Top 15 Castles to Visit in Ukraine
According to historians, there were more than 5,000 fortifications in Ukraine during different historical periods. Of course, many of them don’t exist anymore, however, there are numerous ancient castles that have been preserved until today. Ukrainian castles make excellent tourist attractions. Famous battles, kings, treasures, exquisite architecture, legends – there are so many interesting things! In this article, we will tell you about the 15 best castles in Ukraine that you can visit on your trip. Uzhhorod Castle This is the oldest castle in this article.…
New Year and Christmas in the Carpathians: TOP 5 Places of Unforgettable Winter Travel
They say the higher you get up the mountain, the closer you get to God. So where else can you better feel the spirit of Christmas than in the mountains? Christmas in the Carpathians is like a journey into a fairy tale, to a world in which you forget about everyday worries, and immerse yourself in quiet reflection on kindness and human values.
TOP 14 Places in Western Ukraine to Celebrate the New Year 2021
New Year is a holiday that everyone is looking forward to with joy and hope for a miracle, new meetings and remarkable impressions. You can find all this in Western Ukraine. And we have already selected the best places for you when you visit Ukraine! You can choose from our variety of New Year in Ukraine tours where we have already taken care of helping our guests get to know Ukrainian culture and have fun celebrating this holiday. Where to go for the New Year in…
Ukrainian Carpathians national cuisine – 12 delicious Hutsul dishes
The national cuisine, an integral part of the culture of any ethnic group, is forming for centuries under the influence of the nature of the area and living conditions. It is believed that mountaineers live longer not only due to favourable environmental conditions but also a healthier natural diet. In this article, we will show you the best dishes of Hutsuls – an ethnic group in the Carpathian mountains.
Maniava Monastery and Waterfall
Have you ever heard of places of power? These are the places with special energy and people have long believed that here you can purify your soul and get new life energy. We don’t know if this is true or not, but the Maniava Skete is a place of power where millions of pilgrims were coming to pray for many centuries. People have preserved in their memory the evidence that the Maniava monastery heals the soul and body. There are many different periods in its…
Lumshory Tanks – Spa in the Carpathians
The small village of Lumshory in the Perechyn district of the Zakarpattia region attracts travellers from different regions of Ukraine, European countries and other parts of the world. And they travel here first of all to try the ancient and unusual local tradition of rest, recovery and rejuvenation of the body. Of course, we are talking about the famous Lumshory tubs, bathing in which will give everyone a very interesting experience.
Ascending Hoverla Mountain – Hiking Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine
The season of hiking mountain peaks lasts from May to October. If you ask why people are so attracted to the mountains, no one will answer this question. I mean, you will not understand those people until one day you dare to go to the mountains. And then the mountaintop will give you the answer. When you stand on it – proud and silent, when your pulse calms down, you catch your breath, your legs stop trembling and you look around… It is for this…
The Most Popular Tours from Lviv of Vidviday Tour Operator
Travellers often ask us: Which of your tours in Ukraine is the best? We are sure that all of our excursions are great in their own way, and we love them all. And, depending on your tastes, you will definitely find a vacation that you will enjoy. To make this difficult choice easier for you, Vidviday travel agency team presents you our most popular tours in Ukraine with departure from Lviv!
Coffee is conquering Lviv. The most interesting coffee shops to visit
Have you ever tried coffee with M&Ms, cookies or Snickers all in one glass? Or have you ever visited a coffee mine? If you haven’t, then you should visit Lviv. Here the way of serving coffee will undoubtedly surprise you. Along with the traditional coffee made on the sand as they do in “Virmenka”, in Lviv, they also make coffee with the help of manual coffee makers – Chemex, Siphon, AeroPress,  Pourover and Cold-Brew. Too many unfamiliar words? When it comes to Lviv coffee –…