What to see in Chernivtsi?

Welcome to Chernivtsi – a city with European charm, Ukrainian spirit, and a whole box of surprises! No matter how many times you come to Chernivtsi, you will always discover this city in a new way.

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What to see in Chernivtsi?

Chernivtsi has long since turned from a small provincial town into a beautiful European city. Here exquisite Austrian architecture is closely intertwined with local motifs.

On the tour to Chernivtsi, you will see the city’s main attraction – Ukrainian Hogwarts, Chernivtsi National University. Originally it was the Residence of the Orthodox Metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia. Now it is an architectural monument of national importance, included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

The development of this masterpiece lasted for 18 years, and 2 brick factories were specially built for its construction! The scale and beauty of this architectural ensemble is simply amazing!

Chernivtsi National University

In the heart of the city, in Central Square, you will find the city hall. If you are lucky enough to be there at 12 o’clock, you will be able to enjoy live music. Every day the melody of the famous Bukovinian song “Marichka” is played by the trumpeter at the balcony of the City Hall.

Trumpeter of the City Hall

The most legendary street of Chernivtsi, the pedestrian street named after Olha Kobylyanska, starts at Central Square. You can see it by participating in the Chernivtsi tour. This is where luxury salons, restaurants, cafes, as well as shops, cinemas, and banks were once located.

Olha Kobylyanska Street in Chernivtsi

At the very beginning of the street, you will be greeted by a luxurious building that once housed the elite Habsburg Café. Later, the “Coffee Lovers Club” was founded here. Poets and musicians often visited here.

Walking further down the street you can get to the Chernivtsi Museum of Local Lore. It houses more than 90,000 items, including archeological sites, natural materials, weapons, and many other things.

Next to the museum is the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. Italian Renaissance building impresses with its beauty. The architectural composition of the cathedral is crowned by a 46 m high dome.

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

On the tour to Chernivtsi, art lovers will be able to admire the Renaissance Revival and Vienna Secession architectural ensemble of the Chernivtsi Music and Drama Theater with its Baroque interior. The building was designed by one of the most famous architectural studios in Europe at the time, Fellner and Helmer. Few people know that in Germany there is exactly the same theater, built by the same blueprint as that of Chernivtsi. Although these twins look the same, they have completely different characters.

Chernivtsi Music and Drama Theater

The city invites everyone who wants to encounter art and fame to its own alley of stars on Teatralna Square. It was opened in 2000. Here you can see the names of prominent figures of culture and art who were born in these lands. In the evening, the alley has a special romantic atmosphere. Probably that’s why the residents of the city and its guests love to walk here.

And in Chernivtsi there is a “drunk church” – thus locals call St. Nicholas Church, which is the embodiment of the Romanian style of sacred architecture.

St. Nicholas Church in Chernivtsi

Where else to go in Chernivtsi?

If you think that this is the whole list of interesting places in this unusual city, then you are very wrong! On the tour to Chernivtsi, you will see that every street, every house in this city has its secrets.

Chernivtsi is also about incredibly beautiful nature. Situated on the banks of the Prut River, the city wallows in greenery and flowers. You can enjoy this beauty in Fedkovych park, which is located near the university. It was founded during the reign of Franz Joseph and later was assigned to Chernivtsi National University.

Fedkovych park

Chernivtsi Dendrological Park is also located on the territory of the university. A small, quiet, and pleasant place to spend time in. Here you can enjoy a variety of flower compositions, rose arches are especially beautiful.

Turkish legacy can be seen in Turkish Square. The Turkish well and Turkish baths where you can take a steam bath even today, add a special flavor to this place. By the way, there are many legends associated with the well, and the water in it is very clean.

What other places to see in Chernivtsi?

This city never ceases to amaze. And if for the first time on a tour of Chernivtsi you admire the scale and majesty of the architecture, then walking through its narrow streets you begin to notice details.

An interesting building can be seen on Ivan Franko Street. Locals call this building twin houses. At first glance, these are exactly the same houses, which are separated by a narrow passage. It even seems that the neighbors can visit each other through the balcony. But if you look closely, you will understand that all this is one house with an interesting architectural form. There are many mysteries and legends around this house. Which of them are true – it’s for you to decide!

Twin houses

In addition, there is Malevich’s Black Square in Chernivtsi. No, not the painting, but a monument to this famous work of art. It was installed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the painting.

The sculptural composition Heart of Love is installed here for all lovers in Chernivtsi. It consists of two halves and a swing between them. If you look at the monument from above, it resembles two wedding rings intertwined. This is the favorite place of all lovers in the city.

There is a ship house in the city. This is one of the oldest stone houses in Chernivtsi. The facade of the house is narrowed and resembles the bow of a ship. If you turn on your imagination, then on the second floor you can see the deck and a mast. The house attracts with its unusual shape and many legends associated with this place.

Biker festival near the ship house

Chernivtsi is an unusual and fabulous place. Experience the true spirit of this European city and enjoy its architecture on tours:

Chernivtsi is also about an unusual festival. The annual Malanka Fest is the city’s most popular carnival.


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