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Vidviday is a local travel agency based in Lviv, Ukraine

During 12 years of experience, we have arranged 5,700 tours for 201,000 tourists


Tour operator Vidviday organized an educational charity trip to the picturesque Lviv region (Obroshyne - Godovytsia - Vyshnya - Rudky - Sambir - Liubin Velyky) with a visit to the boarding school.


On Wednesday, February 26, we visited the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Western Region to support the veterans of the war with Russia that are being treated at this hospital. We donated wheelchairs, crutches, clothes, linen, towels, sweets, fruit, drinking water, and funds for the medicine to the Volunteer Sotnia of Lviv. We wish our defenders a fast recovery!


On 04.02.2020, Vidviday Tour Operator organized a charitable trip to Zhovkva, Krekhiv, and Stradch for students of Lviv National Agriculture University.


The tour operator “Vidvidai” bought gifts for children from boarding schools in Lviv region for St. Nicholas Day in the amount of 5,178 UAH.

The gifts were given to the Maltese Aid Service in the framework of the action “St. Nicholas to children from boarding schools”.

Thanks to our customers and partners for the opportunity to help those who need it most!


On 14 October 2018 they opened the Museum of Local Lore “Skolivshchyna” in the town of Skole. The first visitors have already seen the expositions of the “Spiritual Skolivshchyna”, “The National Liberation Movement”, “The History of Sacred Skolivshchyna”, “The State of Grodl barons” and ‘The Boikiv Room". Besides, in the area of the museum, they opened a stylized rebel Kryivka. The tour operator “Vidvidai” donated 10,000 UAH to the needs of this institution. Below you can see the text of gratitude on behalf of the Acting Director of the Museum “Skolivshchyna” Tetiana Zinkevych.


The tour operator “Vidvidai” donated 5,000 UAH for the project “On 3 Wheels La Joelette”. This project makes it possible for people with disabilities to conquer the mountain peaks with the help of a special wheel-chair La Joelette, designed in France. The main goal of the project is to change the attitude of society to such people. The project is brought to life by HO (community organization) “On3Wheels - Dream Come True Foundation”.


Over the past few years, the tour operator “Vidvidai” financially supports the restoration of the Church of the Presentation of the Lord (1757) in the village of Cherepyn, Pustomyty district, Lviv region.

In the past Naw

In the mid-1990s, the Church had the walls covered with tin. Since 2006, the community engaged in the production of documentation for the overhaul of the church. It received the present view after the restoration in 2007-2009 and restoration in 2011, for state funds. 

Now, further restoration work is continuing: in 2016, the tour operator "Vidvidai" allocated 1,500 UAH for the repair of wood shingles, and in summer 2018, 3,000 UAH were added.


The tour operator “Vidvidai” joined the initiative of the colleagues from the travel agency “OTi Tour” to support patients of the palliative care unit in Zhuravno and allocated 3,000 UAH to buy chairs for this institution.


The team of the tour operator “Vidvidai” always tries to help those in great need. This time we decided to help our younger brothers – dogs from the shelter “Myloserdia”, which is located in Briukhovychi.

On our own, we managed to collect a lot of warm clothes to the dogs to keep them warm in the most severe frosts, as well as purchased food and vaccines in the amount of 3,100 UAH.

As a Norwegian traveller, Roald Amundsen said, "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself".

Do not be indifferent, give love and warmth!)


The tour operator “Vidvidai” allocated 14,000 UAH for the purchase of tennis tables at the request of the Table Tennis Federation of Skole district. This community organization won the project for the purchase of 6 professional tennis tables at the price of 24,000 UAH each and other sports equipment, for a total amount of more than 192,000 UAH, for co-financing of the Lviv regional and Skole district Councils, the community and the initiative group.

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