Authentic Ukrainian cheese: 12 Cheese-making Dairies in Transcarpathia

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This article is dedicated to best cheese factories in Transcarpathia region. If you are travelling to Lviv and are interested in cheese factories of Lviv region, you can read Best of Ukrainian cheese: 12+1 cheese factories of the Lviv Land . The art of cheese-making originated about 8 thousand years ago in South-West Asia. Since then, the world has produced more than 2,000 types of cheese, only in the heart of cheese-making – France –  more than 400 types are made. Despite the fact there are a…
Winter holidays in Ukraine: immersion in Carpathian fairy-tale

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What to do in winter in Ukraine? Winter is the right time to get out of home. One may think this season is grey and dull. Probably you have not found your holiday destination yet? Traveling is a perfect way to brighten up life. Winter holidays in the Carpathians encompass vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. With picturesque mountain landscapes, traditional food and drinks, historical landmarks, relaxing thermal-baths and natural beauty, Trans-Carpathia is ready to embrace you.  Here are 6 options not to miss during winter…
How Bears live in Shelters in Synevyr, Domazhyr and near Zhytomyr

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Bears are considered wild animals, predators, but it is people who are wild and cruel to them. Those who have to take care of animals or, at least, not to interfere or harm, become their tormentors. They keep them at restaurants and circuses as entertainment, but this is ridiculous to laugh at a frail and sick bear which looks in people eyes with a doomed look. Chains, sticks, a narrow cage, bitten tails and paws – these are the realities of the existence of the…
Lviv. Architecture. Love. Diary of an Odesa Resident.

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My love for the city of the Lion began in February 2011, when I,  a 2nd-year student, first came here with a friend for the Christmas holidays. I believe in love at first sight as I immediately fell in love with its architecture, narrow streets, coffee shops at almost every step, lush gates and lacy decorated stairs inside the old buildings. Thus began my love story with the city. 
Tarakaniv fort – the hunted place

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Aristocratic Tarakaniv fort (the new Dubno fortress) resembles British colonial architecture with its exquisite lines, the same flow of the outline, a great number of arcades and architectural decoration. An excellent landmark of the fortification art of the 19th century located in the suburbs of Tarakaniv village, Rivne oblast, is abandoned today, and thus is the most mystic destination in Ukraine.
Khotyn Fortress – Greatness on the Dniester Banks

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From a distance, it is small and insignificant. Up close, it is enormous and impressive. Its thick walls reached 6 meters in the 15th century! Its height is 40 meters. Then, in the 15th century, it looked like a 14-storey building! And what are worth those patterns on walls?! And thank God, we can not only write about it but also see first-hand and feel all the greatness of Khotyn fortress, which is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. Unlike other castles and fortresses…
Coffee is conquering Lviv. Most interesting coffee shops to visit

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Have you ever tried coffee with M&Ms, cookies or snickers all in one glass? Or have you ever gone down to the coffee mine? If you haven’t, then you should visit Lviv. Here the way of serving coffee will undoubtedly surprise you. Along with the traditional coffee made on the sand as they do in “Virmenka”, in Lviv, they also make coffee with the help of manual coffee makers – Chemex, Siphon, AeroPress,  Pourover and Cold-Brew. Too many unfamiliar words? When it comes to Lviv…
4 Beautiful Ukrainian Castles You Can Visit Near Lviv

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No matter what the history this or that castle has, each hosts its own ghosts or at least legends about them. Although many may be sceptical of such stories, it is, nonetheless, always interesting to listen to tales about these mysteries. Western Ukraine is home to many stone fortresses of the previous centuries. We’ve listed the most beautiful ones castles in the Lviv area. The castles we describe in this article are easily accessible and you can visit them taking a day trip from Lviv.