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Lviv, str. Zamarstynivska, 34

10 highlights of Transcarpathia

Carpathian Mountains, castles, palaces, wine, the best that can offer a hospitable Transcarpathia is waiting for you!

The 1st day: departure from Lviv (08:00) – Health resort ”Carpathians”, Schonborn Palace (excursion) – Mukachevo (excursion around the castle and lunch) – Beregovo (swimming in thermal pools, wine tasting) – Beregovo district (accommodations in the Hungarian green tourism estates).
The 2nd day: breakfast and departure (08:00 a m) – Uzhgorod (tour around the city, visiting the castle and lunch) – Lumshory (bathing in vats) - Beregovo district (arrive at accommodation and dinner at 20:30).
The 3 day: Breakfast and departure (08:00 a m)  – Iza (tasting of cheese)  – Synevyr lake (tour and lunch) – Pylypets (Shypit Waterfall) – Lviv (return at 23:30).

Manager: Andrii (032)-255-36-55, (068)-338-42-06, (063)-670-55-87

3 d / 2 n
Price - 1,295 uah
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Price includes: comfortable bus travel, accommodation 2 nights, guide accompaniment, excursions to tourist sites, travel insurance.

Price DOES NOT include: tickets to tourist sites, food, wine tasting.

Tickets to tourist sites:

- Shenborn castle: full price – UAH 15, schoolchildren – UAH 10;
- Mukacheve castle: full price – UAH 40, students and penioners - UAH 30, schoolchildren under age of 14 years – UAH 20;
- a thermal pool “Zhaivoronok” in Beregovo: full price – UAH 200 (including rent of a locker), pensioners – UAH 150, children (between 120-150 cm high – UAH 100, children under 120 cm high – free of charge;
- wine tasting: UAH 60, tour without wine tasting – UAH 30;
- visiting restaurant full of humourous art - “Detsa in notarya” : full price — 5 UAH per person, children under 120 cm high – free of charge;
- Uzhgorod castle: General - 45 UAH. Students – 35 UAH. Children – 20 UAH;
- Bathing in vats with mineral water in village of Lumshory: 140 UAH. Children up to 12 years - 90 UAH;
- Cheese Tasting: full price – UAH 65;
- Lake “Synevyr” : full price – 25 UAH per person; students and schoolchildren – 10 UAH per person;
- Shypit waterfall: full price – 10 UAH; children from 7 to 16 years old - 5 UAH; children under 7 years old - free of charge;

Accommodation: is in comfortable rural tourism houses of Beregovo region, fully furnished, rooms: 2 and 3-bed rooms. You can find the photos of the rooms following the next link:

Food Sevice:

Lunch on Day 1 - the city of Mukachevo in the restaurant and consists of dishes Lemko-Mukachevo kitchen, coleslaw, soup levesh, the second of loci piuro potatoes baked, bread, juice. The cost of 90 UAH/Person;
Dinner in 1 day - after the settlement of estates and consists of national Hungarian dishes: goulash Kettle, torhonya (homemade pasta special preparation) with meat watering, sweets, wine/PÁLINKA, juice. The cost of 75 UAH/Person;
Breakfast at day 2 - in the estates, the proposed menu: sausage, cheese, jam lángos (similar to pancakes), butter, bread, coffee / tea. The cost of 55 UAH/Person;
Lunch at day 2 - Restaurant City Perechyn. The proposed menu: assorted salad (cucumber, tomato, oil), buda soup, rice with chicken goulash, bread and tea. The cost of 100 UAH.
Dinner on day 2 - in the estates after returning consists of dishes Hungarian national cuisine: chicken broth chihoyu, Hungarian stuffed cabbage, Hungarian sweet, wine / PÁLINKA, juice. The cost of 75 UAH/Person.
Breakfast at day 3 - the estates, ordinary European. The cost of 55 UAH/Person.
Lunch at day 3 - restaurant "Koliba" near Lake Synevyr and consists of the best dishes Boiko cuisine: vegetable salad, soup with mushrooms, baked potatoes with cheese, bacon and sausage, bread, tea and herbs. The cost of 100 UAH/Person.