Ukraine COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in 2021: Can I Travel to Ukraine?

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Who can travel to Ukraine right now? As of February 2021, foreigners and stateless persons from all countries are allowed to enter Ukraine. However, they need to have valid insurance against COVID-19 that was issued by an insurance company that has an office in Ukraine. Who needs to self-isolate upon arrival in Ukraine? According to the number of COVID-cases, all foreign countries are divided into two categories: Red Zone countries with a high number of cases, and Green Zone countries with a low number of…
Olesko Castle – Medieval Spirit

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On the surface of it, Olesky Castle does not look very luxurious. However, the powerful energy of its stern and impregnable figure, standing on a hill among the dried swamps, makes you lose your breath. Its legendary history dates back to the Middle Ages. Its fate has experienced many ups and downs, its present is filled with the hustle and bustle of tourists who are genuinely delighted with the treasures and romantic atmosphere of the castle and the dreamy beauty of its park alleys with…
Top 20 Places to Visit in Western Ukraine for Foreign Tourists: Cities, Nature, Activities, and off the Beaten Path Destinations

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In Western Ukraine, foreign tourists usually only know Lviv and the Carpathian mountains. However, there are many more great places worth a visit in the area. In this article, we offer you a glimpse into nature, unique architecture, indigenous communities, and the mix of cultures of Western Ukraine. Let’s pick a few locations that you can explore here! Best cities to visit in Western Ukraine Lviv When travelers plan their trip to Ukraine, Lviv is one of the first destinations they consider. The city’s great…
Top 15 Castles to Visit in Ukraine

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According to historians, there were more than 5,000 fortifications in Ukraine during different historical periods. Of course, many of them don’t exist anymore, however, there are numerous ancient castles that have been preserved until today. Ukrainian castles make excellent tourist attractions. Famous battles, kings, treasures, exquisite architecture, legends – there are so many interesting things! In this article, we will tell you about the 15 best castles in Ukraine that you can visit on your trip. Uzhhorod Castle This is the oldest castle in this article.…
TOP 14 Places in Western Ukraine to Celebrate the New Year 2021

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New Year is a holiday that everyone is looking forward to with joy and hope for a miracle, new meetings and remarkable impressions. You can find all this in Western Ukraine. And we have already selected the best places for you when you visit Ukraine! You can choose from our variety of New Year in Ukraine tours where we have already taken care of helping our guests get to know Ukrainian culture and have fun celebrating this holiday. Where to go for the New Year in…
Ukrainian Carpathians national cuisine – 12 delicious Hutsul dishes

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The national cuisine, an integral part of the culture of any ethnic group, is forming for centuries under the influence of the nature of the area and living conditions. It is believed that mountaineers live longer not only due to favourable environmental conditions but also a healthier natural diet. In this article, we will show you the best dishes of Hutsuls – an ethnic group in the Carpathian mountains.