Ukraine COVID-19 Entry Requirements Update: How to Travel to Ukraine

Who can travel to Ukraine right now?

Currently, Ukraine is on the ‘green’ list, and Ukrainians and foreigners with residence permits in Ukraine can enter Ukraine freely without any additional insurance or documents.

Foreigners and stateless persons from all countries are allowed to enter Ukraine. However, they need to have valid insurance against COVID-19 that was issued by an insurance company that has an office in Ukraine.

According to the regulations becoming effective on September, 20, 2021, in addition to insurance, foreigners also need to have one of the following documents:

• International COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a document confirming vaccination with at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Ukraine only recognizes vaccines listed by WHO for emergency use including Pfizer/BioNTech, Astrazeneca-SK Bio, Serum Institute of India, Janssen, Moderna, and Sinopharm (the list can be changing, check if your vaccine is recognized by the WHO before you travel).

If you do not have eligible vaccination:

• negative SARS-CoV-2 (RAT) rapid antigen test, performed no more than 72 hours before entry; or

• COVID-19 negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for COVID-19 performed no more than 72 hours before entry.

• a document certifying having recovered from COVID-19.

If you do not have a vaccination, you will also need to install and activate the Vdoma app.

Children under 12 years old do not need tests or vaccination to enter Ukraine.

Update on Delta virus:

Due to the Delta virus outbreak, the government of Ukraine has imposed additional restrictions.

From 02.07.2021, foreigners older than 12 (except those who have a residence permit in Ukraine) arriving from India and Russia or who had spent more than 7 days in these countries in 14 previous days, will need self-isolate for 14 days.

The list of countries will be regularly reviewed and might be updated in the future. We recommend you monitor the updates before traveling.

What insurance is required in Ukraine?

The insurance must be issued by a company registered in Ukraine and has to cover COVID-19 treatment and observation.

The easiest way to get COVID-19 insurance is to find a Ukrainian insurance company on the internet and buy it online. Make sure that the insurance you are going to purchase covers COVID-19. Also, print your insurance to present it when crossing the border.

Some categories are exempt from the requirement of posessing health insurance. These include foreigners and stateless persons who have permanent resident status in Ukraine, diplomats, and refugees.

How to enter Ukraine?

Ukrainian airports are open and you can fly to Ukraine.

You can also cross the border to Ukraine by car and on foot, but some pedestrian customs checkpoints are currently closed.

You can see a map with open checkpoints at the official website of Ukrainian customs here.

This information was provided by Vidviday Tour Operator – a travel agency based in Lviv, Ukraine. We have a wide selection of tours around Ukraine for all tastes and budgets. In 2020 we received the ‘Best Tour Operator of Ukraine’ Award. Go to our main page to explore our tours and excursions in Ukraine.

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