8 Best Ski Resorts in Ukraine. Travel to the Carpathian Mountains

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Going to the Carpathians is always a good idea, regardless of the season. And in winter – this is the best thing you can think of for the weekend. Snow-capped mountains are not only a pleasure to contemplate but also an opportunity to do outdoor activities, sliding down the slopes on skis, snowboards, snow tubes, or sleds. Vidviday Tour Operator offers you a variety of ski tours. Your vacation in Ukraine will be complete and full of impressions if you travel to the Carpathian mountains…
Askania-Nova Reserve: One of the Wonders of Ukraine

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Askania-Nova is recognized as one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine and is one of the hundred most famous reserves and parks in the world. It was here that an ordinary landowner, who loved animals, began to breed his favorite and rare birds and mammals. He gave them such freedom so that they could feel free, as if in the wild. This man, the founder of Askania-Nova, Friedrich Falz-Fein, who simply loved animals and bred them for his own pleasure, created the largest steppe…
Travelling to Lviv: Sightseeing, Food, Transportation and Tours

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2.5 million tourists visited Lviv in 2019. It became the third most popular city for travelling in Ukraine after Kyiv and Odesa. Why tourists like Lviv so much? Lviv is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This city has more than 2,500 historic and architectural monuments. Lviv architecture and Lviv people are very diverse. Here you will find Ukrainian and foreign architecture of various styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern and Soviet. You will see buildings built by different nationalities: Ukrainian, Austrian, Polish, Armenian, Jewish. Lviv…
10 of the best Thermal Pools in Transcarpathia

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Hot springs have long been utilised in the world for treatment, pleasure and relaxation. In  Ukraine, thermal pools have just started their triumph, especially in the Transcarpathian region. This is due to the tectonic structure of Transcarpathia; here, the earth’s crust has many faults of different depths, through which, surface water penetrates the bowels, gets heated and saturated with minerals and pushed to the surface. You may be interested in tours to the thermal waters of Transcarpathia. We offer you to discover ten thermal complexes…
Svirzh castle – a picturesque destination in Western Ukraine

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Svirzh Castle is a surprisingly elegant example of defensive architecture. For several centuries it has been standing watching its romantic reflection in the lake waters from a picturesque hill near the ancient village of Svirzh in the Lviv region. Harmonious architectural forms, elegant exterior with an elegant combination of white walls with purple roof tiles, and rich, somewhat wild vegetation surrounding it, and its picturesque location make it one of the most beautiful castles in Western Ukraine destined to be a lively cultural center.
10 balneotherapheutic health resorts in the Carpathian mountains, Ukraine

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Carpathian balneological health resorts are a source of health and vital energy. With the help of balneotherapy (mineral water treatment), you can get rid of many chronic diseases and maintain the overall tone of the body. Drinking mineral water, healing baths, therapeutic mud – a set of balneological procedures relieves fatigue, removes toxins and toxins from the body, rejuvenates the skin, normalizes blood pressure. It is no coincidence that the therapeutic properties of balneotherapy were appreciated by the ancient Greeks, and you can see its…
4 Best Lviv Excursions

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Thanks to its ancient building, unique restaurants, cultural events, and street musicians, Lviv belongs to one of the best travel destinations in Ukraine for foreigners. The best way to get to know the city is to get an excursion. However, there are so many of them. How to choose the right one? What places to visit in Lviv? In this article, we will review the 4 best excursions in Lviv to help you plan your trip.