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Vidviday is a local travel agency based in Lviv, Ukraine

During 12 years of experience, we have arranged 5,700 tours for 201,000 tourists

Carpathian novelties for 5 days

4 thermal pools, 4 tastings, castles, cableway, waterfalls, rock fortress, picturesque mountains, ancient temples, new touristic specials are waiting for you on our tour!


+38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber)

5 d / 4 n
1,995 uah
Around the Carpathians in 7 days


Come and join us on the tour where you'll experience mountains, castles, wine and cheese tasting, thermal baths, lakes, waterfalls

Contacts:,+38 063 273 07 63, +38 098 085 36 26

7 d / 6 n
2,595 uah
camp in the Carpathians


Come and join us on the tour where You'll experience mountains, castles, wine and cheese tasting, thermal baths, lakes, waterfalls

Contacts:, +38 066 677 98 11

7 d / 6 n
6,999 uah
Volyn, Podillya and Bukovina for 6 days


Come with us to a land of ancient churches and fortresses, forests and lakes and vibrant, Kamianets-Podilskiy fortress, the old citycenter and Chernivtsi University, Khotyn fortress, Verteba cave, boat cruise along the Dniester canyon and beautiful Bakota scenery.

Contacts:, +38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber)
6 d / 5 n
2,895 uah
Ancient Greek Olbia, Dzharylhach island, and Askania-Nova biosphere reserve (departure from Lviv)


Visit the ancient ruins of Olbia, the untouched nature of Dzharylhach island, the Askania-Nova national reserve, and Zeleni Khutory Tavriyi – an open-air complex for history and entertainment., +38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber)

3 d / 4 n
3,395 uah
Vylkove, Shabo, Akkerman, Odesa (departure from Lviv)


Experience the Black Sea, Ukrainian Venice found along the Danube Delta, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress and the Wine Cultural Center of Shabo.

Day 1 (Saturday): Departure from Odesa (09:00) – Vylkove (excursion around the old part of the town, river channels, memorial estate “Kvakenburh”, lunch, motorboat excursion down the Danube Delta, Kilometre zero, dinner) – Zatoka (hotel check-in at 23:00).

Day 2 (Sunday): Zatoka (sea swim, breakfast and departure at 09:30) – Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi (excursion to the fortress) – Shabo (excursion around Shabo Wine Culture Center, wine tasting and lunch) – Odessa (arrival at 18:00, excursion around the central part of the city, the itinerary ends at 21:00).

Contacts:, +38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber).

Tour language: Ukrainian. Contact us if you would like to hire a guide who speaks English or another foreign language.


3 d / 4 n
2,995 uah

Spend your holidays in Ukraine! Go to the Carpathian mountains, Odesa, Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'kyi, experience Respublica FEST in Kamianets'-Podilskyi.