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Around the Carpathians in 7 days tour from Lviv

Come and join us on the tour where You'll experience mountains, castles, wine and cheese tasting, thermal baths, lakes, waterfalls

Contacts:, +38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber)

7 d / 6 n
Price - 2,595 uah

Tour schedule:

Day 1: Departure from Lviv (09:00 a.m.) – Pylypets (a visit to the waterfall Shypit, lunch, a cable car lift to the mountain Gymba, check-in, free time, dinner, night bonfire).
Day 2: Breakfast and departure (08:00 a.m.) – Kelechyn (tasting of unique mineral water) – Synevyr Pass (Carpathian scenery) – National Nature Park “Synevyr” (the brown bear rehabilitation centre, walking to the lake, lunch) – Kolochava (museums and scenes from the life of Highlanders) – Soimy (tasting of unique mineral water) – Pylypets (return to the hotel, dinner).
Day 3: Breakfast and departure (08:00 a.m.) – Health Resort “Karpaty” (tour of the Schönborns’ palace) – Mukachevo (tour of the palace and lunch) – Berehovo (swimming in the new thermal pool) – Berehovo volcanic lowlands (wine-tasting) – Berehovo district (farmsteads of rural tourism, check-in at 07:30 p.m., dinner).
Day 4: Breakfast and departure (08:00 a.m.) – Uzhhorod (tour of the city, the castle and lunch) – Kosyno (swimming in the thermal pool) – Berehovo district (return to farmsteads at 08:30 p.m., dinner).
Day 5: Breakfast and departure (08:00 a.m.) – Nyzhnie Selyshche (cheese tasting) – Iza (deer farm) – Nyzhnia Apsha (tour of the church) – Dilove (tour of the Centre of Europe and lunch) – Kvasy (fresh beer tasting) – Polianytsia (hotel check-in at 06:30 p.m., Hutsul Fun, dinner).
Day 6: Breakfast and departure (08:00 a.m.) – Verkhovyna (excursion-concert in the Museum named after Roman Kumlyk and a photo shoot in the Hutsul clothes in the museum “Shadows of forgotten ancestors”) – Yavoriv (Hutsul coverlet /“lizhnyk”/ making workshop) – Kosiv (lunch) – Kolomyia (tour of the Pysanka Museum and dinner) – Polianytsia (return to the hotel at 09:00 p.m.).
Day 7: Breakfast and departure (08:00 a.m.) – Bukovel (cable-chairlift to the top of the mountain Bukovel, the Carpathian scenery) – Yaremche (tour of the waterfall, the restaurant Hutsulshchyna, souvenir market and lunch) – Hoshiv (tour of the monastery) – Bubnyshche (the Rocks of Dovbush) – Lviv (return at 10:30 p.m.).

Services INCLUDED in the price: travel by comfortable bus, accommodation (6 nights), guided tour service, excursion service on tourist sites, travel insurance.

Services NOT INCLUDED in the price and charged separately: entrance tickets to tourist’s attractions, meals, cheese and wine tasting.

Discounts for children:
- Children under 6 years old (inclusive), accompanied by 2 adults, without a separate seat on the bus and accommodation – free of charge;
- Children under 12 years old (inclusive), discount from the total cost of the tour – 280 UAH/person.

Entrance fees to tourist sites and tastings:

- return cable-chairlift to the top of the mountain Gymba: general – 120 UAH, children under 10 years old – 100 UAH;
- the brown bear rehabilitation centre: general – 30 UAH, students and schoolchildren – 15 UAH;
- waterfall Shypit: general, pensioners, students – 10 UAH, children 11-16 years old – 5 UAH, children under 10 years old – free of charge;
- Lake Synevyr: general – 30 UAH, students and schoolchildren – 15 UAH;
- the Ethnographic Museum Skansen “Stare Selo” and the Museum of Railways “Kolochavska narrow-gauge railway”, the Branch of the Museum of Forest “Kolochavskyi Bokorash”: general – 80 UAH/person, pensioners, students – 50 UAH/person, schoolchildren – 40 UAH /person;
- treats, fun with musicians and scenes from the life of the Highlanders in the Kolochava tavern “At Volf”: (in the menu: lard, cheese, garlic, cucumber, bread, “cheerful Carpathian water”): adults – 80 UAH/person, children – 40 UAH/ person.
- Schönborn Palace: general – 20 UAH, schoolchildren – 15UAH;
- Mukachevo Palace: general – 50 UAH, students and pensioners – 40 UAH, schoolchildren under 14 years old – 30 UAH;
- the new thermal pool “Zhaivoronok” in Berehovo: general – 200 UAH (including locker rental), pensioners by age – 150 UAH, children from 120 to 150 cm – 100 UAH, children under 120 cm – free of charge;
- wine-tasting – 60 UAH, excursion without wine-tasting – 30 UAH;
- a visit to the cult tavern “Detsa U Notaria” – 5 UAH;
- Uzhhorod castle: general – 50 UAH, students – 40 UAH, schoolchildren – 20 UAH, preschool children – free of charge;
- thermal pool “Kosyno”: general – 450 UAH, ATO participants and disabled people of group 1 – 300 UAH, children up to 150 cm – free of charge, locker rental – 50 UAH;
- tasting of three kinds of cheese with wine: general – 50 UAH, schoolchildren – 30 UAH;
- deer farm: general, pensioners and students – 30 UAH, schoolchildren – 20 UAH;
- excursion and tasting of four kinds of beer in Kvasy – 100 UAH /person, just an excursion – 20 UAH;
- the excursion-concert in the Museum of Hutsul lifestyle and Musical Instruments named after Roman Kumlyk: general, students, schoolchildren – 25 UAH;
- the museum “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”: general, pensioners and students – 25 UAH, schoolchildren – 20 UAH;
- the coverlet /“lizhnyk”/ making workshop: general, students, pensioners – 15 UAH, schoolchildren – 10 UAH;
- Pysanka Museum: general and pensioners – 25 UAH, students – 15 UAH, schoolchildren – 10 UAH;
- return cable-chairlift to the mountain Bukovel: general – 105 UAH, pensioners and children under 11 years old – 75 UAH;
- entrance to the Dovbush Rock and transfer on loans in both directions: adults - 60 UAH / person, children under 12 years - 30 UAH / person.

1-2 nights: in mini-hotels in the village of Pylypets, rooms: 2-, 3- and 4-bed bedrooms with amenities on the floor.
3-4 nights: in the cosy farmsteads of rural tourism in Berehovo district, rooms: 2, 3, 4-bed bedrooms with amenities on the floor. The photos of farmsteads can be seen here
5-6 nights: the hotel “Villa Morishka” in the village of Polianytsia (at the resort “Bukovel”), rooms: 2, 3, 4-bed bedrooms with amenities in the room. The photos are here

Meals (approximate prices): breakfasts – 50-55 UAH, lunches – 85-90 UAH, dinners – 70-75 UAH.

To fully know the Hutsuls, their temper, customs and cuisine, you are welcomed to visit the Hutsul Fun. During the Fun you will find:
- the dishes of the Hutsul cuisine: porcini soup (yushka), banush and brynza, tea of fragrant healing Carpathian herbs, etc.
- songs and dances with the Hutsul folk choir “Dovbushova Taistra”;
- workshops on Hutsul dances: Hutsulka, Resheto, Holubka;
- Hutsul spivanky, kolomyiky, songs about the Carpathians;
- the ceremony of awarding the title of a Hutsul;
- and dancing, dancing, dancing to fiery Hutsul music.
The cost of Hutsul dinner and participation in the Fun – 130 UAH.
The cost of participation in the fun without dinner – 70 UAH.

Note: Hutsul Fun is held if there is a group of 35 people who want to take part in it.

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