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Visit Ukraine is a local travel agency based in Lviv.

With 11 years of experience, we have arranged more than 5,470 tours for over 197,000 tourists.

Car tour “Wallachian treat”

Car tour “Wallachian treat”

Take a trip around Opillia, walk along an old trade route from Lviv to Halych and see the majesty of Gardariki!

Itinerary: Departure from Lviv (08:00) – Bibrka (excursion around the town and a visit to a church) – Sokolivka (excursion around the town and a visit to a church) – Piatychany (tower, colony “Muhlbach” and healing mineral water) – Repekhiv (black poplar and chapel) – Kniselo (mineral water) – Novi Strilyshcha (lunch and walk around the town) – Khodoriv (walk around the town) – Yushkivtsi (excursion around Yaroslava Stetsko museum) – Lviv (return at 21:00).

Manager: +38-(032)-255-36-55, +38-(067)-50-88-667

1 day
Price - 445 uah

What’s INCLUDED: Comfortable bus transfer, guided excursion, excursion service in museums, insurance for the duration of the trip.

NOT included: Entry tickets to museums and meal.

Entry tickets cost: 
- Museum and preserved area “Piatychany defense tower”: adults, students, seniors – 30 UAH per person, pupils – 10 UAH per person;
- Yaroslava Stetsko museum in Yushkivtshi: adults, students, seniors, pupils – 10 UAH per person;