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Visit Ukraine is a local travel agency based in Lviv.

With 11 years of experience, we have arranged more than 5,470 tours for over 197,000 tourists.

Support of the Museum of Local Lore “Skolivshchyna”

On 14 October 2018 they opened the Museum of Local Lore “Skolivshchyna” in the town of Skole. The first visitors have already seen the expositions of the “Spiritual Skolivshchyna”, “The National Liberation Movement”, “The History of Sacred Skolivshchyna”, “The State of Grodl barons” and ‘The Boikiv Room". Besides, in the area of the museum, they opened a stylized rebel Kryivka. The tour operator “Vidvidai” donated 10,000 UAH to the needs of this institution. Below you can see the text of gratitude on behalf of the Acting Director of the Museum “Skolivshchyna” Tetiana Zinkevych.