12 Best Tours to the Carpathian mountains from Lviv

On this page, you can see the 12 best tours to the Carpathian mountains organized by Vidviday Tour Operator. Vidviday was recognized as the best tour operator of Ukraine at Ukraine Travel Awards 2020.

1. Yaremche waterfalls, Bukovel resort + the highest peak – mount Hoverla

(2 days/ 1 night, departures every Saturday and every other Wednesday)

You will remember these two days on the bus tour of the Carpathians forever. The rich program of the weekend tour to the Carpathians includes climbing the highest peak of Ukraine mount Hoverla. Can you imagine the views from its height? Bukovel mountain is no less impressive – it is the highlight of Bukovel ski resort, the most popular and developed resort in Ukraine.

During a chairlift ride, you will see breathtaking panoramas of the Carpathian peaks with slender spruces, and smell the aromas of mountain herbs. Another great highlight of our tour is the Probiy waterfall in Yaremche.

During the trip, we get to know the culture of Hutsuls – an ethnic group of Ukrainians living in the Carpathian mountains. We will visit the homeland of the legendary Hurrem Sultan, take part in Hutsul folk entertainment (you have never experienced such a thing!), Treat yourself to Hutsul cuisine – just white mushroom soup says a lot!

If you want to see amazing landscapes, meet sunrise in the mountains and get to know Hutsul culture, Yaremche, Bukovel, and Hoverla tour is for you.

2. Cheremosh river rafting and more

(2 days/ 1 night, departures every Saturday and every other Wednesday)

Not enough adrenaline? Do you like thrill and adventure travel? Or maybe you are tired of the mundane daily activities? Our solution for you is a tour from Lviv to the Carpathians with rafting on the Cheremosh River. We will get through the river rapids, fight the currents, row together as a team.

After water adventures, we will fly with birds to the peak of Bukovel, breathe the sweet mountain air and contemplate the incomprehensible beauty of the Carpathian mountains. And if that’s not enough?

We will dive in history! In Rohatyn, we will learn the story of Hurrem Sultan, see a unique wooden Church of the Holy Spirit, have fun during Hutsul folk entertainment, try local food and buy souvenirs. We wish we could stay here forever among the untouched Carpathian nature with Cheremosh river rafting and more tour.

3. SPA-tour to the Carpathians

(1 day, departure every other Saturday)

This excursion to the Carpathians can to heal both body and soul in just one day. And it will be extremely interesting for children because it includes a visit to the Limpopo zoo in Medenychi. Here, amidst Ukrainian nature, exotic inhabitants from all over the world feel great: lions and tigers, lemurs and porcupines, ostriches, and parrots. Communicating with wildlife induces calm and contemplative mood.

It is in such a peaceful state that we turn to water treatments at the famous balneological resorts of the Lviv region as if we were the pampered nobility of the early 20th century. Unique drinking water in Skhidnytsi improves the health of our kidneys and liver.

We consolidate the effect of Truskavets mineral waters and get an unbelievable charge of vitality from rejuvenating treatments in modern spas of Geneva and Mirotel hotels. Visiting the ancient church of St. Anne in Boryslav will mark the end of our revitalizing tour.

SPA-tour to the Carpathians is an opportunity to clean your body and soul.

4. Transcarpathian Cheese and Wine tour

(2 days/ 1 night, departure every Wednesday and Saturday)

Anyone who has been with us on a raw wine tour of Transcarpathia (and there are many such lucky people in the country) will confirm that this trip is perfect. Delicious cheeses, fragrant wines, beauty, and color of Transcarpathia – a perfect combination!

After admiring the elegant hunting palace of the Shenborn, you will visit the grand Mukachevo castle. From its terraces, you immediately get to the cozy Berehove with a Hungarian character, ancient architecture, healthy thermal waters, and no less healthy wines.

On this trip to Transcarpathia, you will learn what bohrach, torgonya, palinka are, you will taste luxurious cheeses from Seliska cheese factory. The highlight of the trip is the blue eyes of the legendary Synevyr lake. We will also listen to the mysterious whisper of Shipit waterfall, and admire the beauty of the Transcarpathian landscape.

Transcarpathian Cheese and Wine tour is all about joy: esthetic, gastronomic, intellectual.

5. Around the Carpathians in 7 days

(7 days/ 6 nights, departures every Saturday)

Everyone has their own idea of ​​the perfect vacation. Someone dreams of lying on the beach, someone is attracted by the open buffet and all-inclusive hotel. But we can still agree that couch potato life gets boring quickly, and discovery of the world – never. Moreover, when you have a chance to discover something as interesting and rich as the Ukrainian Carpathians. We invite you to a seven-day trip to the Carpathians.

The picturesque Carpathian canvas will shimmer with its bright colors, surprise and impress at every step of our route. Pearls of Transcarpathia – Mukachevo, Uzhhorod, Berehove will reveal their secrets to you, and the colorful Hutsul region will meet you with trembita sounds, authentic folk entertainment, famous banosh.

Going on this sightseeing tour to the Carpathians, you will rise above the clouds and try the healing Carpathian waters. Together, we will visit ancient castles, churches, museums, natural monuments, get acquainted with the traditions and way of life of mountaineers. We will dream on the shores of Synevyr and even visit the center of Europe. And don’t forget about cheeses and wines!

Around the Carpathians in 7 days from Vidviday Tour Operator is the best option for vacation in Ukraine.

6. Hutsul Carpathian mountains and Bukovel ski resort

(2 days/ 1 night, departure every Saturday and every other Wednesday)

Do you want to plunge into the world of legends, tales, and magicians? Immerse yourself in the magical world of Hutsul culture, where every stitch on the embroidered shirt is a magical symbol? Then a bus tour to the Carpathians is waiting for you, namely: “Hutsul Carpathians + Bukovel“! The amazing Hutsul region captivates with its authentic color, which has been preserved for centuries by the shadows of forgotten ancestors.

Trying on Hutsul clothes, visiting an excursion concert at folk instruments museum in Verkhovyna and tasting tea from fragrant Carpathian herbs, you will discover the soul of this magical land. Here a person is inseparable from the silent power of the mountains, the cold rapidity of Cheremosh river, the mysterious forests and fragrant valleys.

7. Relax-Tour “Thermal Transcarpathia”

(2 days/ 1 night, departures every Saturday)

And again sunny Transcarpathian region – perkelt wines, and unusual dishes: torhonia, picnicia and bohrach! And most importantly – thermal waters! We carefree relax for 2 days in the atmosphere of the ever-blooming spring, improve our health and get acquainted with the incomparable Transcarpathia. We relax our tired bodies in “coffee”, “wine” and other bubbling drinks of the magical Kosino, we boil in the vats of the Transcarpathian “hell” in Lumshory, warming the soul with Berehove wines.

We add spectacles with charming Uzhgorod and the romantic castle of St. Miklos, carefree rest in a cozy country estate and perkelt, picnicia, bohrach…  We are at the epicenter of life! Because this is a relax tour “Thermal Transcarpathia”!

8.  Narrow-Gauge Railway in Carpathian mountains + Dovbush Rocks

(1 day, departures every Sunday)

Allow yourself an unforgettable day of adventures and travels on a tour to the Carpathians from Lviv! Let’s look for Dovbush’s gold among the bizarre rocks at the bottom of the ancient sea, get rid of sins in the Purgatory gorge, learn the course of a young climber, charge ourselves with the cosmic energy of the Ukrainian Stonehenge.

We will continue exploring the Carpathian natural wonders on a fun Carpathian tram. Mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls, stops, friendly chats. These four hours will fill life with meaning, and the soul with the beauty of nature. And visiting the Basilian monastery will help to psychologically discharge.

Narrow-Gauge Railway in Carpathian mountains + Dovbush Rocks is a trip you will like for sure.

9. The Carpathian mountains 1-day tour

(1 day, departures every other Sunday)

 Ascending by chairlift to the top of Vysokyi Verkh, one can admire how the majestic panorama of the vast Carpathians unfolds slowly and solemnly with each meter closer to the clouds. White clouds fall from the sky, breaking with rapid streams of Kamenets waterfall.

And finally the glorious Tustan. Urych rocks once sheltered stern giants, served as altars for pagans, and guarded the majestic Kyivan Rus fortress. The mythical city has long since disappeared, and the epic stone pearl of the Carpathians still preserves the memory of past millennia. You can see all this beauty on the Carpathian mountains 1-day tour.

10.10 highlights of Transcarpathia

(3 days/2 nights, departures every Friday)

Pack your things, 10 highlights of the magical Transcarpathian land are waiting for you. On this trip, you will consume only the best dishes and drinks of authentic cuisines with unusual names – langosh, lotsi pechene, levesh, palinka, and many others. We add to the tasting menu delicious cheeses of Seliska cheese factory and vintage Transcarpathian wines in ancient cellars.

Pleasures continue in the Berehovo thermal pool and Lumshory vats. Fresh and renewed, we go to explore Transcarpathian castles, palaces, and historical and cultural monuments. As a solemn final chord – a visit to the romantic lake Synevyr and the energetic waterfall Shipit. And all this in our tour 10 highlights of Transcarpathia.

11. Mountain Lake Synevyr and Waterfall Shypit Tour

(1 day, departures every Saturday)

The picturesque nature of the mountain slopes opens for you on this tour. In Pylypets, you will see the 15-meter most beautiful waterfall in Ukraine – Shypit. It originates from a large underground spring in the Borzhava mountain meadow and dumps its waters into a mountain valley with many mesmerizing cascades.

Climbing to a height of 793 meters above sea level you will see a picturesque panorama of the Synevyr Pass. Here the Lake Synevyr is located. It attracts with its picturesque mountain landscapes and crystal clear water, which has long been home to trout.

You will also be able to meet the inhabitants of the Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center, which was created to reproduce the population of these animals in the natural environment and covers an area of 12 hectares.

After visiting the bus tour to the Carpathians Mountain Lake Synevyr and Waterfall Shypit Tour with Vidviday Tour Operator, you will get unforgettable impressions, positive emotions, great photos and the opportunity to breathe the clean mountain air of the Carpathians.

12. Carpathian novelties for 5 days

(5 days/ 4 nights, departures every other Wednesday)

Experience all the beauty of the Carpathians on Carpathian novelties for 5 days tour. On this bus tour to the Carpathians, you will visit thermal pools Barvinok (“Golden Mountain”), Kosino (“Thermal Waters Kosino”), Velyatino (“Warm Waters”), as well as swim in vats in Lumshory and health complex “Uzhanski Kupeli”.

Historic castles: St. Miklos (known as the “Castle of Love”), Mukachevo Castle (known as “Palanok”), Khust Castle, and Nevytsky Castle. Tasting natural Transcarpathian wines from ancient cellars; natural cheeses from cow’s milk in the cheese factory “Perechyn Manufactory” and the most interesting Transcarpathian dishes (shovdar, poprigashka, kerezet, picnicia, banosh and others) in the famous Pidkova food esrablishment in Perechyn.

You will be able to see the enchanting landscapes of Carpathian nature by riding the chairlift to Krasiya mountain (1,036 m) and enjoy the Carpathian coolness near the Kamianka waterfall. And for remembering the magical journey you can buy Transcarpathian souvenirs and gifts: magnets, hats (at the factory of felt hats “Khust-felt”), cheese and wine, and as a bonus – a selfie against the incomparable beauty of the Carpathians.

You are invited to participate in the Carpathian novelties for 5 days tour with Vidviday Tour Operator.

Traveling with Vidviday is always a feast for the eyes, soul, brain, and stomach 🙂

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