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Hutsul Carpathians + Bukovel (winter version)

Snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, skiing and sledging, interactive museums, world-famous temples, fun, songs and dances are awaiting you during the two-day bus trip

Day 1: departure from Lviv (08:00) 1 – Rohatyn (tour of the church) – Yaremche (visits to the waterfall, the restaurant Hutsulshchyna, souvenir market and lunch) – Verkhovyna (excursion and photoshoot in Hutsul clothes in the museum “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, tour of the museum “Khata-Staia”, dinner and Hutsul Fun) – Verkhovyna (check-in at Hutsul farmsteads of green tourism at 21:00).
Day 2: breakfast and departure (08:00) – Verkhovyna (excursion-concert in the museum of Roman Kumlyk) – Bukovel (cable-chair lift to the top of the mountain Bukovel, the Carpathian views, lunch, skiing, free time) – Lviv (return before 22:30).

Contacts:, +38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber)

2 d / 1 n
Price - 895 uah

You will find:
- acquaintance with the history, customs and culture of one of the most interesting people in the world – Hutsuls;
- the outstanding historical and natural landmarks of the region: Hutsul temples, waterfalls, rivers, picturesque Carpathian views, Hutsul museums;
- and unforgettable “Hutsul Fun” with music, dances, songs and delicious Hutsul dishes.

The price INCLUDES: travel by a tourist class coach, accommodation, guided tour service, excursion service on tourist sites, travel insurance.

The price DOES NOT INCLUDE and pays additionally: entrance fee to tourist sites, meals, Hutsul Fun.

Entrance fees:
- the Church of the Holy Spirit in Rohatyn: adults and pensioners – 50 UAH, students – 15 UAH, children – 10 UAH;
- the museum “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”: general, pensioners and students – 25 UAH, schoolchildren – 20 UAH;
- the museum “Khata-Staia”: general, pensioners and students – 25 UAH, schoolchildren – 20 UAH;
- the excursion-concert in the Museum of Hutsul lifestyle and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk: general, students and schoolchildren – 25 UAH;
- return cable-chairlift to the top of the mountain Bukovel: general – 120 UAH, pensioners and children under 12 years old – 85 UAH.

Accommodation: cosy Hutsul green tourism farmsteads in Verkhovyna, rooms: 2- and 3- bed bedrooms with amenities on the floor. Photos of typical farmsteads can be seen at

Breakfast on the 1st day – you can have breakfast at home or bring sandwiches to eat during stops.
Lunch on the 1st day – at the restaurant-kolyba “Hrazhda” in the town of Yaremche; it consists of cabbage salad, Ukrainian borshch, mashed potatoes and chicken chop, bread, uzvar. The cost is 95 UAH.
Dinner on the 1st day – at the museum complex “Khata-Staia” during the feast “HUTSUL FUN!” Offered dishes of the Hutsul cuisine: Hutsul white borshch (white beet, smoked ribs, sour cream), kulesha with mushrooms, Hutsul knyshi, budz (Hutsul cheese), vegetables, bread, Carpathian herbal tea, cheerful Carpathian ‘water’. The cost is 90 UAH/person.
Breakfast on the 2nd day – at the farmsteads. Offered menu: omelette, nalysnyky with blueberries, cheese sandwiches, tea/coffee. The cost is 70 UAH.
Lunch on the 2nd day – at the catering establishments of the ski resort "Bukovel” on tourists’ taste and choice.

To fully know the Hutsuls, their temper, customs and cuisine, you are welcomed to visit the Hutsul Fun. During the Fun you will find:
- songs and dances of the Hutsul folk choir Dovbushova Taistra;
- master-classes of Hutsul dances: Hutsulka, Resheto, Holubka;
- Hutsul spivanky, kolomyiky, songs about the Carpathians;
- dishes of the Hutsul cuisine;
- the ceremony of awarding the title of a Hutsul;
- and dancing, dancing, dancing to fiery Hutsul music.
The cost of Hutsul dinner and participation in the Fun –130 UAH.
The cost of participation in the fun without dinner – 70 UAH.
Note: Hutsul fun takes place if there is a group of 35 people willing to take part in it.

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