The Most Popular Tours from Lviv of Vidviday Tour Operator

Travellers often ask us: Which of your tours in Ukraine is the best? We are sure that all of our excursions are great in their own way, and we love them all. And, depending on your tastes, you will definitely find a vacation that you will enjoy. To make this difficult choice easier for you, Vidviday travel agency team presents you our most popular tours in Ukraine with departure from Lviv!

1. We should start with our old-timer, signature tour of Vidviday – Transcarpathian Cheese and Wine Tour. This tour is perfect for getting to know the Carpathian Ukraine because it includes everything you can wish for: Carpathian mountains, castles, tastings, thermal baths, Synevyr lake, Shypit waterfall.

Add here a tasty local cuisine – and you will have the recipe for a perfect weekend trip.

Transcarpathian Cheese and Wine Tour

2.  A “dark house” – Relax Tour “Thermal Transcarpathia” – is trying to overtake the leader. Thermal pools “Kosyno”, a walk in Uzhhorod and soaking in hot tubs will give you complete relaxation.

Relax Tour “Thermal Transcarpathia”

3. You can’t choose between the previous options? No worries, we have a 3-day tour “10 Highlights of Transcarpathia”. In this tour, we included all the best that the previous two tours contain: Carpathian mountains, castles, palaces, wine and cheese tastings, lakes and waterfalls.

“10 Highlights of Transcarpathia”

4. Your schedule is very tight? We have an excursion for you too. One-day trip “Mountain Lake Synevyr and Waterfall Shypit” – for those who crave adventures but have limited time.

“Mountain Lake Synevyr and Waterfall Shypit”

5. “The Carpathian Mountains 1 Day Tour” is a perfect option if you don’t like being on the road for a long time and want to immerse yourself in a fairytale atmosphere. Rock fortress, a chairlift ride, and a mountain waterfall will give it to you.

The Carpathian Mountains 1 Day Tour

6. Magical Hutsul region attracts tourists with its diverse attractions and museums. “Hutsul Carpathian Mountains + Bukovel Ski Resort” will make you acquainted with this place. The beauty of surrounding nature will astonish even the pickiest travelers. And the traditions and daily life of the Hutsul people will not leave anyone unmoved.

Hutsul Carpathian Mountains + Bukovel Ski Resort

7. If you aspire new accomplishments, Yaremche Waterfalls, Bukovel Resort + Hoverla Mountain is awaiting you.

For two days you will be surrounded by the summits of the Carpathian mountains and you will be able to hike the highest of them – Hoverla mountain (its height is 2061 m), and Yaremche and Bukovel will complete your experience.

Yaremche Waterfalls, Bukovel Resort + Hoverla Mountain

8. One of the most fast-moving rivers of the Carpathians – Cheremosh – will help you chill.  “Cheremosh River Rafting and More” was created for those who want to challenge themselves.  It is not so easy to stand against the white waters of the river.

cheremosh river rafting
“Cheremosh River Rafting and More” Photo: Andriy Havryshchuk

9. Podolia region of Ukraine is known for its strong castle walls and deep river canyons. Their beauty is impossible to describe with words, so we invite you to see them in Kamyanets-Podilskyi Cruise tour. Usually, the reaction of the travelers is the following: a quiet “oh” is substituted with a long “WOW” that echoes in Verteba cave, which by the way is also included in the tour program.

Kamyanets-Podilskyi Cruise
“Kamyanets-Podilskyi Cruise”

10. If you have one more free day, we invite you to the tour “Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Chernivtsi + Bakota”, where in addition to the abovementioned attractions, you will have a tour around Chernivtsi – a city with a beautiful city centre and a real Hogwarts – Chernivtsi University; and also Bakota with its amazing views.

“Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Chernivtsi + Bakota”

11. Special offer for those who want to visit all at once —  “Around the Carpathians in 7 Days”. On this tour, you will visit the most authentic regions of Ukraine – Transcarpathian and Hutsul land. This regions are close to each other but are very different in their customs and cultural heritage.

“Around the Carpathians in 7 Days”

Whatever you chose, we guarantee that you will experience only positive emotions because our country has plenty of beautiful places. We, in your turn, create popular tours so you can visit them. Tours in Ukraine are definitely worthy of your attention. So what are you waiting for?

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