Bukovel – the Best Ski Resort in Ukraine

Bukovel is a ski resort in the Carpathian mountains located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. This resort is considered to be the best in Ukraine thanks to its modern infrastructure and quality of service.

Here you will experience the culture of Hutsults (an ethnic group of Ukrainians who live in the Carpathian mountains), their unique dishes, energetic Hutsul folk entertainment, and the healing freshness of mountain air.

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Bukovel ski resort. Chairlift

The hospitality of the Hutsul region is especially noticeable in Bukovel – a modern resort that becomes increasingly popular every year. Here, among the pristine natural beauty of the mountains, in an atmosphere of authentic charm of the ancient village of Polyanytsya, tourists can be comfortable and will find many activities both in the summer and winter seasons.

Founded in 2000, the resort lies in a high mountain bowl, protected from cold winds by picturesque mountain ranges. The developed infrastructure of the resort complex of the European level provides facilities for year-round recreation, balneological treatment, a wide range of sports and entertainment.

Accommodation options here include modernly equipped hotel complexes, cottages of the tourist center, private estates. You can eat and have fun in cafes, restaurants, nightclubs for every taste and budget.

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Bukovel in winter

Bukovel is widely known primarily as a ski resort. From December to April it is inundated with skiers and snowboarders. The resort covers the territory of 5 mountains, has many ski trails of different difficulty levels with a total length of 68 km, and 16 lifts with a total length of almost 15 kilometres. There is a system of artificial snowing of the slopes that expands the skiing season, and the slopes are lit at night for night skiing.

Here you can find all the services you might need: rent and sale of the equipment, ski and snowboard school for adults and children, professional training, saunas with pools, spas and fitness centers, snow park, skating rink, playground, etc. You can purchase a ski-pas that will allow you to use all the lifts during the day.

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Bukovel ski resort

In winter Bukovel, you can take a break from the big city fuss, restore your energy balance, and enjoy the snowy Carpathian landscapes. And do not forget that a vacation in the Carpathians is not only skiing and snowboarding but also a rare opportunity to celebrate winter holidays in a unique way. New Year and Christmas together with Vidviday Tour Operator in the Carpathians with delicacies of Hutsul cuisine accompanied by passionate local musicians will be an experience of a lifetime.

Bukovel in winter video:

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Bukovel in summer

Life in Bukovel does not stop with the end of the skiing season, because summer offers many opportunities for recreation, entertainment and cultural experiences too. In summer, Bukovel is a perfect place for active travel with a bicycle park, equestrian sports, extreme ATV rides, trekking, Cheremosh river rafting, paintball, adventure park, tennis courts and more.

Active travel in Bukovel
Active travel in Bukovel

The center of summer recreation in Bukovel is the so-called “Carpathian Sea” – a large artificial lake, which was opened in 2014. Its depth is 15 m. There is also a beach area equipped with sunbeds, seating areas, various cafes, that stretches for 2 km. The range of water activities includes water skiing and wakeboarding, catamarans and jet skis, aqua trampoline, water slide, and even a diving school. The clear lake water warms up to 20-22 degrees, and instructors and rescuers ensure the safety of the visitors.

In summer, there is also an overview ski lift, its price is 120 UAH (adults), 85 UAH (children). Its open from 09:00 to 19:30.

Bukovel. VodaClab and Carpathian sea
Bukovel. VodaClab and Carpathian sea

Excursions will make your summer vacation more interesting. The Carpathians is a magical land, steeped in ancient legends and myths. In the whirlpool of traditions, rites and ancient customs, you will discover the beauty and richness of the centuries-old cultural heritage of the Hutsuls.

Here, in a small area, there is concentrated an incredible number of natural, cultural, historical and architectural monuments. Museum tours, visits to churches and monasteries, trips to waterfalls, rock complexes, mineral springs, picturesque mountains will make your trip to the Carpathians unforgettable.

Bukovel all year round!

Whatever the season, on our Hutsul Carpathian Mountains + Bukovel Ski Resort you will experience:

  • The beauty of nature. Taking a chairlift to Bukovel, you will lose the feeling of time and space contemplating the majestic panoramas of the Carpathians. During the day you can reach the clouds, and at night – bright stars twinkle with their magnetic radiance just above your head.
  • Authentic cuisine. Hutsul food is very special. You can try  wild mushrooms soup, exotic banush with bryndza, stuffed cabbage rolls, dumplings with blueberries or cheese, crispy homemade bread, tea made from fragrant Carpathian herbs, and more.
  • Folk entertainment. You can learn local folk dances, listen to Hutsul music played by professionals, hear traditional songs and see local customs.
  • Unique souvenirs. You will find handmade Hutsul souvenirs: clothing, jewellery, embroidered towels, dishes, home decor from natural materials like wood, vine, leather and fur.

How to get to Bukovel?

Bukovel is a popular resort both among Ukrainian and foreign travellers and therefore has a developed infrastructure. However, it should be noted that the road to Bukovel lies through the mountains, where everything depends on weather conditions.

A trip to Bukovel from Lviv will take you 4 hours by car and 5-6 by bus. There is an option to take a train to Ivano-Frankivsk and then arrive by bus.  Buses from Ivano-Frankivsk travel more often than from Lviv.

Many people planning a vacation in Bukovel also use the services of travel agencies, which have a variety of excursions to Bukovel and beyond. The advantages of such a transfer are the presence of a large company, direct access, the prescribed route and leisure options and included accommodation.

Additional information

Location: Bukovel, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Ukraine

GPS: 48.356627  24.408802

Web camera: https://bukovel.com/cams

Contacts: +38 (0342) 59 55 46, +38 (0342) 54 49 50

No matter the season, Carpathian ski resorts are always open for visitors. Travel to Bukovel with us:

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