New Year and Christmas in the Carpathians: TOP 5 Places of Unforgettable Winter Travel

They say the higher you get up the mountain, the closer you get to God. So where else can you better feel the spirit of Christmas than in the mountains?

Christmas in the Carpathians is like a journey into a fairy tale, to a world in which you forget about everyday worries, and immerse yourself in quiet reflection on kindness and human values.

Transcarpathian Christmas

New Year and Christmas tours to the Carpathians and Transcarpathia give you a fantastic opportunity to spend a few days gaining new experiences, enjoying the picturesque scenery, visiting castles and fortresses, as well as trying local cuisine.

New Year tours to the Carpathians

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Transcarpathian Christmas

You will find amusing stories, loud carols, bright excursions and photoshoots, unique museums during the winter trip to Transcarpathia. And you will have a unique opportunity to try the dishes that they cook in Transcarpathia at Christmas, or rather on Christmas Eve: shukhy with mushrooms, knyshi with cabbage, holubtsi with corn grits, varenyky with poppy seeds and others.

Під час туру можна буде спробувати страви гуцульської кухні.
During the tour, you can taste dishes of Hutsul cuisine

Tours to the Carpathians  at New Year and Christmas

In winter, the Carpathians are special. At this time, everything is somehow different: the snow-capped peaks look even higher, and the wine tastes festive. A winter trip to the Carpathian mountains will give you an unforgettable experience, and hundreds of photos in social networks or drinking fragrant teas from mountain herbs will bring back good memories of the time spent there.

Transcarpathia in the winter

To make your winter trip to the Carpathians the best, we recommend you to visit:

Thermal Pools

Transcarpathia is a region famous for its unique thermal waters, which lie at a depth of more than 1,500 m and have medicinal properties.

Berehovo. Thermal pool Zhaivoronok

Just imagine: it’s cold outside, and you relax in the outdoor pool and catch snowflakes. Isn’t it original and exotic? Try to experience this in the thermal pools in Berehovo or Kosyno. We are sure you will like it.

Koson. The thermal pool “Kosyno”


This No. 1 ski resort in Ukraine is a paradise for the conquerors of mountain slopes .

Cable car-chair lift to the top of mount Bukovel (1,115 m)

Even if you cannot ski, there is something to do. Be sure to go up to the top of mount Bukovel (1,115 m) in a cable car. It offers magnificent scenery of the Gorgany and Chornohora mountain ranges.

Winter in the Bukovel


In winter, they are very different than in any other season, and at low temperatures, they can even freeze. Massive blocks of ice hanging from the sandstone rocks are impressive.

Maniava waterfall

When you visit the Hutsul region, do not miss the picturesque valley of the Prut River and the cascade waterfall Probii (Yaremchanskyi Huk).

Waterfall Probii (Yaremchanskyi Huk). Waterfall in Yaremche

If you travel to nearby Borzhava valley, in Pylypets, you will find the 15m Shypit waterfall.

Водоспад Шипіт.
Waterfall Shypit

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You will not feel the region completely without tasting it. You can try out natural cheese, made using Swiss technology, at the cheese factory in the village of Nyzhnie Selyshche, in Khust district.

Cheese tasting

You can appreciate the taste of Hutsul cheese in the Museum of the valley lifestyle, Khata-Staia, in the ethnographic centre of Hutsul-Verkhovyna. Beer lovers will enjoy the fresh beer, Verhovyna, brewed from quality Bavarian malt and hops on crystal Carpathian water. And, of course, the wine in the private cellars of local winemakers is worth trying.

Unique Museums

In addition to scenic views,  the Carpathian mountains offer a lot of other attractions to discerning travellers. In Verkhovyna, travellers are welcomed to attend the concert-tour of the private Museum of Hutsul life and Musical Instruments, named after Roman Kumlyk.

У музеї побуту та музичних інструментів ім. Романа Кумлика.
At the Museum of Hutsul life and Musical Instruments named after Roman Kumlyk

In the House-Museum of the film, Shadows of forgotten ancestors, you can learn about the great love of Ivan and Marichka, as well as immerse yourself in the life of a Hutsul. You can even take a picture of yourself in ancient Hutsul clothes.

Museum of Shadows of forgotten ancestors

Travel and explore Western Ukraine, a region that can impress even the most experienced tourists. You can choose your tour here: Christmas and New Year Tours to the Carpathians and Transcarpathia.

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