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Krilos, Shevchenko, Galich

Krylos, Galician National Park, Halych, Shevchenkove, Bilshivtsy, Kukilnyky

Center of Galicia-Volyn principality, ancient churches, forts, Dniester River panoramas You can see by visiting the one-day bus tour “Royal Halych”

1 day
Price - 345 uah

Tour plan:

departurefromLviv (08:00) – Krylos (tour of the reserve) – Galician National Park (tour of the tourist complex with arboretum and Exotic park and also Museum "Nature of Galician land") – Halych (tour to the downtown, Halych KaraiteCulture Museum and lunch) – Shevchenkove (overview St.Panteleymon Church) – Bilshivtsy (overview church and palace) – Kukilnyky (overview church) – Lviv (return at 21:30).

Price includescomfortable bus travel, accommodation, guide accompaniment, excursions to tourist sights, travel insurance.

Price DOES NOT include: tickets to tourist sights, food.

Tickets to tourist sights:

- Halych KaraiteCulture Museum – 5 UAH;

- St. PanteleymonChurch – 2 UAH;

- Museum "Nature of Galician land" in Halych National Park – 10 UAH;

- “Museum of Ancient Halych "in Krylos – 10 UAH.