Where to Travel in Winter in Ukraine

Allow some magic in your life this winter – an exciting time of the year when we believe that all our dreams will come true. Vidviday Tour Operator will provide you with the heartwarming magical atmosphere on winter tours to the best places in Ukraine.

Let’s see what are the best destinations for winter travel in our country.

Pylypets. Polonyna Borzhava

Carpathian mountains in winter – Unforgettable memories

Wine and Cheese Transcarpathian Gastro Tour (Winter Version)

Unique nature, picturesque Carpathians, impressive panoramas of mountain ranges enchant travelers making them freeze in silent delight. You will also be able to visit the Schenborn Palace and Palanok Castle associated with legend and romantic stories. You can relax in the modern health complex “Zhaivoronok” in Berehove.

Mukachevo. Palanok Castle

Wine and Cheese Transcarpathian Gastro Tour (Winter Version) is our most popular winter tour. During the trip, you will try delicious wines and cheeses made by the best old recipes. In addition, you will visit the village of Iza – the capital of wickerwork in Ukraine, where real masterpieces are made by local craftsmen from vine. You will also take a chairlift to Mount Makovytsia to enjoy spectacular views, and you will visit the picturesque Shipit waterfall.

Shenborn Palace

10 Highlights of Transcarpathia (Winter Version)

10 Highlights of Transcarpathia (Winter Version) is a great trip for travelers16 who want to get acquainted with the hospitable Transcarpathian region. We have included in this tour all the most famous cultural and architectural attractions, In three days you will visit excursions to three mysterious and enigmatic fortifications – the palace of the Counts of Schenborn, Palanok Castle in Mukachevo, and Uzhhorod Fortress. You will also take a walk through the charming Uzhhorod, wander through the cozy old streets, which enchant with their sophistication and color, explore the sights and buildings. You can relax in the health complex “Zhaivoronok” in Berehove and the balneological resort Lumshory.

Children will especially enjoy the village of Iza, because, in addition to wicker workers and their products, you will see a deer farm with more than 100 deers that they can feed. The final bonus will be a waterfall, which originates from an underground spring in one of the most picturesque places in the Carpathians – Borzhava meadow, and the chairlift to the top of Mount Makovytsia (750 m).

6 Days in Winter Carpathians

If you want to explore the Carpathians thoroughly and slowly and see all the architectural monuments, then the tour-vacation “6 days in the winter Carpathians” is for you. Snow-capped mountain landscapes, Shipit waterfall, 3 majestic fortresses: Schenborn Palace, Palanok Castle, Uzhhorod Fortress; thermal pools in Berehove and Kosino for those who want to relax. Children will enjoy visiting a buffalo farm in Vynohradiv and a deer farm in Iza.

Kosino. Thermal Pools

Excursions to museums, traditional treats, and entertainment with wine, songs, and dances are also waiting for you. You will be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and generosity of the locals! Additionally, you will visit the most central center of Europe, the ski resort of Bukovel, and the colorful and diverse Yaremche, where you can admire the waterfall Probii.

Hutsul Carpathians + Bukovel (Winter Version)

A two-day tour Hutsul Carpathians + Bukovel (Winter Version) is suitable for both those who like active travel and travelers who would be interested in discovering the culture of Hutsuls, an ethnic group of Ukrainians living in the Carpathian mountains. Snowy mountain peaks and fabulous waterfalls are the charms of Carpathian nature. Here you will not only see Hutsul customs and traditions but also take part in folk entertainment. During the entertainment, you will experience traditional songs, dances and try the dishes of local cuisine. You will also participate in excursions to interactive museums,  take photos in traditional clothes, and visit the charming town sof Rohatyn and Yaremche – a climatic resort in a picturesque area.


A great end to the tour will be skiing and sledding in Bukovel, the best ski resort in Ukraine, where we will ride the chairlift to the top of the mountain offering a picturesque panorama of the mountain ranges. We invite all the connoisseurs of active travel and culture lovers to the tour Hutsul Carpathians + Bukovel (Winter Version).

Weekend Tours

In this section, you will find short weekend tours to the Carpathian mountains from Lviv.

Carpathian Mountains 1-day Tour (Winter Version)

The charming Carpathian nature, beautiful landscapes and snow-capped mountain peaks will make your heart beat faster with delight. In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit the state historical and cultural reserve “Tustan” and see its ancient fortress. Riding the chairlift to the mountain Vysokyi Verkh, from the top you will see the impressive beauty of the Carpathian landscape. A highlight of the tour will be a tour to the cascade of waterfalls, which has a height of 7 meters and is located in the National Nature Park “Skole Beskids”. A wonderful excursion for a short trip in the Carpathians in winter!

Urych. Tustan

Narrow-Gauge Railway, Interactive Museum, and Honey

If you are amazed by the charming mountain peaks, stormy rivers and streams, if you dream of fabulous landscapes of the Carpathians let’s go with us on a tour! We offer you a one-day tour of the Narrow-Gauge Railway, Interactive Museum, and Honey. A four-hour ride on the so-called “Carpathian tram” is an extremely picturesque route through the most beautiful and ecological places of the Carpathians. You will be able to admire the enchanting nature: mountains, rivers Mizunka and Svicha, Mizun waterfalls.

You will also participate in an interactive excursion in the Heritage Center of the Vyhoda narrow-gauge railway. Locals will treat you to authentic Carpathian tea. Hoshiv monastery welcomes those who seek peace of mind. We are sure that you will enjoy this short but comprehensive tour.

Вигода. Карпатський трамвай
Vyhoda. Carpathian tram

A winter trip to the Carpathians together with the Vidviday Tour Operator will leave you with memories of picturesque mountains, fabulous nature, the hospitality of the locals, and delicious food.

Skiing Tours

Active adventure lovers can visit the best ski resorts of the Carpathians. We offer you action-packed tours.

Bukovel: Skis, Sleds, and Hutsul Folk Entertainment

A four-day tour invites you to travel! Take your loved ones with you, and we guarantee you a good mood. Two days of quality winter vacation in the Carpathians we will spend at the best ski resort in Ukraine. More than 60 trails, 16 lifts, entertainment centers are waiting for you! Bukovel also features a sled trail, snow tubing, skating rink, ethnopark, bike zip, snow park, and more great locations.

In addition, on Bukovel: Skis, Sleds, and Hutsul Folk Entertainment tour you will get to know the local culture by participating in an ethnic party, tasting local dishes and drinks.

From Maniava Waterfall to Drahobrat Ski Resort

This is a two-day, but very dynamic tour. You will visit the Maniava monastery situated on the banks of a picturesque river. Not far from it there is the ice waterfall, which is considered one of the highest and most beautiful in the Carpathian Mountains. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to see a real Hutsul wedding and try traditional drinks and delicacies.

You will also visit the world-famous wooden Strukivska Church. Also, ascend Drahobrat mountain by car and get to the top of Mount Styh by cable car, from where you can fully enjoy the breathtaking views of the snow-capped Carpathian Mountains and go skiing and sledding. See with your own eyes the picturesque landscapes on the tour From Maniava Waterfall to Drahobrat Ski Resort.

Travel to Podolia and Bukovyna Regions

Kamianets-Podilskyi, Chernivtsi and Khotyn Fortress

The charming and cozy city of Chernivtsi will impress you with its narrow cobbled streets, ancient unique buildings (such as the “ship house” or “drunk church”), and the slow-paced life of its inhabitants. We are sure you will want to come back here many times. In addition, you will see the pearl of the city – the architectural ensemble of Chernivtsi University, which locals call Ukrainian Hogwarts.

Chernivtsi University

In addition to stunning views, Chernivtsi University has a great history and interesting facts. In the city, you will also find an “Alley of Stars” a beautiful town hall, and an ancient theater.

Khotyn Fortress is an impregnable and well-preserved fortress on the banks of the Dniester river. You will be able to go down to its dungeons and admire the views of the river and the former defensive walls.

Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress

The city of Kamyanets-Podilsky is no less beautiful than Chernivtsi. It ranks third in Ukraine in terms of the number of monuments. You will be able to walk through the ancient streets and get acquainted with the city of contrasts because here people of different nationalities and religious beliefs coexist in peace. The main highlight for you will be the fabulous Kamyanets-Podilsky Fortress.

See the Wonders of the Volyn Region

Tunnel of Love, Dubno Castle and Tarakaniv Fort

This exciting trip includes:

1. The world-famous love tunnel in Klevan – a unique natural phenomenon that tourists from all over the world come to see and take photos of. The tunnel is stunning any time of the year;
2. Excursion in the elegant Dubna castle;
3. The ancient Tarakaniv Fort with its secrets and legends that attract experienced travelers, impressive size and lush nature. This building was an important defensive structure during the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Tunnel of Love in Winter

A Weekend in Lviv

We offer you a number of excursions in Lviv for all tastes. What to see in Lviv in winter?

Lviv Old Town Walking Tour

You can get acquainted with the historic center of Lviv with a private English-speaking guide on our walking tour. In a few hours, you will visit the heart of the ancient city and see its main tourist attractions: the Rynok Square, the Latin Cathedral, the Boim family chapel, the Armenian cathedral, the Church of the Assumption, Dominican and Bernardine churches, city and royal arsenals and one of the symbols of Lviv – Opera Theater.

Lviv Opera in winter

Lviv Bus Tour

This excursion is longer than the previous one. You can join a group bus tour or order a tour with a private car. You will visit the observation deck of the High Castle, Lychakiv Cemetery, and the Cathedral of St. George – the patron saint of this city. And on the way, you will see the premises of the Galician Sejm – the former parliament of Galicia (today – Ivan Franko Lviv National University), the Noble Casino (now – the House of Scientists), Lviv Polytechnic University, the area of Stryj Park and more.

St. George’s Cathedral

What else to see in Lviv? Our Underground Walking Tour is also quite popular among foreign travelers. You can order our excursions in Lviv as a group tour with other travelers, as well as a private tour for any date and time.

Below you will find a list of our best winter tours grouped by their duration.

1-day Tours:

2-day tours:

Tours with duration 3 to 6 days:

Visit our Lviv excursions:

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