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Terms of booking tours

1. The order of booking.

1.1. Booking of the tour involves three main stages: booking, request (confirmation), payment.

1.2. In the case of lack of seats, we offer an additional intermediate step between the request and booking: reserve (inclusion in the waiting list).

2. Request.

2.1. You can submit a request for the availability of seats in tours through:

- website (booking form; online consultation or the form “Write a letter”);

- email [email protected] (in the subject line, you need to specify the name of the tour, the date of departure and the surname of the customer);

- Skype: vidviday;

- Facebook (private message at https://www.facebook.com/vidviday/)

- office phone number or the phone number of the responsible manager (in this case, we recommend you duplicate the request on the website or by e-mail).

2.2. In your request, you should provide the following data:

- for tourists – name and surname of the customer, contact phone number, e-mail, name of the tour, date of departure, number of seats;

- for travel agents – the name of the Travel Agency, the name of the manager, the contact phone number of the manager, the manager's e-mail, the name of the customer, the name of the tour, the date of departure, the number of seats.

2.3. For each tour, you should submit a separate written request (one message).

2.4. Response on availability and booking confirmation is carried out within 1 working day from the date of submission of the request (except Saturday and Sunday, as well as public holidays).

How to find out if there are seats available on a tour?

There are two ways:

а) to look on our website (near the date).

“+” – more than 10 places available;

“!” – fewer than 10 places available, so we recommend to check with the responsible manager;

"-" - there are no available places (we recommend applying to the waiting list or to book other dates or other tours where places are available).

b) find out from the manager via online consultation site, Skype, e-mail or phone (all contact numbers are on the page “Contacts”);

3. Reserve.

3.1. In the case of absence of available seats for a tour, we can offer to book a reserve (a waiting list for the emergence of available seats), or you can sign up for a different trip on the date desired (subject to availability).

3.2. When available seats emerge, the possibility of recording for the tour is offered according to the queue of the reserve formation.

4. Booking.

4.1. Subject to confirmation of the availability of seats, a reservation is made, which involves prior inclusion in the group list.

4.2. After making a reservation, a responsible manager or his assistant will provide a list of additional data to be submitted:

- surname, name, patronymic and date of birth (day/month/year) of all participants of the trip;

- contact phone number of one of the participants of the trip (if the customer does not go on the tour and for travel agents);

- other data, depending on the characteristics of the tour (requirements for accommodation, ordering food and tastings, etc.).

5. Payment.

5.1. You should pay for the reservation within 3 business days from the time of confirmation. If the booking is made later than 3 days before the departure, we agree on the term of payment individually.

5.2. You can pay for the booking in the office or on a bank account (we send the bank details on request).

5.3. The document which confirms the payment and which you must keep until the end of the tour is:

- when paying in the office – cash order;

- when paying through a bank cashier or bank terminal – a receipt for the funds' transfer;

- when paying via the Internet – you need to write down the transaction number and the name of the payment system and/or save an electronic receipt.

6. Discounts.

6.1. Children up to 6 years (inclusive), accompanied by 2 adults and without a separate seat on the bus and accommodation – free of charge;

6.2. Children under 12 years old (inclusive) and peoples with disabilities (I and II groups at the presence of a certificate) – 50 UAH from the total cost of the tour for each day.

6.3. ATO participants (at the presence of a certificate) – 30% from the cost of the tour.

6.4. Discounts are not cumulative.

6.5. On New Year, Christmas and promotional tours, the terms of discounts may differ from the standard ones.

7. Cancellation.

7.1. Cancellation of the booking by a tourist or travel agent provides for the refusal of the booking of all or part of the participants of the tour.

7.2. Please inform the responsible manager about the cancellation of the booking by e-mail and by phone.

7.3. The terms of refund for the cancelled places will depend on the notice period for cancellation:

- not later than 7 working days before the tour – we refund 85 % of the tour cost;

- from 6 to 4 working days before the tour – we refund 50 % of the tour cost;

- from 3 to 2 working days before the tour – we refund 20 % of the tour cost;

- less than 1 working day before the start of the tour, as well as the absence of a tourist – payment is not refundable, and we will not postpone this payment to another departure date or to another tour.

7.4. In the case that the customer finds a suitable replacement for the cancelled places, then the paid funds can be credited on a net basis in full.

7.5. On New Year, Christmas and promotional tours, the terms of cancellation may differ from the standard ones.

7.5.1 Refund terms for cancellation of New Year and Christmas tours:

- no later than 30 calendar days before the start of the tour - 90% of the tour price will be refunded;

- from 29 to 25 calendar days before the start of the tour - 70% of the tour price is returned;

- 24 to 16 calendar days before the start of the tour - 50% of the tour price is returned;

- less than 15 calendar days before the start of the tour, and also in case of non-appearance - we will not refund the payment, and we will not postpone this payment to another departure date or to another tour.

8. Cancellation of the tour.

8.1. In case of cancellation of the tour, we notify tourists and travel agents by e-mail and by phone no later than 3 calendar days before the start of the tour.

8.2. The funds paid for the cancelled tour are refundable in full.

8.3. At the request, the customer can use the funds paid for the cancelled tour for other tours.

8.4. We will refund the loss which you have when returning tickets for travel from the place of your residence to the place of the tour departure (subject to availability of supporting documents).

9. Information letter.

9.1. Information letters with the contact details of the group leader, the address of departure and other information about the tour are sent to tourists' e-mails and travel agents:

- for tours of 2 days or more: no later than 3 calendar days before the trip;

- for tours and excursions which last no longer than 1 day: no later than 2 calendar days.

9.2. Tourists who do not use e-mail are informed about the readiness of the information letter by phone and can get it in the office in a printed form.

10. Seats on the bus.

10.1. Seats on the bus are distributed depending on the time of the booking: the earlier you book, the closest seats to the front of the bus you can get.

10.2. The exact location of the seats on the bus is reported by the team leader when boarding the bus.

10.3. At the request of the customer, before departure, the responsible manager can inform the customers about the possible places on the bus: the front, middle, back or last row (so-called “bambetel”).