10 balneotherapheutic health resorts in the Carpathian mountains, Ukraine

Carpathian balneological health resorts are a source of health and vital energy. With the help of balneotherapy (mineral water treatment), you can get rid of many chronic diseases and maintain the overall tone of the body. Drinking mineral water, healing baths, therapeutic mud – a set of balneological procedures relieves fatigue, removes toxins and toxins from the body, rejuvenates the skin, normalizes blood pressure.

It is no coincidence that the therapeutic properties of balneotherapy were appreciated by the ancient Greeks, and you can see its effectiveness in the Carpathian resorts, enjoying the fresh mountain air and amazing scenery.

Let’s learn about the most popular resorts of the Lviv and Transcarpathian regions where you can travel with Vidviday Tour Operator.

Balneological health resorts of Lviv region

  1. Truskavets

Central mineral water pump, Truskavets

Truskavets is one of the most famous and oldest balneological resorts in Ukraine. The ancient town with a rich deposit of healing mineral water “Naftusia” is located in a picturesque place at the junction of the Carpathians and Precarpathians.

The healing properties of mineral waters of Truskavets were described in the late 16th century by the royal physician Wojciech Oczko, and in the early 19th century Lviv pharmacist Torosevych performed the chemical analysis of Naftusia proving its preventive effect on the body. It is from that time that the history of Truskavets resort begins. The infrastructure of the resort, which originally consisted of a small spa and 4 guest houses, has grown to a huge number of sanatoriums, boarding houses, and entertainment venues.

The main treasure of Truskavets is mineralized hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium Naftusia. Substances of oil origin add a specific taste to water – oil has been extracted in the area since ancient times. In total, the Truskavets field has 25 springs (14 are used) with 10 types of water of different composition. There are 2 pump-rooms in the city. Mineral water treatment can be supplemented with ozokerite procedures.


Truskavets mineral waters help treat metabolic disorders, kidney diseases, urinary tract, liver, stomach, gallbladder, and other digestive organs.

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We invite you to visit Truskavets in interesting, health-improving “SPA-tour to the Carpathians”. The program of tour includes a tasting of the famous Naftusia water in the central pump room of Truskavets and a visit to the modern SPA center of the Geneva hotel.

  1. Skidnytsia

Balneological resort Skhidnytsia is a wonderful, cozy place for family recreation and treatment, located near the city of Drohobych. The relatively young resort (it began in the 1970s) is known far beyond Ukraine for its unique mineral waters, which have no analogs in Europe.

Сх_дниця - 03

There are 38 healing springs and about 20 drilling wells in the picturesque Skhidnytsia. In Skhidnytsia you will find everything you need for effective recovery and a comfortable stay.
Сх_дниця - 09

In addition, Skhidnytsia can boast of waters with high iron content, unique alkaline waters and more. Water from three springs (№8,9,10) can be collected in an equipped pump room, and some springs are located in the forest zone.Сх_дниця1

In Skhidnytsia, diseases of the kidneys, liver, stomach, pancreas, and blood are treated.

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You have the opportunity to taste Skhidnytsia mineral waters during our “SPA-tour to the Carpathians”.

  1. Morshyn

Known since the 15th century, Morshyn became an elite resort for the nobility and was called the “Galician spa during Austro-Hungarian Empire. Located in a picturesque area, Morshyn offers tourists comfortable sanatoriums and hotels hidden in the comfort of the park, a well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, shops, and most importantly – a comprehensive treatment with healing water from three sources, mineral-coniferous and iodine-rich baths and mud.

Morshyn’s spring “Mother of God” has miraculous properties similar to those of the consecrated Jordanian water. Here patients with diseases of the digestive system, urinary tract, metabolism, gynecological diseases, nervous disorders are treated.morshyn

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You can visit Morshyn and taste its waters on our tour Stryi + Morshyn.

Balneological health resorts of Transcarpathia

  1. Poliana (Svaliava)

Poliana Balneological Resort is located 10 km from the district center of Svaliava in a charming area where the rivers Mala and Velyka Pinia converge. The ancient village is immersed in the emerald valley between mountain ridges. In the late 19th century during the reign of the Schoenborn family, the first spas began to appear in Poliana – mineral bathrooms and bottling mineral water plants. At the beginning of the 20th century, the resort was already well known far beyond Transcarpathia.Svaljava

The basis of treatment at the resort are the famous medicinal and table waters “Poliana kvasova” and “Poliana kupel”. Poliana waters are characterized by a high concentration of minerals and carbon dioxide and a specific taste. There are two sanatoriums on the territory of the resort – 130-year-old “Poliana” and “Sunny Transcarpathia”. You can choose housing outside the sanatoriums.

When on holiday in Poliana, you can also spend your time on mountain terrain, admiring the panorama of the Borzhava and Runa valleys, sightseeing of the village, and in winter – skiing (there are 4 trails in the village).

The main specialization of sanatoriums Polyana is treatment of digestive organs. Here without the use of drugs patients with ulcers, gastritis, erosions outside the exacerbation phase are treated.

  1. Solotvyno

The main natural medicine of Solotvyno resort is ordinary rock salt, inherited from the prehistoric Carpathian Sea. Here, in the foothills of the Carpathians, on the banks of the Tysa river, salt has been mined since ancient times. For a long time there was a “salt road Solotvyno” to Western Europe, salt mines were built, but today the main mission of Solotvyno salt deposits is resort purpose.

Солотвинські соляні озера
Solotvyno salt lakes

Solotvyno salt lakes treat patients with with brine and mud, rich in micro elements. It is proved that the water of Solotvyno lakes is similar in composition and medicinal properties to the waters of the Dead Sea. The largest of Solotvyno lakes, Kunigunda, was formed on the site of a flooded mine, built in Austrian times. Even those who can’t swim can still swim in the lake – its salt water pushes swimmers to the surface, covering the body with salt crystals.

Treatment at Solotvyno lakes releaves diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous systems, musculoskeletal system and skin.

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You can see Solotvyno and swim in its saulty waters on our tour Bryndza gastro festival and Transcarpathian highlights.

  1. Kvasy

Kvasy lowland resort is located in the Chorna Tysa river valley, 15 km from the district center of Rakhiv. The comfort of the picturesque Kvasy is protected by the highest Carpathian peaks – Petros and Hoverla. Nearby you can find such attractions as the ski resort Dragobrat and the magnificent waterfall Trufanets.Кваси1

Kvasy is incredibly rich in mineral springs – there are more than 80 of them. Local “yeast” water began to be used for treatment in the mid-nineteenth century. The chemical composition of Kvasy water differs in potassium-calcium, silicon-iron, hydrocarbonate-sodium and hydrogen sulfide. Mineral baths are used to treat a number of diseases. In Kvasy, you can stay at a sanatorium “Mountain Tysa” and in hospitable private estates.

The resort specializes in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system.

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You can enjoy fantastic mountain panoramas and get  healthy Kvasy water on our tours: Drahobrat mountain, Maniava waterfall and crocuses valley and Maniava monastery and waterfall, mount Drahobrat, Pertsi mountain valley.

  1. Shaian

Shaian Spa is located 15 km from Khust. On three sides, the village is surrounded by mountains, which, according to a legend, arose in ancient times at the site of death from enemies of the Shaian family. Since then, healing mineral water flowed from the mountains, on the basis of which in the early 19th century one of the oldest baths in the region was founded “Castle Bath”.

During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Shaian water gained European fame and was even served at the imperial table. Later came the Soviet sanatorium-resort era, when Shaian sanatorium was founded. You can stay for relaxation in a modern complex on a lake shore “Siloam Bath”, mini-hotels or private estates.


The healing basis of the resort remains the healing carbonic hydrocarbonate-sodium-silicon water “Shaianska”. Two varieties of local waters “Shaianska-242” and “Shaianska-4” are characterized by high content of calcium, magnesium and iron.

Shaian waters are intended for the treatment of chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer, diseases of the gallbladder, urinary tract, diabetes and more.

  1. Syniak

Syniak Resort is located near Mukachevo, in the valley of the Syniavka River, in the foothills of the Carpathian Volcanic Range, among the mountains covered with ancient forests. Here, the clean mountain air is saturated with the aromas of pine and rich grasses, and the magical water of the Syniak spring with an incredible shade of blue cures severe illnesses.


The history of healing water began with an interesting observation of locals, whose cattle did not get sick after taking baths. People also reached out to the water, and in time the same enterprising Schoenborn joined the development of the resort, building an elegant building of a medical building, a bath and a shower. Today, the resort is hosted by the sanatorium “Syniak” with 338 seats, recreation facilities and the private sector. In winter, ski resorts are available at the resort.

Taking baths with Syniak mineral water with hydrogen sulfide is prescribed for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, musculoskeletal and nervous systems, skin, etc.

  1. Mizhhyria

Mizhhyria is a charming corner of Transcarpathia with pristine nature, sweet air, and a rich treasure trove of mineral springs. There are about 50 springs with miraculous water in the district. The most famous mineral springs of the area are Soymivske, Kelechynske, Vuchkivske, Kolochavske and Verkhnobystryanske.

  • The Soimy resort has been known since the 18th century, at the end of the 19th century, a water hospital was opened at the resort, and the Verkhovyna sanatorium was built in the 1950s. Chloride-hydrocarbonate waters of the Soimy deposit, saturated with calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, are intended for the prevention and treatment of diseases of digestive organs, at a diabetes mellitus, insufficient level of calcium in an organism, etc. Local waters have a beneficial effect on the development of the child’s body;
The village of Soimy
  • The small village of Kelechyn is famous for its three mineral springs. The most popular of them is located on the roadside Volovets-Mizhiria. The water from the old spring rushes out of his house, painting his way orange, due to the high iron content. You can taste Kelechyn mineral water on tour 10 highlights of Transcarpathia (winter version);
  • The Vuchkivske deposit is known for its source of mineral water, rich in iron, and a unique salt geyser, the water of which is not suitable for drinking, but could be used for baths;
Vuchkiv hot spring
  • The village of Kolochava is famous not only for its museums and historical monuments but also for the largest deposit of mineral waters in Transcarpathia. Low-mineralized chloride-hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium water saturates the body with the necessary microelements, removes toxins, stimulates the acid-forming function of the stomach. You can visit Kolochava on the vacation tour “Around the Carpathians in 7 days”;
  • Verkhnobystryanske mineral water deposit has 3 springs. The source of №3 in the Kvas area is characterized by special medicinal properties. Its water – carbon dioxide-hydrocarbonate-sodium-calcium with iron and manganese content is effective in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system.
Verkhnii Bystrii village
  1. Uzhok

The village of Uzhok in Transcarpathia used to be a famous balneological resort in the 18-19th century due to the rich deposit of mineral waters. The resort housed 30 holiday homes but was destroyed during World War I. The resort’s former decoration, the statue of Hercules defeating the snake, a symbol of the powerful healing power of local springs, is now located at Uzhhorod Castle.uzhok-spring-001

Today in the village there is a health complex “Uzhanski kupeli”, which offers a wide range of SPA-procedures.

Visit the balneotherapheutic resorts of Ukraine together with Vidviday Tour Operator!

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