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Vidviday is a local travel agency based in Lviv, Ukraine

During 12 years of experience, we have arranged 5,700 tours for 201,000 tourists

15 top questions and answers on successful cooperation “Vidviday” LLC with partners (travel agents)

Vidviday - "The best tour operator of Ukraine" (according to the results of the Ukraine Tourism Awards 2020) is open for cooperation with partners (travel agents). If you like our tours, you have an opportunity to sell them to your tourist and have a fee for this. Cooperation with us is very simple and mutually profitable. Below you can find general FAQs.

Question 1. Do we need to sign a contract?

At your option, most travel agencies work with us without signing a contract. But if you want to sign a contract, then we will email you a sample. You put in your invoice details, sign it, then print it out and send us a printed copy. Then we sign it, print and send you a copy. 

Question 2. Where do I take information about your tours?

Selling the tours, you can use our descriptions. They are available on our website, or we can send them to you via email.

Using information from our site, which is not included in the tour descriptions (articles from the blog, transport lease terms, description of gift certificates, etc.) is allowed only by our written agreement.

Question 3. How do I check seat availability for a tour?

There are two ways:

a) You can find this information on our website (at the dates):

“+” – more than 10 places available;
“!” – fewer than 10 places available, so we recommend to check with the responsible manager;
"-" - there are no available places (we recommend applying to the waiting list or to book other dates or other tours where places are available).

b) You can ask our tour manager via online chat, Skype, email or by phone (check out all contact information in “Contacts”).

Question 4. What is the commission on the tours?

You can contact our tour manager to get to know the amount of commission. Or you can find this information on our website (the information is available only for registered users who received access as a travel agent). The commission can be raised if a travel agent sold one tour to more than 10 tourists on the same date:
10 people + 10 UAH per person;
20 people + 20 UAH per person;
30 people + 30 UAH per person.

Question 5. How do I register on your website and get access as a travel agent?

To register on the website follow the link You need to include in the registration form mark “A travel agent” and your company’s data. It is possible to register more than one travel agent from one company.

A screenshot of the site with access agent:

Only those users who are registered as a travel agent and whose profile is confirmed (confirmation can take 1-2 working days) by a website manager can get the access.

After you log in using your username and password, you will see the amount of a travel agent commission indicated under a tour price in dark-red color.

Question 6. Tourists got interested in your tours, what are the next steps?

1) First, check out the availability of seats (see question 4).

2) If there are available seats, you have to book a needed number of people with a tour manager. You can do this via the website, email, Skype, Facebook or by phone (in this case, we recommend duplicating the request on the website or via email).

3) Charge a tourist a full fee for a tour. We ask you to charge only for the tour since a tourist will be charged for entry tickets and meals in a bus by a tour leader. Also, you have to request the following information:
- passport data;
- hotel requirements;
- contact details (for a tour leader to stay in touch with tourists while getting in a bus and during the tour itself) and e-mail address (for you to send tourists an informational letter).

4) take the commission and transfer the rest amount of money to our bank account (see question 10).

Question 7. Where is the meeting point? What type of bus is used on your tours? Contact details of a group leader?

Answers to all these questions are included in the informational letter we send you three days before a tour starts. If you do not receive the letter (check Inbox and Spam), please contact a tour manager to ask the reason. After you have to send the informational letter to all your tourists and make sure they all got it and looked it through. We do ask you to do this so tourists have a great trip and want to take one again.

Question 8. What do I do if a tourist canceled his/her booking?

You have to inform immediately a tour manager about the cancellation via email or by phone. Refund of the fee depends on the time a tourist informed about the cancellation:
7 working days – 85% of tour fee;
6-4 working days – 50% of tour fee;
3-2 working days – 20% of tour fee;
1 working, or “no-show” – non-refundable.

It is you who decides the amount of money you yourself want to refund.

Question 9. How do I pay you for the tour?

You have to pay for the tour within 3 working days upon the confirmation. Payments can be made in cash in our office or transferred to our bank account (bank account details are sent at the request).

Question 10. Do you work by cashless money transfers?

Yes. We are a fixed tax legal entity (LLC).

Question 11. Do you have promotional tours?

No, we do not practice this type of tours, since they are expensive and they look forced. We have a discount system for travel agents. They join a tourist group, see the way the tour goes and then decide whether they want to cooperate with us.

Discounts for travel company representatives:
- We give a 50% discount for one representative who takes our tour for the first time (on conditions he/she is registered on our website as a travel agent and booked a tour via the website using his/her login).
- We offer 50% discount for two representatives of your company if you sold our tours minimum to four tourists within a year.

Note: the discounts do not work for New Year and Christmas tours, as well as for special-offer tours.

Question 12. Do any cancellations of tours occur?

Usually, tours are run regularly, and cancellations occur very rarely. Mostly narrow-focused tours can be cancelled, but it happens rarely. We inform you about cancellation 3 days before a tour starts and refund money fully.

Question 13. What language do you run a tour in?

Our general tours are run in Ukrainian. At extra charge, you can have an individual interpreter for the duration of the tour.
Corporate tours (tours made for a separate group of people) for foreign visitors can be run in the language they want.

Question 14. Are there any discounts on tours for tourists, children, any bonus program, etc.?

The prices of our tours are quite affordable. Not to be confused we do not practice any discounts on tours, discount programs, etc.

Discounts for:
- Children under 6, guided by 2 adults, not taking a separate seat in a bus and in a hotel – free;
- Children under 12 and disabled people of group I and II (with the certificate at hand) – a 50 UAH discount of full tour fee for one day;
- Veterans of the War in Donbas (with the certificate at hand) – a 30% discount of full fee for the tour.

Question 15. Can you arrange a tour for a group (private companies, schools, etc.)?

Yes, we do this on a regular basis for different travel companies of Lviv and Ukraine.

If you need any of our regular tours, you can check prices for different groups of people on our website. There you will find net price; it means you add your commission.

If it is not a regular tour, then we adjust it to your requirements and charge a fee. You add your commission and sell it to a client.

During the tour, we do not tell clients that this is we who make this tour, but we tell that we work for you. Clients come back happy and book tours around Ukraine and beyond its borders again and again.

Regarding booking of excursions, booking corporate tours, discounts, commissions, availability of vacancies, registration on a site, conclusion (repositioning) of travel agency agreements and other questions, please contact for the contacts below.

Горбаль Олена
менеджер по роботі з турагентами
+38-(063)-786-41-74 + Viber

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