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Vidviday is a local travel agency based in Lviv, Ukraine

During 12 years of experience, we have arranged 5,700 tours for 201,000 tourists

Eco-tour to Roztochya + Bear Shelter

Domazhyr. Ivano-Frankove. Lelekhivka. Starychi.

Itinerary plan: Departure from Lviv (08:00) – Domazhyr (bear shelter) – Lelekhivka (the journey of the ecological and educational route “Ivan Franko’s Path” to the Chorni lakes) – Ivano-Frankove (tour of temples, the Museum of Nature, the Museum of Woodcarving, the Museum of Weapons in Yavorivskyi NNP, a workshop on the painting of Yavoriv toys and lunch) – Starychi (tour of the educational centre “Mastak”) – Lviv (return at 21:30).

Contacts: [email protected], +38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber)

1 day
Price - 345 uah

Price includes: comfortable bus travel, accommodation 2 nights, guide accompaniment, excursions to tourist sites, travel insurance.

NOT included: Meals and entrance fees to museums.

Entrance fees:
- Bear shelter “Domazhyr”: general, pensioners – 60 UAH, students – 40 UAH, school students – 30 UAH;
- Museum of Nature in the Nature Reserve “Roztochchia”: general, pensioners, students – 10 UAH, school students – 7 UAH;
- Museum of Woodcarving in Ivano-Frankove vocational art school: general, pensioners, students, school students – 10 UAH;
- Route “Ivan Franko’s Path” in Yavoriv NNP: general, pensioners, students – 20 UAH, children under 14 years old – 15 UAH;
- Ecological and educational centre in Yavoriv NNP (Museum of Weapons and Arboretum): general, pensioners, students – 30 UAH, children under 14 years old – 15 UAH;
- Workshop of painting Yavoriv toys: 50 UAH/person.
- Guided service on the way and on tourist sites is in Ukrainian.

Breakfast – At home or bring sandwiches.
Lunch – In Yanivske Perekhrestia cafe in Ivano-Frankove. Offered menu: chicken broth with pasta, mashed potatoes, chicken chop, vegetables, uzvar and bread. Price: 45 UAH/person.

Tour language: Ukrainian. Contact us if you would like to hire a guide who speaks English or another foreign language.