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Visit Ukraine is a local travel agency based in Lviv.

With 11 years of experience, we have arranged more than 5,470 tours for over 197,000 tourists.

Podillya - Ukrainian Louvre

Exquisite palaces and parks, breathtaking castles, temples-warriors, UNESCO monuments, and the magnificent, natural beauty of Volyn and Podillia

Day 1: Departure from Lviv (08:00) – Sataniv (town sightseeing tour and lunch) – Sutkivtsi (church tour) – Hvardiiske (the church of St.Wojciech and the sign of Struve's Arc) – Khmelnytskyi (check in at the hotel and dinner).
Day 2: Khmelnytskyi (breakfast and departure at 08:00) – Starokostiantyniv (castle and town sightseeing tour) – Samchyky (castle tour and lunch) – Antoniny (town sightseeing tour) – Lviv (return before 23:00).

Contacts:, +38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber).

2 d / 1 n
Price - 995 uah

You will find:
- State historical and cultural reserve “Samchyky” with a luxurious palace complex;
- Medieval monuments of military and church architecture, which Podillia is famous for;
- Picturesque landscapes, massive forests, mineral springs of the famous spa resort of Sataniv;
- Unique and beautiful half-timbered town of Antoniny, the construction of which has no analogues in Ukraine;
- Amazing stories from the life of the famous families living in Podillia;
- The UNESCO world heritage list monuments.

The price DOES NOT INCLUDE: Entrance fees on tourist sites and meals.

Entrance fees:
- State historical and cultural reserve “Samchyky”: adults – 20 UAH, students – 20 UAH, schoolchildren – 15 UAH;
- State historical and cultural reserve “ Starokostiantyniv Castle ”: adults – 20 UAH, students – 15 UAH, schoolchildren – 10 UAH.

Accommodation: Hotel in Khmelnytskyi, comfortable 2-4 bed bedrooms with in-room facilities.

Breakfast on the 1st day – Breakfast at home or bring sandwiches to eat during parking.
Lunch on the 1st day – Catering establishments in Sataniv. The price of lunch is approximately 65 UAH.
Dinner on the 1st day – Hotel. The price of dinner is a 65-75 UAH/person.
Breakfast on the 2nd day – Hotel. The price of breakfast is a 67UAH/person.
Lunch on the 2nd day – Catering establishments in Samchyky. The price of lunch is approximately 70 UAH.