Tailor-Made Tours in Ukraine: Tour Broker Agency of Vidviday Tour Operator


At first glimpse, planning a trip for yourself is a piece of cake. But it’s not that easy! You have to look into many various details: which road to take, where to stay for the night, where to eat, and is this place even really as great as it looks on the photo, or is it just good photoshop or the right angle? So leave planning your trip to the professionals who know travelling inside out.

We created the first in Ukraine tour broker agency as part of Vidviday Tour Agency. Its purpose is to provide individual clients who prefer to travel on their own with tourist services and consultations. Opposed to holiday packages that tour agencies offer, a tour broker helps his client to better understand what he wants to visit and see, creates the most convenient route and provides with the necessary information needed for a successful trip.

Offered services and their prices



First private consultation


Planning an itinerary. With a client we agree about: places to visit and tourist sites; making a trip plan; calculating the time length; giving the information about tourist locations on the way. The description is provided in written form.

1500 UAH / travel day

Booking tourist attractions. A broker books castles/ museums/ restaurants or cafes for the agreed date and time of arrival.

150 UAH / attraction

Searching for, choosing and booking accommodation (only with prepayment).

300 UAH / place of stay

Booking tour guides at tourist attractions

300 UAH

Booking additional services and entertainment (tasting, horse riding, hot tubs, workshops etc.)

300 UAH / service

Booking transportation (minibus, microbus, bus)

300 UAH / vehicle

Online guide. The service is provided through a conference call and navigation devices

300 UAH / 30 min. 

450 UAH / 1 hour


Why use the services of tour brokers?

Appreciate your time! Don’t waste your time searching for a vacation place. Leave that to us. We will prepare and send you a ready proposal of the most convenient holiday that responds to your requests and possibilities. And during this time, you will be able to earn money for the next vacation. 

Experience. We are a team of professionals with 11 years of experience, we like travelling and discovering new places in Ukraine. We know which location will come up to your expectations and which is just a photoshopped image.

We organize tours for individual request, for a different number of people, for a different duration and a different budget. Here you can order a separate service of the whole tour.

Since we started our activities, we have organized 6971 tours for more than 245 771 tourists. Our clients are ordinary people as well as famous politicians, officials, people from the cultural sector, foreign groups from different countries. We have a lot of experience in organizing corporate tours for private or state companies, with different budget and requests.

During the last 2 years, we have organized more than 500 private tours - from 1 to 16 days, with groups of 2 to 100 people, 100 to 3000 kilometres long.

We can organize a tour from any city of Ukraine: Lviv, Lutsk, Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Zaporizhia, Kyiv, Dnipro...

Best price. We know where to find the best quality for affordable prices and what is worthy of attention.

Personal approach. We prepare every our route personally, according to your unique tastes, interests and budget. 

Contact us. All you need to do is to contact us through phone, e-mail, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and tell us: date of the trip, number of days, number of travellers, requests about the accommodation and transport, a list of places or attractions you’re interested in and your budget.

You can use the following contacts to order the service and to find our more 

Khrystyna Chornii 
[email protected]

Співпраця з перевізниками, Khrystyna Chorniy:

Tailor-Made Tours in Ukraine: Tour Broker Agency of Vidviday Tour Operator