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Vidviday is a local travel agency based in Lviv, Ukraine

During 12 years of experience, we have arranged 5,700 tours for 201,000 tourists

The caves of Ternopil region

The caves of Ternopil region

Verteba Cave - Monastyrok Cave - Mlynky Cave

A unique underground world that was created millions of years, waiting for you in the one-day bus tour “TernopilCaves”

1 day
Price - 495 uah

Tour plan:

Departure from Lviv (07:00) Verteba CaveMonastyrok CaveMlynky Cave (review and lunch) – Lviv (return at 23:00).

Price includes:

comfortable bus travel, accommodation, guide accompaniment, excursions to the caves, travel insurance.

Price DOES NOT include:

tickets to tourist sites, foodand equipment for climbing in the cave.


- VertebaCave - 10 UAH/Person,

- MlynkyCave - 30 UAH/Person,

- jumpsuit speleologist - 10 UAH/Person,

- flashlight – 5 UAH

Lunch – 40 UAH/Person

Important information

- Excursion Mlynky Cave lasts up to three hours.

- The route is calculated on the average group of physically healthy people.

- The preconditioning (experience) is not required for participation in excursion.

Tour language: Ukrainian. Contact us if you would like to hire a guide who speaks English or another foreign language.