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Vidviday is a local travel agency based in Lviv, Ukraine

During 12 years of experience, we have arranged 5,700 tours for 201,000 tourists

1. How to book a tour and find out if there are places available?

Approximate information about available places is displayed near the date:

“+” – more than 10 places available;
“!” – fewer than 10 places available, so we recommend to check with the responsible manager;
"-" - there are no available places (we recommend applying to the waiting list or to book other dates or other tours where places are available).

You can book a tour and clarify information about available places:
- on the website (fill in the booking form after the tour description; use the online consultation or send a message in the form “Write a letter”);
- via the office e-mail [email protected] or the e-mail of the tour manager, which is on the page “Contacts” (in the subject line you need to specify the name of the tour, the date of departure and the surname of the customer);
- by the office phone or by the phone of the responsible manager; our shared office phones: +38-(032)-255-36-55, +38-(096)-481-36-70 (Kyivstar), +38-(063)-366-78-64 (Life), +38-(066)-825-99-36 (МТС); the phone numbers of the managers are in the descriptions of tours and on the page “Contacts”; 
- via Skype: vidviday;
- via Facebook (send a private message to

2. If I booked a tour online, how long should I wait for the manager's response?

Providing a response on availability and booking confirmation is carried out within 1 working day from the date of submission of the request (except Saturday and Sunday, as well as public holidays).

3. How to make a payment?

You can pay for the booking in our office at the address: Lviv, Zamarstynivska street, 34 or as a Bank transfer (Bank details are sent on request). The booking must be paid within 3 working days since the confirmation.

If you pay to a Bank account, you need to notify the responsible manager about the payment by e-mail within 4 working hours, specifying the name and dates of the tour, the surnames of customers, the amount and time of transfer.

4. Can I pay on the bus?

Unfortunately, you can not. We work on 100% prepayment.

5. What is included in the tour price?

The price usually INCLUDES (unless otherwise provided by the description of the tour): travel by comfortable bus, accommodation, guided tour service, tour service on tourist sites, travel insurance.

6. What should I pay for additionally?

You usually pay additionally the cost of entrance fees and meals (unless otherwise provided by the description of the tour).

7. When should I pay for entrance fees and meals? Are all excursions and meals mandatory?

You pay for entrance fees and meals on the bus to the group leader. Excursions and meals are not mandatory, you can only choose what you wish.

8. Will I be refunded the money paid for the tour in case of cancellation of the trip?

In the case of cancellation of the booked tour, please notify the responsible manager by phone or e-mail in advance.

Terms of refund for the cancelled places will depend on the notice period for cancellation:
- not later than 7 working days before the tour – we refund 85 % of the cost;
- from 6 to 4 working days before the tour – we refund 50 % of the cost;
- from 3 to 2 working days before the tour – we refund 20 % of the cost;
- less than 1 working day before the start of the tour, as well as the absence of a tourist – payment is not refundable, and we will not postpone this payment to another departure date or to another tour.

9. We booked the tour and paid, but did not receive an e-mail information letter. What's the matter?

Information letters with the contact details of the group leader, the address of departure and other information about the tour are sent to tourists' e-mails and travel agents no later than 2-3 calendar days before the trip (it depends of tour's duration). Therefore, if there are 4 or more days left before departure, it is possible that we have not sent an information letter yet.

Also, in addition to the Inbox, our emails can get into the SPAM folder. So please check this folder. If there is no information letter there, please contact us by phone. We may have your incorrect email address.

10. Can I choose my seat on the bus or find out what my place is?

Seats on the bus are booked according to the record. The faster you book, the closer you can get to the front of the bus.

11. Where will we stay?

Accommodation conditions depend on the tour you have chosen. All the details regarding the place are clearly specified in the information letters.

12. Will I have to share accommodation if I go on tour on my own? Is it possible to have a single room for an additional fee?

During the trip, you will stay in 2- and 3-bed bedrooms. If you travel alone, you can share accommodation with some other tourists (not of the opposite sex). You can also stay in a separate room for an additional fee (from 75 to 150 UAH, depending on the tour).

13. What should I have with myself during the trip?

We recommend taking your identity card (passport, driver's license, birth certificate, etc.) with you on your trip. All other details regarding what you need to have with you, we specify in the information letters.

14. Where and when is the departure of buses?

For most tours (95%) departure time is the same – it is 08:00 a.m.

At present, we have 2 departure places:
- at the central railway station in Lviv (Dvirtseva square, the bus and car parking on the right, if you stand with your back to the station);
- at the hotel “Lviv” ( Prospekt Chornovola, 7, near the Opera house).

You can find detailed information about the place of departure in the information letter.

15. How do we find the right bus?

On the windshield of each bus, there will be a sign with the name of the tour, and below you will find the name of the group leader (it must match the name specified in your information letter).

If you still can not find the bus, call the group leader, and he/she will give you directions.

16. Our train arrives in Lviv after 8 a.m. Can the tour group wait for us?

Unfortunately, no. We have a carefully scheduled itinerary plan of the tour, and delay is not possible.

17. Do You have any discounts for regular customers/birthday discounts, discounts for children, “last minute tours”?

We offer our tours at affordable prices, so we can assume that the discounts are already included in the cost. So far, unfortunately, we have no discounts for regular customers, birthday discounts or “hot tours”.

However, there are discounts:
- for children up to 6 years (inclusive), accompanied by 2 adults and without a separate seat on the bus and accommodation – free of charge;
- for children under 12 years old (inclusive) and peoples with disabilities (I and II groups at the presence of a certificate) – 50 UAH from the total cost of the tour for each day.
- for ATO participants (at the presence of a certificate) – 30% from the cost of the tour.

18. What is the language of the tours?

Groups tours are conducted in the Ukrainian language. On individual request, excursion support is available in other languages (Polish, Russian, English, French, etc.).

19. Can I book a private tour?

Yes, you can do so by calling the office phones, or better yet, via an electronic form on the website or a written request to [email protected]

It is desirable to clearly describe what kind of route you are interested in, what tourist sites you would like to visit, what wishes you have regarding accommodation and food, specify the exact date of such a tour and the number of people. After receiving the letter, the manager will make the calculations and will inform you about the program and the cost of the tour.

20. Can I order a gift certificate from you?

Yes, of course. We have 2 types of certificates: for a specific amount and for a specific tour. You can order them by the office phone numbers or directly at our office. You can also order online on the “Gift certificate” page. After online order, a manager will contact you to specify the details. The certificate can be sent by delivery service (preferably "Nova Poshta") to any part of Ukraine. The certificate form is free of charge, you pay only for the cost of the selected services.