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Lviv, str. Zamarstynivska, 34

Around the Carpathians in 7 days

Come and join us on the tour where You'll experience mountains, castles, wine and cheese tasting, thermal baths, lakes, waterfalls

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7 d / 6 n
Price - 2,595 uah

Tour schedule:

Day 1: departure from Lviv (09:00) - Pylypets (a free day, we suggest you consider visiting the Shypit waterfall, climbing to the top of the mountain Hymba, using a chair-lift, and viewing the Carpathian panorama, or taking a hike along the ridge of Borzhava, lunch and dinner are not included, but you can choose to enjoy food near the waterfalls at kiosks or down in the village of Pylypets).
Day 2:
Breakfast and departure (at 8:00 a.m.) - Kelechyn (tasting of mineral water) - Synevyr Pass (photographing and viewing of beautiful Carpathian landscapes) - Kolochava (visiting the museum and dinner ) - Soymi village (tasting of mineral water) - National Nature Park Synevyr (rehab center of brown bears, walk to Synevyr lake) - Pylypets (arrive at accommodation and dinner).
Day 3:
Breakfast and departure (at 8:00 a.m.) - “Karpaty” Sanatorium (visit to the Shenborn castle) – Mukacheve (the tour of the castle and lunch) – Beregovo (swimming in the thermal pool and wine tasting) – Beregovo district (staying overnight in rural guest houses (private homes), arrive at accommodation and dinner at 07:30 p.m).
Day 4:
Breakfast and departure (08:00 a.m.) – Uzhgorod (tour around the city, visiting the castle and lunch) – Kosyno (bathing in thermal pools) - Beregovo district (staying overnight in the rural guest houses (private homes), arrive at accommodation and dinner at 08:30 p.m.).
Day 5:
Breakfast and departure (at 8:00 a.m.) - Vynogradiv (tasting of cheese) - Isa (reindeer farm) - Lower Apsha (visiting a church) - Dilove (review of the center of Europe and lunch) - Kvasy (tasting of beer) - Polyanytsia (accomodation in the hotel at 06:30 p.m, Hutsulian entertainment (Hutsulska zabava))
Day 6:
Breakfast and departure (at 8:00 a.m.) - Kolomiya (visiting Pysanka Museum) - Yavoriv (master class) - Kosiv (master class for making Kosiv ceramics and lunch) - Verkhovyna (visiting the museum of Roman Kumlyk and the museum of “Tini zabutykh predkiv” (“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”)) - Polyanytsia (accommodation and dinner at the hotel at 09:00 p.m)
Day 7:
Breakfast and departure (at 8:00 a.m.) - Bukovel (taking the chairlift to the top of the mountain Bukovel and viewing the Carpathian panorama) - Yaremche (visiting the waterfall and lunch) - Hoshiv (touring the monastery) - Bubnyshche (Dovbush Rocks) – Lviv (return at 10:30 p.m.)

Services INCLUDED in the price: transfer by the tourist class coach, accommodation, escorted tour, sightseeing service at tourist’s attractions, travel insurance.

Services NOT INCLUDED in the price and charged separately: entrance tickets to tourist’s attractions, meals, cheese and wine tasting.

Entrance tickets price:
- Shypit waterfall: full price – 10 UAH per person; children from 7 till 16 years - 5 UAH per person; chi0ldren till 7 years old – free entrance;
- Chairlift ride to the top of the Hymba Mountain (round trip): general - 100 UAH per person, children up to 10 years – 60 UAH per person;
-Rehab center of brown bears: total - 21 UAH; students and schoolchildren - 6 UAH.
- Lake “Synevyr” : full price – 21 UAH per person; students and schoolchildren – 6 UAH per person;
- Stare Selo Museum, “A narrow gauge railway in Kolochava “, “Bokorash in Kolochava”, “Bunker Shtaiera”, Museum of Wood: full price- 50 UAH per person, students and pensioners – 40 UAH per person and schoolchildren – 25 UAH per person;
- meals, fun with music and scenes from the life of the highlanders at Kolchansky  "Wolf": (the menu includes: fat, cheese, garlic, cucumber, bread, funny Carpathian water): adults - 70 UAH. / children, children - 35 UAH / person;
- Shenborn castle: full price – UAH 15, schoolchildren – UAH 10;
- Mukacheve castle: full price – UAH 40, students and penioners - UAH 30, schoolchildren under age of 14 years – UAH 20;
- a thermal pool “Zhaivoronok” in Beregovo: full price – UAH 200  (including rent of a locker), pensioners – UAH 150, children (between 120-150 cm high – UAH 100, children under 120 cm high
- wine tasting: UAH 60, tour without wine tasting – UAH 30;
- visiting restaurant full of humourous art - “Detsa in notarya” : full price — 5 UAH per person, children under 120 cm high – free of charge;
- Uzhgorod castle: General - 45 UAH. Students – 35 UAH. Children – 20 UAH;
- thermal pool “Kosyno”: 360-400 UAH. Children up to 150 cm – 150 UAH. children up to 120 cm (with arm bands) – free, locker hire – 50 UAH.
- Cheese Tasting, with wine: full price and students – UAH 50, schoolchildren – UAH 30;
- Deer Farm : full price, pensioners and students – 30 UAH per person, schoolchildren- 20 UAH per person.
- excursion and tasting of four beers in Kvasy: 100 UAH per person, jus excursion 20 UAH per person;
- excursion-concert in the museum of Hutsul life and musical instruments to them. Roman Kumlyk: general, student and student - UAH 25;
- Museum “Tini zabutykh predkiv” (“Shadows of the Forgotten Ancestors”): general, pension and student - 20 UAH., children (12-17 years) - 15 UAH/person, (children 6-11 years) - 10 UAH/person.;
- Chairlift ride up to the top of the Bukovel Mountain: general - 105 UAH up and down, pensioners and children from 6 to 12 years – 75 UAH up and down;
- Dovbush Rocks: general - 40 UAH per person.

1st and 2nd nights – different small hotels in Pylypets (rooms: 2, 3 and 4 beds room with bath rooms).
3rd and 4th nights – cosy rural tourism houses of Beregovo region, fully furnished, rooms: 2 and 3-bed rooms. You can find the photos of the rooms following the next link:
5th and 6th nights – “Villa Morishka Hotel” in Polyanytsya (close to Bukovel) Accommodations include 2, 3 and 4 ensuite bedrooms. You can find photos, following the link,

Meals: (average prices): breakfast – 50-55 UAH per person; lunch – 85-90 UAH per person and dinner – 70-75 UAH per person.

Hutsulska Zabava (Hutsulian Entertainment)
In order to get to know Hutsuls in full, their nature, customs and cuisine, we invite you to visit the Hutsulska Zabava. During the entertainment you will experience:
- dishes of the Hutsulian cuisine: soup of porcinos, bnush with bryndza, tea of aromatic healing Carpathian herbs, …
- singing and dancing from Hutsulian band “Dovbushova taistra”;
- master classes of Hutsulian dances: Hutsulka, sieve ‘resheto’, dove ‘golubka’;
- Hutsulian songs, kolomyiky, songs from the Carpathian mountains;
- and dancing, dancing, dancing to a cheerful Hutsulian music.
Price for Hutsulian dinner and participation in the entertainment is 130 UAH.
Price for participation in the entertainment without dinner – 70 UAH.
Special notice: Hutsulska Zabava will be performed, if there is a group of 35 persons, who would like to take part in it.

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