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Buchach, Koropets + Rusylivsky Falls

Buchach, Koropets + Rusylivsky Falls

Zolotyi Potik, Rukomysh, Pidzamochok, Yazlovets castle and monastery, Badeni Palace, Lemkiv village in Monastyryska are waiting for you during a two-day bus tour

Day 1: departure from Lviv (08:00) – Buchach (sightseeing tour of the town and lunch) – Yazlovets (tour of the castle, monastery and temples) – Pidzamochok (tour of the castle ruins) – Buchach (check-in at the hotel and dinner at 20:00).
Day 2: breakfast and departure (08:00) – Rukomysh (cave temple and church) – Rusyliv (crosswalk to the waterfalls) – Zolotyi Potik (tour of the castle and lunch) – Koropets (tour of the palace, museum, temples and the Dnister scenery) – Monastyryska (the museum “Lemkiv village”) – Lviv (return at 23:00).

Contacts:, +38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber).

2 d / 1 n
Price - 895 uah

The price INCLUDES: travel by comfortable bus, guided tour service, excursion service in museums, accommodation and travel insurance.

ADDITIONALLY paid: entrance fees to tourist sites and meals.

Entrance fees:
- Museum in Buchach: general, pensioners – 7 UAH, students and schoolchildren – 5 UAH;
- Museum of local history in Koropets: general, pensioners, students and schoolchildren – 10 UAH;
- Museum "Lemkiv village" in Monastyryska: general, students – 20 UAH, pensioners, schoolchildren – 10 UAH.

Technical information about the crosswalk to Rusyliv waterfalls:
1. The crosswalk in one direction is 3.5 - 4 km and lasts 30-40 minutes.
2. The route is designed for the average group of physically fit people;
3. Participation in the crosswalk does not require prior training or experience;
4. For the crosswalk, please take a change of comfortable waterproof shoes.
5. The crosswalk is not mandatory; those who do not want to take part in it can take a walk through the Podillian village of Rusyliv.

Accommodation: a hotel in Buchach district, 2- and 3-bed bedrooms with amenities.

Breakfast on the 1st day – you can have breakfast at home or bring sandwiches to eat during parking.
Lunch on the 1st day – in a café in Buchach. The cost is 95 UAH/person.
Dinner on the 1st day – in the hotel after check-in. The cost is 85 UAH.
Breakfast on the 2nd day – in the hotel. The cost is 65 UAH
Lunch on the 2nd day – in a café in Zolotyi Potik – Monastyryska. The cost is 95 UAH/person.