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Hike Hoverla mountain in 1 day

Hike Hoverla mountain in 1 day

Hike the highest mountain in Ukraine Hoverla (2, 061 m). Accompanied by a professional mountain guide, we will take the easiest hiking route from Zarosliak sports training resort.

Tour plan: departure from Lviv (06:00) - sports center "Zarosliak" (preparation for the hike, climbing the Mount Hoverla, having a snack on top, dinner) - Lviv (return at 01:30).

Contacts: [email protected]+38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber)

1 day
Price - 595 uah

Tour language: Ukrainian. Contact us if you would like to hire a guide who speaks English or another foreign language.

Place of departure/return of the bus: Lviv, Chornovola Ave., 7, Lviv Hotel (near the main entrance).

The price INCLUDES: comfortable bus transportation, travel guide, mountain guide, travel insurance.

The price does NOT include: entrance tickets to tourist attractions, food.

The additional cost of entrance tickets and hike to Hoverla:
- trail “To the Mount Hoverla”: general, student, pension - UAH 50, student - UAH 25.

Technical information for the Hoverla tour:
1. The tourist route to Hoverla is 7-7.5 km long in both directions, the height difference is 800 meters;
2. Climbing Mount Hoverla lasts approximately 4-5 hours, descent about 3-4 hours;
3. The tourist route is designed for the average group of physically healthy people;
4. Participation in an excursion to Hoverla does not require prior training or experience;
5. Alcohol is strictly forbidden during the ascent to and descent from Hoverla.

What to bring for a trip to Hoverla:
- identity document (passport, driver's license etc.);
- comfortable waterproof shoes (preferably mountain trekking boots with high lacing);
- windproof hooded jacket, preferably waterproof, comfortable windproof pants, warm sweater or jacket, hat or scarf, raincoat;
- spare set of clothes (can be left on the bus);
- backpack
- water (1-1.5 liters per person);
- snacks to eat during the climb (sandwiches, chocolate, thermos with hot tea or coffee);
- the necessary medication (individual first aid kit) that you use, adhesive tape.

Breakfast - you can have breakfast at home or take food with you to have a snack during bus stops.
Snack break - when we reach the top of Mount Hoverla, everybody can eat snacks they have brought by themselves.
Late lunch - after the descent from Hoverla in the village of Vorokhta. Offered menu: vegetable salad, noodle soup, Hutsul potatoes with chicken drumsticks, bread, compote. The cost is 110 per person.