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Transcarpathian Cheese and Wine Tour + wine festival in Berehovo

Transcarpathian Cheese and Wine Tour + wine festival in Berehovo

Schonborn Palace, Mukachevo, Berehovo (pools and wine), Nyzhne Selysche (tasting), Synevyr Lake, Shypit Waterfall

Carpathian Mountains, castles, wine, cheese, all the best to offer friendly Transcarpathia are waiting for you when you visit this tour.

2 d / 1 n
Price - 895 uah

Tour plan:

  • 1st day (Saturday): Departure from Lviv (08:00) – Karpaty Sanatorium (visiting to the Shenborn castle) – Mukacheve (touring the castle and enjoying lunch) – Beregovo (swimming in the thermal pool and wine tasting) – Beregovo district (staying overnight in rural guest houses (private homes), arrive at 21:30).
  • 2nd day (Sunday): Breakfast and departure (08:00) – Nyzhnie Selyshche (cheese tasting) – Iza (shopping for products made from willow and visiting the deer farm) – Mizhhiria (riding a chairlift and enjoying lunch) – Kelechyn (mineral water tasting) – Pylypets (visiting the Shypit waterfall) – Lviv (return at 22:30).

Please note!
The winter tour does not include, Lake Synevyr, a usual summer sightseeing location. Our winter tour does offer many alternate interesting and unique places for you to see and experience.

Also, you will be able to enjoy:

- the best dishes of Lemko, Hungarian, and Boyko cuisine;
- the most prominent historical places of the region: Shenborn castle, Mukacheve castle, Beregovo historical centre, panoramic views of castles of Vynohradiv, Korolevo, and Khust;
- swimming in the thermal pool of Beregovo and visiting the deer farm;
- visiting the Shypit waterfall, riding the chairlift to Makovytsia mountain and taking photos of some of the most beautiful views in the Carpathian mountains;
- tasting of naturally produced cheeses of Selyska cheese factory, based on Swiss technologies;
- tasting of “Kelechynska” mineral water, enriched with iron and well-known for its curative effect for many diseases;
- tasting of vintage wines in old Trans-Carpathian wine cellars and tasting wines produced by private wine-makers of Beregovo region.

Price includes: comfortable bus travel, accommodation, guide accompaniment, excursions to tourist sites, travel insurance.

Price DOES NOT include: tickets to tourist sites, food, tasting cheese and wine.

Entrance tickets price:

- Shenborn castle: full price – UAH 20, schoolchildren – UAH 10;
- Mukacheve castle: full price – UAH 50, students and penioners – UAH 40, schoolchildren under age of 14 years – UAH 30;
- a new thermal pool “Zhaivoronok” in Beregovo: full price – UAH 200 (including rent of a locker), pensioners – UAH 150, children (between 120-150 cm tall – UAH 1000, children under 120 cm tall – free of charge;
- wine tasting: UAH 60, tour without wine tasting – UAH 30;
- tasting three types of cheese and wine: full price and students – UAH 50, schoolchildren – UAH 30;
- the deer farm: pensioners and students – UAH 30, schoolchildren – UAH 20;
- chairlift to Makovytsia mountain (return ticket): full price – UAH 70, children under age of 12 years – UAH 60;
- Shypit waterfall: full price – 10 UAH; children from 11 to 16 years old - 5 UAH; children under 10 years old - free of charge.

Accommodation: cosy rural tourism houses (private homes) of Beregovo region, fully furnished, rooms: 2 and 3-bed rooms. To see the pictures of the houses, please follow the link:

Day 1
Breakfast – First day breakfast is not included. You can bring food onto the bus for breakfast or snacking.
Lunch – in Mukacheve, in “Riviera” restaurant. The lunch consists of Lemko and Mukacheve cuisine dishes: Green house salad, levis soup (Hungarian goulash soup), for the main course – tarhonya (egg barley, special home-made pasta and meat balls) with mushroom sauce, compote, bread. Price: UAH 90 per person.
Dinner – served by host, in the guest house. The dinner consists of dishes of Hungarian national cuisine: bogracs gulyas (goulash), Magyar stuffed cabbage rolls, sweets, wine, palinka (vodka drink), compote. Price: UAH 120 per person.
Day 2
Breakfast – in houses, suggested menu: sausage, cheese, langos with jam (resemble pancakes), butter, bread, coffee/tea. Price: UAH 70 per person.
Lunch – in Mizhhiria, in the “Kolyba” restaurant. Consists of local cuisine dishes: vegetable salad, porcini mushroom soup, chanakhi, bread, herbal tea. Price: UAH 95 per person.
Alternatively, you can find other restaurants and cafes with Boyko cuisine dishes and many others.

Tour language: Ukrainian. Contact us if you would like to hire a guide who speaks English or another foreign language.