What to see in Chernivtsi?
Welcome to Chernivtsi – a city with European charm, Ukrainian spirit, and a whole box of surprises! No matter how many times you come to Chernivtsi, you will always discover this city in a new way. You can visit the city on our tours: Western Ukraine 6 Day Tour (6 days / 5 nights); Kamianets-Podilskiy, Chernivtsi, Bakota (3 days / 2 nights); Kamianets-Podilskiy, Knotyn Fortress, Chernivtsi University (2 days / 1 night); Chernivtsi Bus Tour (2 days / 1 night).
Top 10+ Museums and Art Galleries of Lviv
As a city that was founded more than 7 centuries ago, Lviv is extremely rich in historical artifacts and art gems. There are currently more than 40 museums in the city where visitors can see them. In addition, the city of Lion is considered the cultural capital of Ukraine. It offers art lovers many spaces with various exhibits, from historic masterpieces to modern paintings, sculptures, and performances. Our experienced team of tour guides and travel specialists has prepared a list of only the best museums…
Tustan – Medieval Cliff Fortress in Ukraine
In the past, Tustan was an important defensive and customs point of Kyivan Rus and later of the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia. Today it is a state history and cultural reserve and a popular travel destination. It is located near the village of Urych, Skoliv district, Lviv region You can see Tustan on our Carpathian Mountains 1 Day Tour. Glorious times when the fortress flourished as a customs border center of the Carpathian region, and the days of knightly battles and military exploits are long gone. However,…
Shypit Waterfall and Other Attactions in Pylypets
Why Transcarpathian region is so popular among tourists? Because of majestic Carpathian ridges that penetrate the blue sky, healing mineral springs, emerald beech forests and rapid waterfalls. Romantic medieval castles and the best vintage wines. A unique culture and rich history. The valley of daffodils, red rue, the legendary Synevyr lake are also famous symbols of Transcarpathia.
Bukovel – the Best Ski Resort in Ukraine
Bukovel is a ski resort in the Carpathian mountains located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. This resort is considered to be the best in Ukraine thanks to its modern infrastructure and quality of service. Here you will experience the culture of Hutsults (an ethnic group of Ukrainians who live in the Carpathian mountains), their unique dishes, energetic Hutsul folk entertainment, and the healing freshness of mountain air.
Lviv food: What to try in Lviv?
For the last decade, Lviv has become one of the most visited cities in Ukraine. Not only does it attract tourists to the gorgeous architecture, century-old history, and modern fascinating things, but also remarkable Lviv food. Now gourmet trips around the city are getting more and more popular, and the majority of excursions include visiting the most interesting coffee houses, restaurants, and knaipas. Peculiarities of Lviv food Even though the Lviv cuisine belongs to the Galician cuisine, still it owes unique features connected with the…
7 Most important Ukrainian holidays and their traditions + 3 ‘weird’ Ukrainian customs
Ukraine is a diverse country with many unique and interesting traditions. Different ethnic groups and religions enriched and enhanced our culture throughout the centuries. Christianity was introduced in Kyivan Rus, the predecessor of Ukraine, in 988. Before that, our ancestors had been pagan. However, they didn’t discard pagan traditions entirely after changing their religion. It is because of this that now in many Ukrainian religious holidays, we can observe a peculiar combination of ancient pagan customs and Christian belief. In this article, we will tell…
Best Attractions in Kyiv for Foreign Tourists in 2021
In recent years, Kyiv has sparked the interest of the global audience. In 2019, 1.5 million foreign tourists visited the city – the all-time highest number. Thanks to good airplane connections and developed tourism infrastructure, more people can discover the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv amazes them as the birthplace and center of Eastern European civilization with numerous ancient buildings and historic neighborhoods. In addition, the city has a vibrant cultural life and many locations for entertainment, art, music, and food tourism. To help travelers make…
Tarakaniv fort – the hunted place
Aristocratic Tarakaniv fort (the new Dubno fortress) resembles British colonial architecture with its exquisite lines, the same flow of the outline, a great number of arcades and architectural decoration. An excellent landmark of the fortification art of the 19th century located in the suburbs of Tarakaniv village, Rivne oblast, is abandoned today, and thus is the most mystic destination in Ukraine.