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Vidviday is a local travel agency based in Lviv, Ukraine

During 12 years of experience, we have arranged 5,700 tours for 201,000 tourists

How Vidviay Tour Operator was founded

Many years ago our founder, Ihor Hubilit, who at that time worked as a lecturer at Lviv Polytechnic University, received a free map of Vienna at a Viennese ball. He then came up with an idea to publish a similar tourist map of Lviv. The project was very successful, and Ihor noticed that people often ask where they can go beyond Lviv city. He then decided to issue a tourist map of Lviv region.

Collecting information for this map, the future entrepreneur was impressed by how many great places there are around Lviv, and that most of them are unknown to the public. Ihor then had an idea to make one-day excursions in the Lviv region, to discover it by himself, and to show it to the others. 

The first excursion took place on October 25, 2008, which we consider the birthday of Vidviday agency ( 'vidviday' in Ukrainian means “visit it!”). Ihor and his friend Yuriy managed to find 42 people - almost the full bus - for the excursion to the  Sokal region. The tourists were satisfied with the trip and wanted to see more.

Our team

Our people

Trip after trip, the services of the company were improving. We discovered new roads, were trying to find the best accommodation and catering for our travellers. The number of trips was increasing and the company was faced with a lack of professional knowledgeable guides. So in 2012 Vidviday started our own tour guide courses, where everyone who wants to become a guide can study.

The tour guide course is not easy: only 30% of students successfully complete it. The program includes information about various locations, workshops on communication, rhetorics and first aid. This allows our company to have the best guides in our team; all of them have an interesting personality and are very loved by our tourists.

Right now our employees are the most qualified professionals in the field of tourism in Ukraine, and we are the best experts on Western Ukraine.

Tour guide course graduates

Our mission and values

Mission.​ Tour operator “Vidviday” works to let people learn the history, culture, traditions and nature of Ukraine while resting. 

Values of LTD “Vidviday”

1. professionalism; 

2. mutual assistance; 

3. initiative; 

4. honesty; 

5. patriotism; 

6. tolerance; 

7. conservation of nature, historical and cultural monuments.

Our guide Lesyk at work

Our activities

  • - To make Ukraine known to as many people as possible our travel agency offers trips for affordable prices and has more than 200 tours and excursions to various locations. We offer Lviv excursions, tours to Carpathian mountains, visits to places such as Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Thermal water Kosino, Kamianets-Podilskyi and many other great tourist places in Ukraine. There are also exclusive trips that no other travel agencies have. 

  • - Our capabilities include more than 400 buses of different capacities that we can provide for transfers.

  • - Our company have received awards from governmental and non-profit institutions. 

Our founder receives an award from the mayor of Lviv

  • - To maintain the quality of our services at the highest level, at the end of each tour we ask our travellers to complete a detailed questionnaire to evaluate their experience.

  • - We participate in exhibitions dedicated to the tourism industry in Ukraine and abroad.

  • - We support our community and cultural sites with many charitable programs. About our charitable activities, you can read at the Charity section of our website.

During 11 years in business, we have held more than 5,470 trips in which more than 197,000 tourists have participated. Our foreign tourists came from more than 20 countries including the USA, Poland, Norway, India, Canada, and France.

We have established partnerships with 560 agencies. In 2019, we organized 263 corporate trips. Our most popular tour is the Transcarpathian Cheese and Wine Tour.