Shypit Waterfall and Other Attactions in Pylypets

Why Transcarpathian region is so popular among tourists? Because of majestic Carpathian ridges that penetrate the blue sky, healing mineral springs, emerald beech forests and rapid waterfalls. Romantic medieval castles and the best vintage wines. A unique culture and rich history. The valley of daffodils, red rue, the legendary Synevyr lake are also famous symbols of Transcarpathia.

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Borzhava mountain range, the biggest in Ukraine, is the highlight of this region. The views here are stunning with cone-shaped summits, slopes coloured by herbs and bilberry, and pastel fog.

It is here, in excellent natural conditions, that an ambitious project of the Borzhava ski complex is planned. Today Borzhava mountain range already houses a number of ski resorts. Visit Ukraine Tour Operator will present to you one of them – Pylypets. We have several tours that include this picturesque and historical resort.

Pylypets: history and present

The high-mountain village of Pylypets, located at the foot of Mounts Hemba and Magura, has a long history. The first mention of it in Hungarian written sources dates back to 1463. For centuries, the village belonged to a number of feudal families, survived several Tatar raids, belonging to Austria-Hungary, Soviet realities.

Since independence, Pylypets has become a famous resort that is open all year round. Here you can admire and walk beautiful Carpathian ridges, explore one of the most picturesque Ukrainian waterfalls, ski in winter, swim in tubs, take a chairlift to Hemba mountain and try. The resort offers tourists a wide selection of accommodation options.

Also, there are many winter holiday options in Pylypets: celebrating the New Year and Christmas in a traditional way, excursions to a unique monument of religious architecture – the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin (18th century), visiting natural and historical sites, hot ginger tea in a cozy teahouse on top of Hemba contemplating silver-snow-covered Carpathian landscapes. By the way, the Pylypets cable car works all year round.

Pylypets cable car

In the warm season, it is very pleasant to take walks through the charming flower and blueberry fields. The tourist routes will allow you to enjoy the picturesque mountain landscapes, fragrant colours of the Borzhavska mountain meadow, the peculiarities of the local charm.

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One of the natural attractions of the area is a real natural wonder – a majestic waterfall, which, like a magnet, attracts tourists at any time of year.

Shypit Waterfall

Shypit, one of the most charming waterfalls in Transcarpathia, is located at the foot of mountain Hemba, in the gorge of the river Pylypets. Its waters fall from a 14-meter height. Numerous picturesque cascades enchant with the energy of scattering water jets. During the period when the snow melts and in the autumn rainy season, the waterfall strikes with its powerful spontaneity, and its authoritative voice in the forest’s cool silence, among the silent mountains, enchants with its natural power.

There are many local legends around this place. One of them, associated with the name of the waterfall, tells about the tragic fate of a couple in love from nearby Pylypets village. A girl from a wealthy family went against her mother’s will, falling in love with a poor boy. The destructive power of the mother’s curse made lovers lose their lives during a terrible downpour in the mountains. In the whirlwind of stormy mountain streams, the young couple held hands until the last moment, but they were separated by the mighty force of the waterfall. From that time the mother knew no peace until she heard in the rustle of the waves of the waterfall a light whisper of her daughter talking to her lover. ‘Shypit’ means ‘whisper’ in Ukrainian.

Pylypec - vod. Shypit - 05 (Int)_1000x667

The picturesque area around Shypit provides a romantic backdrop for various events, celebrations and festivals such as the Miss Shipit beauty contest or the celebration of Ivan Kupala. This pagan holiday is the most interesting event of the Ukrainian music festival “Shypit”, founded in the early ’90s.

For many years, the motto of the hippie festival has been ‘love, peace and wine’, which fully characterizes the typical image of visitors to the event. Unity with nature, which underlies the philosophy of the subculture, lasts for two weeks and ends with a 5-meter fire and shamanic dances by the fire.

Автор фото: Vlad Sokolovsky

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How to get to Pylypets?

The distance between Lviv to Pylypets is about 200 kilometres. This is quite a long way, but if you plan the route well, you will have a great trip.

You can get to the village of Pylypets by car, minibus, train or by tour bus. The cheapest, of course, is by train, but keep in mind that it runs only to Volovets, and then you need to change to a bus or taxi. However, if you like new acquaintances and fun company, you can book a tour to Pylypets to go with tour groups. You will learn a lot of interesting things about this area, as well as, depending on the chosen tour, visit other interesting and picturesque places because there are many of them nearby!

Additional information

Location: Pylypets, Zakarpattia Oblast’.

GPS: 48.670553, 23.333122

Pylypets Web camera:

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