pattern of the Hutsuls. All the spheres of everyday life and folklore traditions of the Carpathian Druids absorbed the art of living in harmony with nature and feeling it alive even in grass and stones. Colorful Hutsul clothing is also soaked with the beauty of the surrounding. Vivid natural colors of the Carpathians found their reflection…
Authentic Ukrainian cheese: 12 Cheese-making Dairies in Transcarpathia

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This article is dedicated to best cheese factories in Transcarpathia region. If you are travelling to Lviv and are interested in cheese factories of Lviv region, you can read Best of Ukrainian cheese: 12+1 cheese factories of the Lviv Land . The art of cheese-making originated about 8 thousand years ago in South-West Asia. Since then, the world has produced more than 2,000 types of cheese, only in the heart of cheese-making – France –  more than 400 types are made. Despite the fact there are a…