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Vidviday is a local travel agency based in Lviv, Ukraine

During 12 years of experience, we have arranged 5,700 tours for 201,000 tourists

Unusual Transcarpathia + Festival of medieval culture "Silver Tatosh"


Experience a medieval festival, admire a beautiful waterfall, bathe in thermal waters and taste unique jams and Ukrainian sausages in the breathtaking Carpathians

1st day: Departure from Lviv (08:00) – Chynadiyovo (a walk to the waterfall “Skakalo”, excursion by the St. Miklosh castle, participation in the festival “Silver Tatosh”, lunch at the festival) – Beregovo (swimming in the thermal pool “Zhayvoronok”) – Beregovo district (staying overnight in the estate of rural green tourism, arrive at 20:40).
2nd day: Breakfast and departure (08:00) – Tysobyken (excursion by the open-air museum) – Botar (tasting of jam and sausages) – Veliatyn (swimming in the thermal pool) – Khust (lunch, excursion by the city and castle) – Lviv (return at 23:30).

Contacts: [email protected], +38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber).

2 d / 1 n
895 uah
Easter in Lviv + Carpathian mountains

Easter market, Easter eggs festival, workshops and entertainment in Shevchenkivskyi Hay open-air museum, Carpathian mountains and more.

Price of the tour including accommodation in Patriarshyi or Nton hotels is 2399 per person. Details:

Contacts: [email protected], +38-(063)-670-55-87 (WhatsApp / Viber).

3 d / 2 n
2,045 uah