Berehove – Amazing Travel Destination in Transcarpathia

Thermal waters, fragrant wines, wonderful nature – the colorful Transcarpathian town of Berehove is perfect for a relaxed and rejuvenating holiday. Located 5 kilometers from the Hungarian border, the thermal resort retains a truly European spirit in the noble atmosphere of the city, stylish architecture, language traditions.

And while linguists argue over the end of the city’s name (Berehovo or Berehove), locals, like 500 years ago, call their city Beregszász – in Hungarian, and street names here are written in two languages, Hungarian and Ukrainian.

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The city hospitably welcomes travelers wishing to immerse tired bodies in the gentle healing waters of thermal pools all year round and offers a well-developed resort infrastructure. So, if you dream of the famous Hungarian baths, we invite you to the capital of Hungarian Ukraine to improve your health, relax, and indulge in aesthetic and gastronomic pleasures.

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Berehove Thermal Waters

The unique thermal waters of the Coast have comparables only in remote parts of the world, such as New Zealand or Sakhalin. The hot springs of the resort are highly mineralized. High saturation of minerals provides the healing properties of water for a wide range of diseases – cardiovascular, urological, pathologies of the respiratory and nervous systems, musculoskeletal system.

Water also helps prevent many diseases and strengthen the immune system at any age. That is why a wide range of vacationers of any age come to Berehovo pools to gain health and strength.

Berehovo Pools
Zakarpattia complex pools

Berehovo Health Resorts

The tradition of thermal water treatment has existed in Berehove since the times of Austria-Hungary when the first outdoor swimming pools appeared in the city. Today, vacationers can use the pools of the educational and sports complex “Zakarpattya”, which has been operating since 1967, and the new, comfortable health complex “Zhayvoronok”.

Zhayvoronok outdoor pool
Zhayvoronok outdoor pool

Zakarpattya complex is equipped with a 50-meter adult swimming pool and two children’s pools. Here the prices are quite reasonable, but the quality of service and facilities remain on the level of the Soviet era, and the complex needs modernization.

Indoor pool in Zhayvoronok complex
Indoor pool in Zhayvoronok complex

Zhayvoronok complex meets all modern requirements and offers vacationers a developed infrastructure and comfortable recreation facilities. Here you will find 4 outdoor pools for adults and children with artificial waterfalls, as well as an indoor pool with hydromassage, geyser, and jacuzzi.

Zhayvoronok complex
Zhayvoronok complex

Hot geyser water from a deep borehole is cooled to a comfortable temperature for beneficial water treatments, which, according to doctors, should not last longer than 2 hours a day. Relaxation and treatment in the Zhayvoronok complex can be complemented by a visit to the Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, salt grotto, as well as professional massage.

Berehovo – history, legends, sights

Unlike some resorts, where there is nothing to do in between treatments, the thermal waters of Berehovo will not let you get bored. The ancient town on the Verke river, with its magnificent architectural monuments and rich history, will enchant you with its unique hospitable atmosphere.

Berehove, Heroes Square, archive photo
Berehove, Heroes Square, archive photo

According to one of the legends, Beregove was created by the shepherd Sas, who, having found a treasure, began the construction of the city from a temple on the river bank. The official mention of the city dates back to the 11th century when the local territory belonged to the Hungarian feudal lord Lampert, who historians believe to be the founder of the city.

Galician princes and the famous feudal lord Fedir Koriatovych, the ruler of Transylvania Gabriel Bethlen, and the Austrian Schönborn dynasty ruled over the local lands. In the 20th century, Berehove has experienced troubled times along with the rest of the Transcarpathia. Today, a large number of visitors from all over Ukraine come to the charming, cozy city throughout the year.

In Berehovo museum

Berehove: what to see and visit

    • “Count’s Court” with a palace in the Baroque style, which occupies the historical and ethnographic museum of the Berehove region. The basis of the museum collection is the private collection of the former employee of the Beregovo railway station Ferenc Horvat, and in the basement of the palace there is the Museum of Viticulture and Vine Making;
    • Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross with signs of Romanesque and Gothic styles, the first building of which was erected in the early 12th century. A bust of the first Hungarian king, Stephen I the Holy, has been erected on the square near the temple;
    • Reformed Church of the late 18th century. with the organ made by Rieger;
    • The former city court, an elegant building of the early 20th century, which now houses the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute;
    • Hotel-restaurant “Golden Peacock”, a former casino of European level, built in the early 20th century in Art Nouveau style. Next to the building, there is a monument to the famous Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi;
    • Hungarian National Theater in the former hotel “Oroslan”, built in the late 17th century in the Baroque style;
    • The summer residence of the Earl of Schönborn, with famous Berehove Royal Wine Cellars, where the Beregovo Winery has operated since 1954;
    • Elegant villa in the so-called Zakopane style of the native of Berehove, the star of the Hungarian operetta of early 20th century Shari Fedak.
Golden Peacock hotel and restaurant
Golden Peacock hotel and restaurant

In vino veritas!

When traveling to Transcarpathia, trying famous Transcarpathian wines is a must. You can taste various types of aromatic drinks in many cafes, restaurants and wine cellars.

In vino veritas!

Several of the most popular locations for tasting vintage wines from local grapes:

  • The 300-year-old authentic wine cellar of the Gavrilchenko family, the so-called “Old basement”;
  • Tasting cellar of the Nod family “Nota Bene”;
  • Tasting hall of the health complex “Zhayvoronok”;
  • Tasting cellar of Chizai winery;
  • Annual wine festival in Berehove, which is held on the eve of March 8.
Shoenborn palace
Shoenborn palace

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