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Hutsul Carpathians + Bukovel

Courteous gazdy and gazdyni and gazda’s children, we are honored to invite you for a two-day bus trip "Hutsulka Ksenya”.

The 1st day: departure from Lviv (08:00) – Rogatyn (church attending) – Yaremche (waterfall viewing, visiting Hutsulshchyna restaurant, souvenirs purchasing and lunch) – Bukovel (lifting by chairlift way up to the top of the mountain Bukovel and viewing the Carpathian panorama) – Polyanytsia (putting up at the hotel at 19:30, Hutsulian entertainment (Gutsulska zabava)).
The 2nd day: breakfast and departure (08:00) – Verkhovyna (excursion-concert at the museum named after Roman Kumlyk, excursion and making photos in the Hutsulian clothes at the museum “Tini zabutykh predkiv” (“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”) and viewing the museum of Shepherd’s hut) – V.Yaseniv (lunch) – Kryvorivnya (attending the Hutsulian church and the Hutsulian house and farmstead visiting ) – Verkhovyna (‘live’beer tasting) – Lviv (arrival up till 23:30).

2 days / 1 night
Price - 895 uah
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Manager: Vasylyna (032)-255-36-55 (097)-845-06-51 (063)-506-43-49


At the second day of a trip instead of viewing the museum program at Verkhovyna-Kryvorivnya one can by choice climb the Hoverla mountain with the instructor or go for rafting along Chornyi Cheremosh (price for rafting 300 UAH/person).

You will find:

- Acquaintance with the history, customs, culture and religion one of the most interest ethnos - Hutsuls;
- Best dishes Hutsul cuisine;
- The most prominent historical and natural region sights: Hutsul churches, waterfalls, Pniv Castle, rivers, picturesque Carpathian landscapes, Hutsul Museum;
- Exhibition and sale of folk Hutsul craftsmen works: wood carving, weaving, embroidery, musical instruments, Easter eggs, cheese toys;
- Hutsul party: music, dances, songs and delicious.

Price includes: comfortable bus travel, accommodation, guide accompaniment, excursions to tourist sites, travel insurance.

Price DOES NOT include: tickets to tourist sites, food, Hutsul paty

Tickets to tourist sites:

- church of the Holy Spirit in Rogatyn: adults - 20 UAH; students - 10 UAH; children - 5 UAH;
- lifting by a chairlift up to the top of the Bukovel mountain: general - 105 UAH up and down, pensioners and children up to 11 years – 75 UAH up and down;
- excursion-concert in the museum of Hutsul life and musical instruments to them. Roman Kumlyk: general, student and student - UAH 25;
- museum “Tini zabutykh predkiv” (“Shadows of the Forgotten Ancestors”): general, pension and student - 20 UAH., children (12-17 years) - 15 UAH/person (children 6-11 years) - 10 UAH./person,;
- museum “Shepherd’s hut”: general, pension and student - 20 UAH., children (12-17 years) - 15 UAH/person (children 6-11 years) - 10 UAH./person,;
- museum “Gutsulska grazhda” (general, pensioners and students – 20 UAH, children – 10 UAH).

Accommodation: the hotel in the village Polyanytsa (resort “Bukovel”), comfortable 2-, 3-, 4-beds rooms with facilities.

Food Sevice:

Breakfast at the 1st day – you can have your breakfast at home or you can take your food with you, for having a bite while going by bus or at bus stops.
Lunch at the 1st day – is prepared at the restaurant “Karpatski zoru” of Yaremche town and consists of the following dishes: cabbage salad, borshch (red-beet soup), mashed potates with steak-fried chicken, bread, uzvar (juice of dried fruits). It costs 75 UAH.
Dinner at the 1st day – takes place at the hotel during the celebration of “GUTSULSKA ZABAVA!”. Proposed dishes of the Hutsulian cuisine: soup of porcinos, cabbage rolls with sour cream, sweet pochastunok (a kind of dessert), bread, uzvar (juice of dried fruits). It costs 70 UAH.
Breakfast at the 2nd day – takes place at the hotel, proposed menu: scrambled eggs, homemade croissant (2 pieces), cheese, butter, bread, tea. Price is 50 UAH.
Lunch at the 2nd day – at the restaurant “Zgarda” village Verhniy Yaseniv (Verkhovyna district). Menu: salad “Ovochevyi” (tomato, cucumber, onion, sour cream), Hutsulian borshch (white beet, smoked ribs, sour cream), thin gruel with meat, bread, tea of the Carpathian herbs. It costs 80 UAH.

Hutsul party!

In order to get to know Hutsuls in full, their nature, customs, cuisine we invite you to visit the Gutsulska Zabava. During the entertainment you are expected to admire:
- dishes of the Hutsulian cuisine: soup of porcinos, bnush with bryndza, tea of aromatic healing Carpathian herbs, …
- singing and dancing from Hutsulian quire “Dovbushova taistra”;
- master classes of Hutsulian dances: Hutsulka, sieve ‘resheto’, dove ‘golubka’;
- Hutsulian songs, kolomyiky, songs from the Carpathian mountains;
- admission to Hutsuls;
- and dancing, dancing, dancing to a cheerful Hutsulian music.
Price for Hutsulian dinner and participation in the entertainment is 145 UAH.
Price for participation in the entertainment without dinner – 80 UAH.
Notice: Gutsulska zabava will be performed, if there is a group of 35 persons, who would like to take part in it.