Day Trips from Lviv: 14 Great Places to Visit Outside The City

   If you plan to travel to Ukraine and stay in Lviv for several days, you are probably wondering what interesting places you can visit additionally. In this article, we will tell you about a few destinations that you can visit by taking a day tour from Lviv. These include castles near Lviv, Carpathian mountains, some of the must-visit places in Ukraine, and a gastronomic destination.

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1. Castles Near Lviv Tour

   The first option you should consider is the Castle tour from Lviv. It will allow you to visit the most beautiful and famous castles of Ukraine: Pidhirtsi Castle, Olesko Castle and Zolochiv Castle. A tour that our agency offers also includes Svirzh Castle.

Castles near Lviv: Pidhirtsi castle, Olesko castle, Svirzh castle, Zolochiv castle

Pidhirtsi Castle unites in itself the defensive qualities of a Medieval fortification with the elegance of a European palace. Here, will also be entertained by a mysterious story about the Woman in White who, as the legend says, had been cemented in one of the castle walls by her own husband.

The background of Olesko Castle was full of tragic events. It changed its owner many times, was vandalized, and served as a military warehouse. Right now it is in good condition, surrounded by a beautiful park, and possesses a collection of sculptures, paintings, and household items.

Zolochiv Castle is comprised of Royal and Chinese palaces, a two-story gate building, and fortifications. In the Chinese Palace, there are Eastern artworks from different countries: Ancient Egypt, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, and more. And in the Royal Palace items that belong to Lviv Art Gallery are displayed.

Not interested in historical monuments so much? Ukraine is also a great place for hiking. You can head to the mountains and relax your mind enjoying beautiful landscapes and connecting with vibrant Ukrainian nature.

 2. Day Trips from Lviv to the Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian mountains 1-day tour is a good option to get to know one of the greatest European mountain ranges. The tour includes a chairlift ride to the mountain top, a cascade waterfall, and an absolutely unique Medieval cliffside fortress-city Tustan that traces back to Kyivan Rus’. If you want to experience hiking in Ukraine, but don’t want to make yourself tired, this is the tour for you.

Carpathian mountains

Seeing incredible Synevyr lake just makes you want to be there right now. This lake is the largest of the Carpathian mountains. It belongs to the 7 Wonders of Ukraine list. Due to its shape, Synevyr lake is also called “The Sea Eye”. The water of the lake is crystal clear, that’s why the lake is home to mountain trout. Nature around the lake is also rich in rare animal species. You can go there with our Mountain Lake Synevyr and Waterfall Shypit Tour.

Synevyr lake

In addition to this beautiful destination, the tour also includes a visit to the bear rehabilitation center, observation of Shypit waterfall, and mineral water tasting.

3.  Best places to visit in Ukraine

Lviv is located close to many of the must-visit places of Ukraine. One of them is the Tunnel of Love in Klevan, which is very popular among foreign tourists due to its photogenicity. Trees that surround the railway have naturally formed a tunnel that stretches for more than 4 kilometers.

Another famous place is Tarakaniv Fort, a magnificent and mysterious defensive fortress that now is abandoned. Our Tunnel of Love in Klevan + Huge Tarakaniv Fort and Dubno Castle Tour includes both of them.

Tunnel of love tour

Mukachevo Castle, Thermal Water Kosino and Wine is another great tour. One of the nicest castles of Ukraine, Mukachevo Castle Palanok is located on a volcanic mountain above the city and looks truly majestic. Everything in the fortress reminds of its heroic history: the castle survived several sieges. In 1685–1688 the Hungarian Countess and heroine, Ilona Zrínyi, bravely defended the castle against the Austrian army for 3 years, but finally was forced to surrender.

Taking this tour you will also be able to visit Thermal Waters Kosino complex. This thermal pool is considered to be the best and most famous in Ukraine, and one of the best in Eastern Europe. Located in an oak grove, has 5 pools and 7 saunas, and will give you complete relaxation.

Mukachevo Castle Palanok

Ternopil is one more place definitely worth visiting in Ukraine. It is a cozy city with many tourist attractions: a big lake located in the city center, many interesting sculptures and sacred monuments. An overview of this city is offered in our Zbarazh, Ternopil, Vyshnivets tour.

In addition, this tour allows you to visit two other towns with beautiful castles – Zbarazh and Vyshnivets. Zbarazh played an important role in the war for independence under the leadership of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Vyshnivets used to be a place of gathering of the European elite, where emperors and counts met to participate in international summits at the Vysnivets Palace.


4. Gastronomic Tours

With its rich and nutritious cuisine and affordable prices, Ukraine is a true heaven for foodies. We suggest you dive into all this abundance and take a Gastronomic Tour to White Croats + Caves

White Croats were a group of Slavic tribes who lived in modern-day Western Ukraine and several other regions of the neighboring countries. The first destination of this tour is Stilstko, which used to be the capital of White Croatia, and its fortified barracks have been preserved until today. You will have the opportunity to visit its caves. 

On this tour, you will also visit a goat farm to taste natural Ukrainian cheese and taste different teas and syrups at an interactive museum. You will get to know Ukrainian food and folk medicine.

Didova apteka

We hope this information was useful for you and now you have an idea about where to go on a day trip from Lviv. Our travel agency wishes you to have fun on your Ukraine holidays. To book one of the tours or choose another tour, please click here for our main page.

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