Rafting in Ukraine: How and where. Adventure Travel in Ukraine

What you need to know about rafting in Ukraine

If you like adventure travel, rafting will be a great opportunity for you to spend time outdoors, experience beautiful landscapes, experience exciting activities, and meet interesting people.

Rafting – a great way to recharge yourself

It is wrong to think that only extreme sports enthusiasts do river rafting. In fact, rafting will suit almost everyone. Many people choose rafting for corporate travel because it provides an excellent environment for teambuilding. Rafting tours are ideal for friends and families but are also suitable for solo travelers.

Vidviday Tour Operator, the best tour operator in Ukraine according to the “Ukraine Tourism Awards 2020”, offers you incredibly interesting tours, where you can enjoy eventful travel and unforgettable experiences of rafting:

The raft has good water resistance and can accommodate groups of 6 to 8 people. Raft is the safest because it consists of several inflatable elements so that when one of them is damaged, the air still remains and the boat stays afloat. Due to the ubiquity and reliability of the raft, whitewater rafting has ceased to be the privilege of professionals and has become an exciting adventure for people of different physical training and experience.

Where to do rafting in Ukraine

There are many good rivers for rafting in Ukraine, you just need to choose one suitable for you based on personal preferences and expectations.

Dniester rafting, for example, is possible even for a beginner. The Dniester is the third-longest river in Ukraine, flowing 700 km from the Carpathians to the Black Sea. 50 kilometers of the Dniester are located in the mountains and then the river descends to the plain. Rafting is mostly done in this flat part.

Rafting on the Dniester is calmer than on the rivers of the Carpathian mountain rivers. However, the lack of adrenaline will be fully compensated by other great things that are available on this route. Firstly, there are amazing landscapes of Dniester canyon which is included in the list of seven natural wonders of Ukraine. There are also rocky shores that rise 200 meters above you, grottoes, caves, waterfalls, and islands.

Dniester rafting – a pleasure for your eyes

In addition, the route runs along numerous castles, fortresses, monasteries, ancient settlements, manors, and estates. Another unique feature of the Dniester is its climate, known as the Dniester subtropics. High shores retain heat here, and in summer there is almost no rain. These conditions contribute to the unique flora and fauna and create comfortable places for vacations.

Discover Dniester canyon, which is one of the longest and most beautiful in Europe, on our tour Dnister river rafting and top gems of Frankivsk Region.

Rafting on the Dniester is perfect for tourists of any age, for families or groups. During this activity you can stretch your muscles, sunbathe, swim and take great photos. Green and high Dniester shores, subtle water sound, good company, help to distract from daily worries, rejuvenate body and soul, gain strength and feel the joy of life.

Picturesque shores of Dniester

In the Lviv region, the most popular rafting route is the Stryi River. Here the descents are not very difficult, and the views of the Parashka mountain, the highest mountain of the ridge, are incredible. Near the villages of Nyzhnje Syn’ovydne and Verkhnje Syn’ovydne rafting is possible the whole summer and even in autumn. Experience vivid emotions on tour Rafting in the Carpathians + Fortress Tustan tour.

Rafting on Stryi river – a great option for adventure travel near Lviv

Rafting on the Limnytsia river is a rather calm route, with the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of nature and feel the light power of the water, without excessive thrills, as in the Carpathians. The advantage of this tour is also the fact that during the rafting you can also swim in one of the cleanest rivers in Europe and climb the Sokil rocks, from where you can view a picturesque panorama of the valley of this river. This trip harmoniously combines active travel with excursions. We invite you to experience this perfect combination on the Limnytsia river rafting tour (1 day).

The Cheremosh River which flows from the Chornohora mountain range offers the most exciting rafting with numerous river rapids: Dzembronya, Huchok, Huk, Bila Kobyla, Krasnykivska Shyvera. You will be able to actively travel, admire the Carpathian panoramas and breathe fresh air in the tour Cheremosh river rafting and more.

If you have already decided to visit the mountains in the midst of the rafting season, do not miss this opportunity. The Chornyi Cheremosh riverbed stretches for 87 kilometers among the forests of the Eastern Carpathians at an altitude of 1680 meters. Chornyi Cheremosh is the most stable in terms of the availability of the required water level for rafting, so rafting here is possible until October.

Chornyi Cheremosh rafting – a challenge

The most popular and most extreme section of the river is the part from Dzembronya to Krasnyk. It includes the most difficult rapid of the whole route – Huk, which has the 3rd level of difficulty. Large slabs and boulders, high ledges form standing shafts and barrels. The rapid itself resembles a giant bay due to height differences in the channel.

If you want adrenaline, we invite you to Hike to Pip Ivan Chernogirsky, Smotrych and Eared Stone mountains tour. Here in addition to rafting, you will hike to the sacred mountain of the Hutsul ethnic group – Pip Ivan Chornohirsky (2028 m).

We offer you proven safe routes, where you will fall in love with the amazing nature of the Carpathians and understand how diverse active tourism can be. After all, the variety of rivers for rafting in Ukraine is impressive: Zbruch, Southern Bug, Bilyi Cheremosh, Tysa, Teteriv, Tiyich, Smotrych, Sluch, and many others.

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